The Free Millionaire System – STAY AWAY!!

Normally when we review money making scam systems, we lean towards programs that pertain to the binary options industry. But today we would like to go over a new software that may be a bit out of jurisdiction, known as the Free Millionaire System. Lately a few emails have been forwarded to us at PrestigeBinary asking what this new money-machine is all about. Let us review what we have so far.

The Free Millionaire System is a new software offered by a guy named Max Fortune. LOL! I’m guessing his parents knew he was going to make it big in the future. Anyway, this software is an automated program that supposedly generates profits directly into your bank account on autopilot. Max Fortune makes bold claims that his Free Millionaire System has made 2,489 millionaires to date and you can be the next one. He goes on and on on how his life took a turn for the worst and ended up drinking and gambling. Then one day he plays a high stakes poker game and was dealt a hand that changed his life. One of the high rollers pays Max, but also offers a “chance of a lifetime opportunity”. This man gives Max Fortune a USB hard-drive with a program known through the “inner-circles” as the BlackDagger (Free Millionaire System).

FullSizeRender(17)Really Max?! Can you really trust such an elaborate, far-fetched story?? The Free Millionaire System continues on with promises of you becoming a millionaire within the first 90 days. In better terms, there is a “legally binding guarantee” of success or Max will pay you $1000 out of his own pocket, should you fail with his free system.

While creating this review, i actually registered my email address on their site to inquire more information in what the Free Millionaire System is all about. It so happens they are indeed another get-rich-quick binary options scam. They have the same M.O. as the other frauds who require you to deposit with a questionable binary options broker and “watch your profits grow”. What concerns me too is when you make the initial deposit of $250 into their designated  broker, you get another $400. This sounds a lot like a deposit bonus that many brokerages offer. These are Legitimate Bonuses, but with many strings attached. You may learn more about initial bonuses here in our Broker Bonus Review. Max Fortune’s Free Millionaire System repeats that this money is yours and you are free to make withdrawals anytime you want. Now wait a minute!! First you said this software automatically generates money into my bank account. Now your saying i have to “withdraw my profits from my broker”?? Excuse me Mr. Fortune, but you’re contradicting yourself!

In Binary Options Trading, there is no push-button system that will generate millions in short periods of time. Companies like The Free Millionaire System are just one of the many groups of malicious sales representatives who only look out for their own self-interests, and further more, tarnish the name of binary options trading. There are many legitimate alternatives for Recommended Trading Services out their that will save you money, along with Trusted Brokers who are all reliable and efficient. Don’t be fooled by other gimmicks and schemes who will only leave you in the mud. We hope that our Free Millionaire System Review has served a positive purpose for our followers. If you have any experiences with the millionaire system, Comments or Concerns, feel free to write them down in the comments below.

OH Yeah I Forgot to mention: There are only 20 spots left to become a Millionaire in less than 90 days! Better Hurry!! HAHA!



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