Free Money Auto Trader REVIEW – 100% Guaranteed Trading SCAM

Free Money Auto Trader Scam Review

ALERT! Dont register or waste a single penny with the Free Money Auto Trader App before understanding the damaging facts we’ve uncovered in our Free Money Auto Trader Review article.

Beware fellow traders! This review is to serve as a warning regarding a new binary trading software called Free Money Auto Trader system. This “free” money system claims to be 100% committed to making all its users a millionaire within three months time by  supposedly doubling your brokerage account every single day without fail. Don’t allow yourself to hypnotized by the lavishing photos of big mansions and Ferraris, convincing you into believing you’ve stumbled upon a legitimate trading opportunity. Walter Green and his Free Money Auto Trader scam may seem like a compelling discovery allowing anyone who uses this trading system to become rich beyond their wildest dreams, but rest assured we’re dealing with another typical get-rich-quick scheme that will lose your initial investment faster than you can blink. Please continue reading our Free Money Auto Trader review and learn the truth we’ve uncovered after spending time investigating

Free Money Auto Trader Review – Lies used to Trick You!

Free Money Auto Trader

Walter Green is a deceitful scam-artist who allegedly created, which he claims has created over 152 new millionaires within the past 90 days. To find some common ground with his viewers, he portrays himself as an average individual who has also experienced financial distress, but conveniently had a cousin working for FMS Capital, where he was raking in over six figures with a “secret loophole” for maximizing profits in binary options. After formulating the Free Money Auto Trader System, Walter Green proposes to have unraveled the “Holy Grail” of automated binary softwares that “guarantee” absolute success with “ZERO losses” and “infinite” winnings. In addition to the phony attributes already being spewed regarding this scamming software being perfect, Walter never specifically discloses exactly how the Free Money Auto Trader Scam works, but states his system performs all the work on your behalf by operating on a “hardwired secret anomaly” with a 95% winning ratio. First off Ladies & Gentlemen lets be clear about FMS Capital, a company based in Switzerland NOT related to binary options at all, which contradicts against Walter Green’s elaborate web of lies.

Free Money Auto Trader SCAM – Similar pitch from other Trading SCAMS

Free Money Auto Trader ReviewWith its “guaranteed” promise of never losing a single trade with such performance levels, we’re forced to recall a couple recently reviewed trading scams we’ve exposed like Secret to Success, Certified Income, and Guaranteed Payouts, all of which have been identified for being fraudulent programs causing many traders to lose their investments. By comparing these three faulty trading scams in having falsified information, fake testimonials, and even fabricated developers, our Free Money Auto Trader review provides concrete evidence informing traders that is equally worthless. The identity of the sneaky ‘Walter Green’ was never managed to be identified nor verified through simple Google searches which raises some alarming questions. What’s he trying to hide? Don’t you think anyone who created the world’s only “millionaire-making” trading system would be well-known throughout the industry? That’s because NOTHING within this scammy platform can be credited as verifiable or believable. Above is a screenshot taken from their website videos showing what’s suppose to be 1 of 152 beta-testers who’ve made thousands using the Free Money Auto Trader App. But notice the dates are incorrect, which indicates this “new” program is using outdated & copied information in hopes of deceiving newcoming traders into registering with a useless scam.

Free Money Auto Trader Scam – The “Bonus” TRAP!

In hopes of sweetening the deal even further, traders are informed the more money invested, the higher each individual trade may be which results in bigger payouts. By insinuating Free Money Auto Trader App is an exclusive software with limited availability, Walter conveys his viewers to deposit quickly in order to take advantage of their bonus offers. The problem with bonuses, although legal by industry standards where every brokers provides, are given to match anyone’s initial deposit for increase funding. However, these “welcoming gifts” have caused many traders unable to withdraw their funds from their accounts due to strict contingencies & regulations placed in part of these bonuses. Not the best decision if you ever plan on withdrawing your own money. Learn more about these offers in our Broker Complaints Section.

Free Money Auto Trader Review – Conclusion & Judgement

After spending time reviewing a vague trading method with inconclusive histories and non-verifiable developers, its safe to assume Free Money Auto Trader App is absolutely a SCAM that must not be trusted.

PrestigeBInaryOptions Recommendations of Reliable Services

Remember conducting your own research is extremely important & never jump on the first “shiny” system you find promising grand wealth opportunities. Trading binary options can be a wonderful experience but getting involved with debatable programs like will only result in economical disappointment. Familiarize yourself with our BlackList of avoidable scams & brokers to protect yourself from making regrettable mistakes. No doubt automatic systems are most favorable among online investors but it doesn’t hurt to learn the basics of broker management and simple strategies. If you want to learn from real live professionals while following profitable trading signals posted in our private group, click the banner below to watch a quick video & learn how to join the best growing trading community. With Mikes Auto Trader, you’ll obtain the best of both worlds with guidance, and a reliable automated trading tool. Thank you for reading my Free Money Auto Trader review.  Any feedback? Share with us by commenting below.

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