ForenX & Forex Multiplier a Busted Scam? Honest Review

By | March 3, 2016

ForenX Review: Forex Multiplier Scam Bust!

Very rarely do we discuss matters about Forex trading. But today’s special review will be discussing Forex Multiplier aka ForenX. Many are wondering if this new trading software is trustworthy, or just another scam. The websites in question, by Peter Allen and, are offering traders a “complete method” for identifying future market trends in efforts to maximize profit potentials and limit loss. Upon entering their website, you’ll immediately see statements implying Forex Multiplier will conquer the markets, boost profits by 300%, and buy your dream car. Are we dealing with some over-exaggerated commercial scam? Time to set the record straight and review the facts!

Many of our YouTube followers and subscribers have been messaging us asking my opinion if ForenX or its Forex Multiplier signals are considered reliable. Without any previous knowledge towards this particular program, I must admit while reviewing their website I was pretty convinced what Peter Allan created could pass as a promising application. After all is well developed & professionally appealing. What’s far worse was I almost replied back to my inquirers to go for it and register with the ForenX App. However, digging a littler deeper helped me find several questionable pieces of clues pointing everything contrary. My Forex Multiplier review holds supportive proof revealing Peter Allen and his ForenX scam is simply a collaborated scheme.

Forex Multiplier Scam Review: Full ForenX Exposure

forex multiplierAllow me to clarify some things first. Binary Options (topic we normally cover) and Forex Trading are two different avenues of investments, yet similar in nature. When implementing technical & fundamental analysis for Binary or Forex, the charting solutions used are the same for both parties. But there are differences between the two which change the level of risks and earnings. Generally speaking, binary options is simpler where expiration times and payouts are fixed without any spreads. On the other hand, Forex trading is a bit more complex where profits are only made after passing a certain spread. Profits are also determined by how many PIPs you’ve cleared from your set spread. There are far more technicalities in differentials which we can cover later on a different day. Truth be told, investing financial markets is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many want a piece of this lucrative pie, including corrupt organizations and scammers. What better way to cheat potential traders than by creating fraudulent softwares promising you high returns with misleading advertisements. ForenX Scam aka Forex Multiplier Scam has undoubtedly joined the ranks among worthless apps with shady marketing tactics and falsified reviews.

Fake Endorsements!

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Fake reviews from supposed members using a software are common qualities we uncover within 90% of scams debunked within’s BlackList. Since scam-artists like Peter Allan cannot produce any verifiable evidence supporting their advertised claims, fabrication of testimonials are implemented to deceive rookie traders. Take for instance “Lindsey Collins Mother & Trader” displayed as a client. Unfortunately her real name is Jessica Carter, Communications Coordinator for River Ridge Church Organization. Evidently these slimy developers have stolen Jessica’s photo for their own gains with falsified information. I don’t think she would appreciate her picture advertised on damaging softwares like the Forex Multiplier Scam depleting trader’s accounts. As for the alleged CEO and devious mastermind behind ForenX, no indications of Peter Allan’s existence was found from Google searches or social media profiles to verify his identity.

Bogus Badges

Numerous banners insinuate ForenX and was last year’s “best trading bot of the year”. No doubt a desperate attempt for added authority. I grow extremely suspicious when finding claims of guaranteed satisfaction because honestly, there’s no such scenario when it comes to financial investments. I cross-referenced their webpage through domain verification tools like Who.Is which proved this software was created & activated 2 weeks before conducting our ForenX review and Forex Multiplier Review. Definitely NOT “Certified Authentic”.

forex multiplier Fortunately a growing number of reviews are beginning to expose ForenX and Peter’s Multiplier Scam, and it’s starting to piss off the creators behind this charade. Threatening emails with lawsuit threats are being sent to scare reviewers into removing their negative posts, truly showing the disgusting type of people who are responsible for & Nevertheless PrestigeBinaryOptions and many other reputable blogs will continue to establish awareness against malicious frauds.

ForenX & Forex Multiplier Review – Conclusion

Online trading can already be a tricky venture without proper guidance, so we don’t need services like & complicating the process any further for novice investors. After unraveling the true merit of these systems, we find them both equally deceiving and dangerous. My goal today was to clarify any misunderstandings by providing enough evidence against ForenX and Forex Multiplier scam! With such questionable factors, are you willing to fund money into these dubious programs? I didn’t think so!

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Thank you for taking time in reading an honest & informative assessment within my ForenX Review & Forex Multiplier Review. Any input or personal experiences regarding these systems is greatly welcomed for helping future visitors.

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