HB Swiss SCAM Warning – Forex Trading Review

By | March 22, 2017

HB Swiss Scam Review (Avoid HBSwiss App)

HB Swiss (a.k.a. HBSwiss) is a Scam! There’s no doubt about that and today we’re here to help spread awareness to rookie traders for understanding how we’ve come to this alarming conclusion with a detailed review exposing their lies. This HB Swiss trading software constructed for Forex & Binary Option trading was designed with the sole purpose of manipulating traders into believe they’ll bank hundreds of thousands within their first month, but rest assures this HBSwiss trading software is very dangerous. 

As with all newly encountered Binary / Forex trading modules in review, we an a strict investigation process within HBSwiss.com by Hans Berger, only to find numerous scamming qualities which certainly raises suspicions against HB Swiss. Fake identities in connection with falsified profiles are just a couple typical fraudulent factors we found, normally seen within money-stealing schemes, and BHSwiss is filled with misleading information we cannot trust. Lets examine the following HB Swiss review revealing its potential dangers.

HB Swiss Review – HB Swiss SCAM Debunked!

hb swiss

So what kind of shady & manipulative trading system are we dealing with here? For starters, HBSwiss is not different from the cliche get-rich gimmick. According to Hans Berger, he’s offering traders within the Forex fields an elite opportunity to retain a “sophisticated” autotrading bot capable of generating a minimum $5,600 on your first day, at least $278,430.62 within one month after joining. That’s a very large specific number, down to the .62 cents these sleazy scammers have thrown. An enticing offer, but DON’T be fooled!

“Guarantees’ of banking such large profits causes a natural appeal by HB Swiss system, but be careful. Mr Berger explains how his HBSwiss software is integrated with “quantum algorithms”, complex equations & codes for providing unparalleled speeds with 87% accuracy. Described as a “Private Bankers Trading System powered by quantum Tech”, it give a false impression of wealth and  grandiose profits.

However trader need to understand there’s simply no such trading app in existence that contains any form of Quantum Mechanics or coding as described within Hans’ HB-Swiss.com footage. A few older trading scams we’ve exposed in recent past such as Quantum Code, Orion Code and Quantum Income Machines bragged about similar methods of operated like seen in HB Swiss trading app, but all were proven failures by losing trader investments. It seems HB Swiss software is the newest installment of “quantified” trading hoaxes.

Who is Hans Berger? (Imposter)

Hans Berger, the bald headed mastermind behind this ridiculous Forex trading bot, boasts about being the founding developer for HB Swiss software, and “exclusive club” for day-traders searching for financial freedom. At one point he goes into details about his previous experiences, stating his employment at an undisclosed Swiss Bank & Graduate from the University of St Gallen.

After some thorough digging, we found zero verifiable information proving his existence nor helping contributor within the Forex or Binary Industry. Rather odd considering he supposed accomplishments in creating a software like HB Swiss system, which allegedly can make you rich. You would expect someone of his self-proclaimed caliber to be world renown. But hes NOT!

One final not about Hans is there being no records of anyone by his name ever attending the University of St Gallen. Further proving these crooks are lying about Berger character, undoubtedly a paid actor hired by cowardly scammer for promoting the HB Swiss scam

Bogus HB Swiss Reviews

Evidence – https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/

At this point, we cannot be surprised to find FAKE HBSwiss reviews as an added deception tactic. Scrolling below HB-Swiss.com, you’ll find a designated section for “Clients Live Results”, depicted with profiles and thousand dollar daily profits. But lets review a couple Errors we discovered!

First off, all these pictures are either purchased or stolen stock images from famous marketplaces like Shutter Stock. This means these ‘traders’ aren’t real, and dont belong to any existing BHSwiss members. For instance the photo of Franz Samter is one we’ve seen countless times within other harmful scams. Clicking the link above redirects to Shutterstock.com where anyone can buy his pic. BUSTED!

Hold on! It gets even worse because clearly these scam-traits are sloppy. If you’ll notice the dates from these HB Swiss trading results, some profits fall on a Saturday and Sunday, which is impossible because markets are closed. Therefore no trading is available on weekends, solidifying a crucial fact everything about HB Swiss is totally dishonest and purposely fabricated for misguiding new victims.

HB Swiss Software Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid the HB Swiss Scam by any means necessary! After everything we’ve discussed, its perfectly clear HBSwiss was not designed for the safety of day traders, but rather fill the pockets of liars and scammers by profiting at your expense. HB-Swiss.com is Blacklisted!

(Safe AutoTrading Tool! TOP Choice for all Beginners! Trusted by Binary/Forex Communities)

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This amount of scammy and cheap scam apps saturating the internet is crazy and borderline overwhelming, but there are plenty reliable trading tools a beginner can access which help not only profit hundreds in profits, but also minimizes risks factors. Whenever in doubt about a specific software you’re questioning, visit our blacklist section containing long lists of losing autotrader systems & brokers deemed unsafe. Thank you for reading our informative HB Swiss Review. Please share your thoughts, comments or concerns by commenting below or emailing us directly for further discussion or tips of interest. Cheers & Happy Trading!

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7 thoughts on “HB Swiss SCAM Warning – Forex Trading Review

  1. CarolJune Goeghegan

    Hi Paul
    Do u have a phone no for hbSwiss or QuantumCode or OrionCode or LexingtonCode or FinTech
    All these are the same scammers, all have no contact number vista left anywhere on web

    Support has 2 standard replies, and cannot answer any query

    Thanks Paul

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi carol
      These programs are scams. Unfortunately they do not provide and valid numbers or contact information so they can remain anonymous and hidden.

  2. Denise Huiarangi

    These people keep sending me emails saying my funds have been released in x amount of dollars just confirm email etc I’ve had enough. True or not? Not I say but the amounts of emails they send is ridiculous.

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi denise,
      i get tons of similar emails from various scams like the HB Swiss scam too. Be careful, these are automated emails to get you into registering with these worthless apps. You can opt out of these automated messages at the bottom of their emails.

  3. pee

    hie guys did anyone register with this crazy HBswiss please let me know

    1. Prestige Post author

      be careful, the HBswiss is a proven scam. Do NOT submit any money to them or they will lose it.
      Use caution!. If youre interested in safer apps, i recommend the tai robotic or the management software.
      Both of these apps are fully autotrading systems which makes them very easy to use for beginners. Plus they provide settings which allow traders full control over these apps. They are easy trading softwares for making money online.
      Tai Robotic App – http://tiny.cc/TAIRobotic
      Management Software – http://tiny.cc/MSManagementSoftware

  4. Harry

    I thought they were legit, I saw so many reviews about HBSwiss saying its all good and will make your money.
    I lost everything with this scam. Than you for warning but too late for me


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