Heavy Income SCAM Exposed (Insider Review)

By | June 9, 2018

Heavy Income (aka Heavy Income LTD) is a relatively new scheme. Only been around about 12 days as of posting this review. And during this small length of time, these scammers have/are taking trader’s money and losing their investments with their schemes. The following review serves as as critical warning for all day-traders. Heavy Income is a harmful Scam you don’t want to mess with.

ICOs like HeavyIncome.com are appearing all over the internet. Many of which are fraudulent programs promising traders larger returns, yet never pay. While investigating their suspicious website, we found several scamming factors indicating unsafe practices.

In addition to the typical promises of large profit gains, its come to our attention Heavy Income also has features of a Pyramid / Ponzi scheme. In other words, they offer affiliated programs to gather as many victims before Heavy Income LTD shuts down.

That’s why we’re here. To warn day-traders about its hidden dangers. Before joining, please read our review first. Learn the truth these scammers don’t want you knowing about their Heavy Income Scam. New evidence confirms a money-losing fraud.

Heavy Income Review – Another Losing Scam!

heavy income

Lets elaborate exactly what we’re dealing with. Heavy Income is an ICO, meaning Initial Coin Offering. Basically what this means is you invest a certain amount of money with their program. In return, they ‘mine’ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various others for you.

Sounds very simple and straightforward, right? Unfortunately Heavy Income LTD isn’t that easy….nor are they honest.

Heavy Income advertised daily returns are exaggerated as most awful scams, yet still unrealistic. Ranging between 220% – 440% within hours per day. Are they serious?! Its Unethical to guarantee any fixed rate amount. Especially this high so quickly! This is far beyond what most legitimate sites could ever offer. Not to mention these claims of consistent “daily” profits are highly unrealistic due to constant market changes.

Allow me to clarify such ‘guaranteed’ returns presented by Coins Extraction (and many frauds like it) are known as ‘door busters’, used to catch your attention and fool you into believing you can earn a sizable income without any risks.

In these situations, I’d like you to ask yourself this simple questions: “if an ICO such as Heavy Income can really generate these improbable consistent daily payouts of 440% easily absent risk as they claim, you honesty believe such programs would be spreading throughout the internet for free?”.

Speculations are one thing, but its vital we dig deeper into this Heavy Income Scam. Let’s review the specifics of their illegitimate methods for manipulating beginners.

Heavy Income LTD = Fraud Company

Because Heavy Income LTD represents an ICO investment firm, requiring members to invest “x” amounts of money for promised “y” returns. By law Coinsext must operate under the conditions of proper Licenses and Regulations.

These regulations are imperative, some mandated to comply with policies such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). Of course any Scam like HeavyIncome refuses these guidelines.

While trying to validate their operations, our team simply couldn’t verify any certificates confirming licenses in which they must lawfully hold.

We’ve confirmed through both the FCA and FTC Heavy Income LTD has never been licensed. Thereby they are trading and investing for its customers ILLEGALLY.

Heavy Income Developers?

I like calling these type of people “faceless scammers”. Because in all honesty we have no idea who’s behind this dubious Heavy Income mining system. They promise traders easy-profit solutions, but who are they?

If you step back for a moment, you’ll realize the entirety of this program contains no useful information. No Direct contact information except email. Nothing of which discloses any developers, founders or CEOs. They say Heavy Income consists of cryptocurrency experts and investors. But that’s it.

Why doesn’t Heavy Income disclose their development teams info so investors can feel comfortable knowing whom they’re dealing with? We’ve been seeing a lot of these scammy ICOs appearing more often than ever. Such as Pro Income, MeProfits, MineLend, BitAdvisor and CoinContract also carry the same vagueness and lack of transparency. HeavyIncome.com is just another new trap.

Almost every scam you can imagine either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to remain anonymous as these criminals profit from your losses. Not once throughout the HeavyIncome are visitors provided any valid information regarding its creators. Don’t you consider that strange??

Remember transparency is important when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable & safe in their decisions. Yet the level of mysteriousness surrounding Heavy Income LTD simply beckons more suspicions rather than approval.

Fake Heavy Income Results

As we briefly mentioned before, this program makes some of the worst bold statements in regards to astronomical profits & returns. Imagine Heavy Income delivering 220% in 2 hours on your initial investment? Or how about 440?! Its impressive, but highly unlikely.

Don’t forget the value of bitcoin, ethereum & other Altcoins are constantly moving up and down due to constant market movements. These scammers ‘guarantee’ consistent returns of high amounts. However these promises are unrealistic because of never-ending market fluctuations.

The value of Cryptos can rise one day, drop dramatically the next. Just this past month alone, Bitcoin has lost and regained half its value instantly, and is now back on a bull rise. Therefore the promises of steady daily/weekly returns from Heavy Income are highly unlikely.

To this day we’re trying to find any happy members pleased with Heavy Income services  So far the number of people who joined are NOT satisfied.

Heavy Income Ponzi Scheme

There’s far more beyond phony claims and unlawful companies happening throughout Heavy Income Scam. Like most fraudulent investments, their main goal is to accumulate as much money from registrations possible, then they get shut down, but run away with your funds.

Heavy Income also contains an affiliated program where traders can refer other people to join. In return, you will receive a percentage from other people’s deposits. Their system is set up with different entry levels and downlines, which basically shares similar characteristics of the hated Pyramid / Ponzi Scheme.

Ultimately, HeavyIncome does NOT mine any bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. No proof of mining capabilities are disclosed. Instead these scam-artists from Coinsext make money & profit from your deposits & promoted services in the form of affiliations to gather more victims.

Still joining Heavy Income?

The main reason we’re debunking this rotten ICO scam is because of trader feedback. Because Heavy Income isn’t regulated, they’re getting away with shady practices, including NOT paying some members.

Regardless of the fact this Heavy Income Limited ICO is relatively new, this unlicensed hoax has reportedly been refusing to pay various members their obliged withdrawals. Many cases of these withdrawal payments being denied, pending statuses or ignoring requests entirely are becoming known more & more.

While many members of Heavy Income are being paid, there are many others who’re being denied for no reason. Other than deliberate theft so these scammers can profit from your investment.

Sadly, man traders have been victimized, informing us how this program doesn’t not provide quality services. The crooks behind Heavy Income Scam are literally stealing your money and filling their own pockets.

This reason alone is more than enough cause which motivated us to warn others about this damaging HeavyIncome trading software. Hopefully today’s Heavy Income Review will help prevent further losses from innocent investors.

Heavy Income Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: Due to the growing amounts of disgruntled investors already losing their money with Heavy Income, and the fact this company isn’t legally licensed, its best to avoid the HeavyIncome.com Scam.

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We thank our readers for taking time in reading our indisputable & honest Heavy Income Review. Hope it helps others from falling for this shady scam. Please comment below by sharing any feedback, input and dealings you might have with this faulty trading App.

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    Hy, I am one of the victims of bitPenta scam, after I read your blog, I realize that bitPenta is a scam. I really hope to you about the correct tranding and no fraud. I want you to give suggestions or work

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