High Frequency Trader is a SCAM! Honest Binary System REVIEW!

By | July 9, 2016

Attention! This is a critical review regarding High Frequency Trader, a new Scam for binary option trading whom well discuss and expose to the fullest extent. Traders need to understand this automated software was constructed just like any other fraudulent system we’ve debunked into our blacklisting. While investigating the entirety of HighFrequencyTrader.co by a very peculiar individual named “Steve”, the saturation of scamming variables identified throughout their platform cannot be ignored or unanswered. Its important for any trader debating whether or not to register within his dubious application first take a glimpse into the incriminating evidence outlined wihtin the following High Frequency Trader Review, in prevention of investing with a confirmed money-stealing scheme.

Scam Warning – Its come to our attention that HighFrequencyTrader.co shares the same exact logo as a previous scam we’ve reviewed known as “The Millionaire Bot”. Considering both systems exploit similar messages of banking millions without ever losing, we can easily assume these shady developers have simply relaunched an updated version of an older scam. With TheMillionaireBot.co already proven to lose your entire investment, we can expect the same outcome from their High Frequency Trader binary system.

High Frequency Trader Software Review: Busted Trading SCAM Revealed

high frequency trader system

Day-traders visiting their website are fed a series of over-exaggerated lies for convincing potential clients into believing this software is the sole solution for acquiring profitable market results. According to Steve, his advance trading app uses proprietary strategies for moving in and out of positions within fractions of a second. Configured with advanced algorithms characterized by high speed turnover rates and ratios leveraging economic data. A ‘legal’ systematic app for uncovering valuable insider information before anyone else. Their story pertaining to high frequency trading does exist within the world of financial investments as big corporations and hedge funds do utilize these methods for precision trades. However, HighFrequencyTrader.co is a cheap misrepresentation and total fraud without any authenticity. Time to review factual proof exposing these criminals!

I found it suspicious where Steve, alleged developer of High Frequency Trader system never revealed his full name. Only introducing himself on a first-name basis doesn’t provide enough for verifying any credentials or professional resumes through any social medias for confirming whatever achievements he might claim. Fortunately for our readers, our investigation lead us to find out his real name is Mark, a fiverr actor who sells promotional videos and testimonials for a standard price. This alone negates of proclamations regarding his statements, voiding all credibility as founder of this questionable binary software. If he’s an imposter, then traders need to ask themselves what other aspects are they being lied about? Acting Gig Evidence – https://www.fiverr.com/spokesman_mark

Plagiarized High Frequency Reviews


Throughout their marketing videos, many recorded reviews from supposed members who are currently using the High Frequency Trader software are shown to give off a fake essence of success. After establishing Steve is a scripted scam artist, rest assured their supportive reviews are equally fabricated. For example, these two individuals depicted above are quite famous among the binary underground, spotted several times endorsing the usage of multiple trading scams in recent weeks. Their reputations in encouraging rookie investors into investing with fraud applications at a constant rate only adds further suspicions towards the legitimacy of HighFrequencyTrader.co and its hidden agendas. Therefore we shouldn’t consider their recommendations as a credible source. In fact their presence should serve only as a probable scam indicator and nothing more.

#1 – https://www.fiverr.com/prylac #2 – https://www.fiverr.com/bradfordjet

Lets be clear that hiring scripted performances alone does not warrant an immediate scam. After all most advertisements you see on television or magazines are fronted by modeling agencies and actresses too. But when it comes to financial investment decisions, a more careful approach must be attained for determining the level risk you’re willing to endure. In regards to HighFrequencyTrader.co, their entire structure is based on false premises and non-existing people, forged by con-artists already well-known for manipulating novice customers unaware of their scammy tactics.

By now I’m sure its becoming clearer just how misguided and dangerous this autotrading software truly is. Through our experience in examining different types of trading programs over the years, every single system advertising certain terminologies like “guarantee” or promising a “zero loss” opportunity have always proven themselves for being frauds. As you can see for yourself, the scenarios in which these traders are turning a mere $250 deposit into five thousand dollar profits within a matter of seconds is completely unrealistic, but most importantly impossible and unethical to presume otherwise. Hopefully today’s review has enlightened our visitors beyond reasonable doubt, as our main goal is to deter curious traders from losing money with a cheaply orchestrated binary option scam.

High Frequency Trader Review: Final Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement – Avoid Steve’s pathetic High Frequency Trader Scam! A copied replica for taking advantage of innocent investors. HighFrequencyTrader.co is a Bust!

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Traders must remember to exercise caution whenever encountering any trading system promising opportunities for banking millions in profits. Generally speaking, such applications simply don’t exist, but don’t be disgruntled since there’s still hope. The possibility of receiving a lucrative income through online trading is available through the services of reliable auto-traders & signals alerting providers, capable of limiting risks while maximizing profitability. As an added safety precaution, opening a demo account can serve useful for practicing any newly acquired software or strategy without risking your funded account. But also a protective barrier in case you’ve mistakenly deposited with a worthless scam app. We encourage everyone to share with us any concerns or feedback by commenting below for further discussion, and I thank you for reading our imperative High Frequency Trader Review post.

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