Guaranteed Money System Review – Sexy & Dangerous SCAM!

By | February 25, 2017

Guaranteed Money System (Must Read SCAM Warning)

At Prestige Binary Options, we were appalled by this gruesome Scam for binary options called Guaranteed Money System, and its highly misleading methods for taking advantage of rookie traders searching for a reliable online source of income. If you’re goal is to become a millionaire, this controversial autotrading software is NOT your golden ticket to financial freedom. In fact, the only guarantee awaiting anyone who joins the Guaranteed Money System scam are depleted funds, leaving users empty-handed without profitable returns. Our investigation within by Angela Stevens was shocking to to say the least, as the number of scamming factors are overwhelming, mixed with outlandish fantasies of turning anyone into millionaires under one month. We implore everyone who’s contemplating the idea joining this fraudulent app first read our review to its end, and learn the truths these scammers dont want traders to know about their money-stealing scheme.

Guaranteed Money System Review – Busted Trading SCAM Unmasked!

guaranteed money system

Ill admit these scam-artists are quite intelligent, using an attractive & sexy looking woman with big “assets” for attracting new members into her fraud trading system. After all, the majority of binary traders around the globe consist of males, but dont let her looks fool you, Guaranteed Money System is by far among the WORST scams we’ve come across, due to the nature of hidden traps & convoluted Lies.

Surprisingly enough, these scammers would have you believe the contrary, where users will bank $5,000 within their first 24 hours, and over $1,300,000 every single month thereafter. According to their videos, Robert Stevens, (alleged father of Angela) copied “sensitive secrets” utilized by the elite 1% wealthy population from an unnamed hedge fund company that laid him off, and installed these secrets into this bogus trading software. Rest assured this is all fabricated lies you must NOT trust. Continue reading the following review as we expose the various faults & manipulative methods within their campaign.

Guaranteed Money System Scam Exploits $500,000 Cash Giveaway

Their golden selling point is quite honestly too good to be true. Apparently they have an “illegal” binding contract for offering potential new customers a cash incentive just for trying out the Guaranteed Money System. Basically, Angela promotes a false sense of confidence in her trading software, stating that if anyone fails to generate $5000 on their first day, or $1.3 million by the end of the month, she’ll personally pay you half a million dollars as compensation, for “Free”. WOW! Do they honestly thing we’re that gullible? It seems they think so, but dont allow yourself to be persuaded. Its a cheap method for allowing beginners to believe is a winning and secured profiting opportunity.

Illegal Practices / Fake Contracts

In efforts to evoke an undeserved sense of legitimacy, you’ll see a copied contract pasted directly below their video within, derived by some Law Firm office known as Goldberg Cohen & Associates. Unfortunately our research could no provide zero information nor proper credentials proving this contract comes from any existent law office. In fact, there’s completely no evidence supporting Goldberg Cohen & Associates was ever real, nor located anywhere around the globe. The point being made here is this document is a certified Forgery, illegitimate, and never notarized by any lawyer. Needless to say this contract claiming users of Guaranteed Money System scam will never receive their promised $500,000 severance payment. 

Fake Reviews

The usage of paid actors is no stranger no matter what type of advertisement you’re looking into, and should cause for alarm of a probable scam scenario. However we have certainly have some concerns with the Guaranteed Money System reviews orchestrated by these particular individuals within their marketing videos. More specifically, the actor / actress above are well known performers from, a famously used marketplace were questionable trading softwares hire scripted testimonials from people who’ve never used said trading app. These two also have damaging reputations for promoting worthless binary scams throughout the industry, conveying non-existent experiences of of turning small investments into huge profits gains with proven faulty apps. Seeing  these two encouraging the use of Guaranteed Money System brings in more suspicions. 

$250 Bonus Trap!

As we thought their scammy tactics couldn’t get any worse, we were wrong! Angela Stevens informs her visitors about a “Free” $250 bonus added to your account once you finalize you’re registration. What these criminals purposely refused to disclose is the fact his $$250 incentive actually derives from the brokers, not her.

Ultimately, bonuses are great features for instantly doubling your account & offered by all brokerage firms, but intended for experienced traders due to its complicated and steep trade volume requirements which must be completed before withdrawals are accepted. The danger between combining trading scams such as Guaranteed Money System and bonus offers is instilled so these crooks can profit at your expense. Essentially, once you’ve realized this trading app is doomed & fraudulent, naturally your first instinct is to withdraw whatever remains of your funds. Sadly that bonus proposal onto your brokerage profile prevents traders from backing out, making it extremely difficult for rookie investors to retrieve their funds back. A shady maneuver for crooks to profit fro your mistake.

By this junction of our critical review, hopefully by now traders are beginning to understand the gravity of this highly counterproductive scam, and the unfortunate consequences awaiting its users. By far the Guaranteed Money System trading app crosses the shady boundaries unlike we’ve ever seen among previous money-losing gimmicks, with controversial tricks to producing a regrettable experience.

Guaranteed Money System Review – Useful Advise & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Without any shreds of doubt, Guaranteed Money System is a Dreadful Scam, specifically designed with flashy notions of luxurious lifestyles, but destined to Lose your Money! Use Caution!

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Although no perfect system exists, traders can rest easy knowing the are plenty of respectable services available at your disposal for maximizing profitability while simultaneously limiting certain risk factors. Be careful of any trading software ‘guaranteeing’ a risk free turnout while promising millions in short time periods. They surely sound appealing, but always proven themselves the contrary with disappointing failures for barely marking a profit. You’ll find similarly avoidable scams and brokers deemed unsafe for trader consumption listed in our Scam/Fraud section. A helping source in case you’re uncertain regarding a particular autotrader. If you have any feedback or concerns, I encourage you to share with us by commenting below for future discussions. I thank you for taking time in reading our transparent Guaranteed Money System Scam review posting. Cheers!

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