Gold Trade Microsystem is a Scam! “Golden” Review

By | February 6, 2016

Gold Trade MicroSystem Review (Scam Alert!)

Attention traders! Gold Trade MicroSystem is an elaborate automated scam software for binary options, particularly surrounded on trading ‘gold’ futures. “Professor Justin Hudson” presumes as the mastermind behind the GTM app promising astounding amounts in profits on complete autopilot. For the moment, he offers traders a chance to register with his Gold Trade MicroSystem Scam free of charge before charging a hefty $1,999 price tag. We’re here to set the record straight with our review informing everyone is simply another binary hoax by collaborated scam-artists that shouldn’t be trusted. You can forget about converting $250 into $30000 while using their software as we provide readers with enough supportive evidence proving the contrary in our Gold Trade MicroSystem review.

Very few trading softwares focusing on one particular asset have successfully surpassed day-traders expectations. Rather than analyzing multitudes of Currency Pairs, Stocks, Commodities or Indices at once like most applications, targeting just a singular asset is theoretically proposed to make a program that much more accurate. But only one binary system has remained for being the only successful gold-targeted analyzer and that title belongs to GoldDigger App. Other scammers have made attempts to mimic similar attributes for Gold and even Coffee, but failed miserably. The Gold Trade MicroSystem scam is not considered a resourceful adversary and by the end of this review, you’ll be glad you didn’t waste your money with this fraud. Time to get down to business!

Gold Trade MicroSystemPrestige Review: Why Gold Trade Microsystem is Dangerous!

Lets begin with the astound Professor Justin Hudson, creator of GTM app. In reality he’s a two-faced phony without any credentials nor connections as a teacher from Cambridge University as dictated within their presentation videos. No valid information was provided but a quick Google search helped us conclude there’s no professor by his name within any Cambridge faculty. Two factors you should ask yourself is which “Cambridge” are they referring to? United Kingdom or USA? He cant be from the UK because there’s not accent in his speech, which only leaves the US as a possibility. We covered both sectors and found zero evidence regarding his existence. A small detail that can make / break the direction of any Gold Trade MicroSystem review.

Anyway, the point I’m making is whoever is really behind producing the Gold Trade MicroSystem scam is hidden for now, causing suspicions. Truth be told, we’re familiar with the character portraying as Mr Hudson because we’ve seen him before endorsing several scamming programs in recent past and continues popping up in our alerted reviews. Fraudulent trading companies like Gold Trade Micro system seem to favor a selected group of Fiverr actors for misleading newcomers, and this guy is one of them. Although he’s not a “professor”, he has rightfully earned a profession in deceiving traders through cheap advertisement footage. A major Red Flag warning against the GTM scam.


**Notice identical background effects in his profile match the videos in Gold Trade Microsystem Scam

Gold Trade MicroSystem ReviewThe mere fact Justin’s “educational” role is one giant fabrication completely throws this whole production into ‘Alert Mode’. Ask yourself if these demented developers are maliciously lying about the Gold Trade Micro System App and its origins, what other secrets are they keeping us from?

Gold Trade MicroSystem Review Exposes Bogus Testimonials!

Because the Gold Trade Micro System is certifiably worthless for any trader searching for profitable returns, its impossible for them to produce any verifiable proof supporting its claims the GTM App holds an 89% efficient success ratio. With  impeccable performances like that, real reviews & user’s feedback could easily be found. Unfortunately the only testimonies you’ll find from “members” are performed by additional notorious actors from the same organization who brought us “Prof. Fake” from “Scam-Central” (Fiverr) :). You’ll find them by scrolling down their webpage. The man depicted below also has a familiar face whom you can find within other scamming systems like Einstein Method, & Binary Freedom Formula. All proven scam services causing severe trading losses.

Gold Trade Microsystem

At this point i hope you’re fully aware & convinced to refrain from registering with this trading scheme. Nothing about the GTM app can pass authentic, forcing us to decline any “guarantees” they might offer our way. We will NOT be testing GTM and neither should anyone else. Unless you’re willing to gamble by placing your faith (and money for that matter) into the hands of frauds? I don’t think so!

Gold Trade MicroSystem Review: Conclusion

Throughout our entire investigation of the Gold Trade MicroSystem Scam, not one conclusive shred of evidence could be found in suggesting any recommendations of using this highly questionable auto-trader. Final Verdict: Avoid their Gold Trade MicroSystem SCAM!

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