GPS Trader Review – Confirmed Trading SCAM Software!

Hold off any decision making regarding GPS Trader app until you’ve fully read our transparent review. It’s come to my attention this dangerous trading Scam is reaching popularity levels causing problematic results by wiping out funded accounts rather quickly. by a con-artist named Richard Heffner is an elaborate money-stealing scheme containing various scamming traits seen countless times within previous automated softwares. Their degree of deception seems very convincing as they spew false incentives about acquiring “quick riches” towards novice investors. Be warned the GPS Trader scam should not be trusted under any circumstance as this automated software if far from legitimate, leaving clients with emptied wallets. Our main mission is to get our GPS Trader review into the open view so curious individuals contemplating its legitimacy may learn the truth once and for all.

GPS Trader Review – Busted Auto-Trader App Exposed!

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Apparently today is the last day for registering since is only accepting 20 more applicants, and half those spots have already been claimed. What’s more bizarre is how desperate these shady creators are attempting to grasp as many traders possible by insinuating a hefty sign-up fee of $9,997 will be charged for future customers once the remaining spots are taken, along with an additional $2,000 monthly charge. Does Richard seriously expect us to believe these ridiculous proposals? He justifies his obscured statements by guaranteeing traders will profit twenty thousand wihtin 24 hours, and everyday thereafter. Its trading scams such as GPS Trader app where a little common sense can save you from financial disasters. No matter how many days pass, the same messages of limited availability never changes. 

Terrible GPS Strategies!

The manner in which trading platform executes its automatic trades are specialized in performing sixty second transactions. A poorly revised demonstration shows how the GPS software works, but was clearly edited without visual proof of entry or expiry rates. Yet somehow Richard Heffner miraculously doubles a $250 deposit within a one minute time-frame. Supposedly these short term positions are implemented multiple times per day at alarming speeds which is highly dangerous. Turbo trading already holds a great deal of risk involved since their closing windows are extremely narrow. However visitors are inclined to believe they’re receiving a “risk-free” opportunity for banking millions. A contradictory statement in itself, considering how aggressive GPS Trader scam software approaches 60 second entries. After realizing the damaging methods in which this questionable software operates, its no wonder traders are suffering severe losses without profitable outcomes. 

Of course these scammers don’t want you looking into their methods with rational point of views. Instead day-traders are misinformed with exaggerated explanations of high tech equipment & “closely guarded binary secrets” for making GPS Trader app appear like a sophisticated software unseen until now. Lets review some of fabricated selling points which I’ve outlined below. Don’t fall for these bogus lies!!!

  • Uses Global Satellite Positioning Systems to ‘legally & ethically’ beat financial markets.”
  • GPS Satellite Communications continuously broadcasting economic data via radio signals into separate frequencies at lightning speeds, delivering faster trading signals to members before information is publicized to the general public.”
  • GPS configurations apply ‘Rapid Counter Trades’ (RCT) for eliminating any losses, making a perfect software without suffering a single losing trade.”

Basically what every trader is hearing are a bunch of fancy words put together, while holding zero credibility or authenticity. In reality GPS Trader scam is not the first binary software claiming perfection or million-dollar opportunities. Most certainly wont be the last either. Other harmful trading systems like The Money Glitch Scam (Review) offers similarly outrageous proclamations for newbie investors, but fail to deliver their advertised results. 

Non-Existing Developer & Fake GPS Trader Reviews!

gps trader review

As for the criminal mastermind himself, Richard Heffner, alleged CEO & Founder of is as dishonest and crooked as any scam-artist is expected! Supposedly his previous employment was held as a systems analyst for Garmin Limited until he was laid-off. Unfortunately during our investigation process for this GPS Trader review, no credible evidence supporting his identity, working history, nor involvements within the industry could be verified. Not even a single professional resume or profile was uncovered on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook matching his description. Rather suspicious considering he’s claiming responsibility for inventing the the “world’s first zero-risk millionaire making trading software”. We can safely establish this phony character was hired by the real crooks behind GPS Trader scam for advertising their faulty software, while avoiding the damaging repercussions as users lose their entire investments.

Lets not forget the social media reviews displayed within the GPS homepage. After everything we’ve discussed proving how false and corrupt this autotrading system truly is, it’s not shocking to find none of the names & pictures match any active accounts online. 

GPS Trader Review – Scam Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Judgement Review: Avoid the GPS Trader scam as it will surely deplete any invested money you put in. Many have already fallen victim to this dubious app, but hopefully today’s review was transparent enough for readers to fully understand the dangers lurking beneath.

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New to binary options? Remember to always use caution whenever encountering a trading software throwing “guarantees” or lame promises of becoming a millionaire overnight. Such vocabulary terms are widely used by lousy scams for enticing newcomers before realizing they’re getting scammed. Online Investing always carries risks, but there are plenty of reliable solutions for limiting risk and maximizing profitability. Unsure how certain services work? Open a demo account for practice whenever using a new software or strategy you’re unfamiliar with. Its a great way for familiarization until you’re ready to invest your own funds. Dont think for a moment is considered trustworthy. By visiting our daily updated Blacklist, you’ll find GPS Trader App among numerous fraudulent applications deemed unsafe by trader communities. I encourage everyone to share my GPS Trader review post for preventing further victims and run this horrible fraud app out of business. Feel free to comment below with your feedback about any personal experiences you might have.

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