FinTecBot is a Crappy Scam! Detailed Review!

FintecBot Review – Scam Alert

FinTecBot (aka Fintec Bot) will lose your money. How do we know? Well, that’s whats you’re about to find out from today’s review our team at Prestige Binary Options has provided below. This ridiculous trading software claiming to generate easy profits online is one of the worst productions we’ve seen. Fintecbot app contains so many sloppy errors for manipulating traders which must be addressed to the community.

I was extremely surprised by the amount of scamming factors and controversial information found during our investigation within Not matter where you look, FintecBot is riddled with lies about its alleged abilities. Apart from the typical fabricated information seen within most scams, dangerous traps have been incorporated as an added manipulative feature.

Many traders have already informed us the FintecBot scam is worthless by personal experience. Therefore its our duty & pleasure to fully expose this rotten fraudulent app. Before wasting your money, please read our review. All the evidence has been laid out for our readers. Learn the nasty truth these sleazy scammers don’t want traders knowing.

FintecBot Review – Pathetic Trading Scam!


So why are we so cautious about this trading software? According to their homepage, these crooks are labeling FintecBot as the “Worlds best AutoTrading” system available. I highly doubt that! And our doubts can be verified by the numerous alarming issues we discovered.

I’m actually surprised by the number of growing complaints continuing to pile up. Meaning these scam-artists have somehow gained much attention in promoting this devious system. I’ll admit, FintecBot does exploit a few alluring features which may seem appealing to newcomers. Things like fake demos (I’ll explain momentarily) and unrealistic claims of never losing force beginners to think this software is safe. Wrong!

So its time we set the record straight. We’re about to deeply review their illegitimate methods from top to bottom. Allowing day-traders to full comprehend why Fintechbot app is nothing more than a cheap money-stealing scheme. Nothing about this trading system is real or authentic. Get ready for the ugly truth.

Warning: Fintec Bot has been confirmed of sharing identical qualities as other scams like Binary Options Robot 24Auto Trading RobotTBO Trading Software, Legit Broker, FortuneBot, & Free Robot Signals. Use Caution!

Rigged FintecBot Demos

Dozens of brokers and trading applications provide free demos. These are useful tools for allowing traders to familiarize themselves with certain strategies or systems without risking their own funds. However the scammers behind this Fintecbot Scam have twisted this feature for their own profiting agendas.

As we mentions earlier, everyone who’s mistakenly joined with FintecBot has regretted this decision. According to their feedback, fake demos are provided & rigged to win all the time. Winning an average 98% of all trades. From an ITM standpoint, these are impressive automated results. Causing novice traders into thinking it’s highly accurate. An effective trick used by frauds.

Once members activate real accounts by depositing money, the high-winning performance of FintecBot somehow disappears. Producing way more losing trades than wins. At most, users have stated a terrible winning percentage of 55% or less. These stats are awful. Forcing traders to barely break even or lose most of their funds very quickly.

FintecBot Software Creators – Who are they?

Here’s where things get tricky with FintecBot Software. Because in all honesty, we have no idea who created this app. At the very button of their platform there’s a “start working with Ryan now” button. Who the hell is Ryan? What’s his surname? Why don’t they disclose his full identity so traders can feel comfortable knowing whom they dealing with?

Almost every scam you can imagine either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to maintain anonymous as these criminals profit from your losses. No once throughout FintecBot are visitors provided any valid information for giving an understanding as to who created this app. Zero Company or Developer Names given.

Remember transparency is important when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable & safe in their decisions. Yet their level of mysteriousness surrounding FintecBot simply beckons more concerns than approval.

Fake FintecBot Reviews

You recall me mentioning how sloppy these scammers are? I found two scam references on their site. One of them is found within their false reviews sections where you can find testimonials from members who don’t even exist.

Notice Erik Thomson (fake profile) is thanking CFD Society for his fortune. CFD Soctiey (Review) is a proven scam we reviewed months ago. Not sure why its even being mentioned inside FintecBot app.

And these mistakes don’t stop here! Even their descriptive section doesn’t mention ‘FintecBot’ at all. Not once. Instead traders are reading about Auto Trading Robot (ATR), yet another crappy trading scam we exposed last week.

How is this even possible? We’ve seen many outrageous scams before. But this one is by far the worst. The only conclusion i can gather from this is a possible partnership. In other words, FintecBot could’ve been created by the same scammer who developed CFD Society & ATR.

Still willing to trust FintecBot?

Much of the topics just covered are not common knowledge. In other words, most traders aren’t aware of these alarming scam characteristics. But here’s one other problem which is most obvious. A clear indications these idiots overlooked due to sloppy negligence.

A section within their members area is designated for fake FintecBot results. Why are we calling them fake? Because if you pay attention to the dates, they fall on a Sunday when markets are closed and online trading is unavailable. A small but vital detail solidifying our standing this scam is a total bust.

FintecBot Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: If you still think this questionable software is not a Scam, then go ahead and try it yourself. Keep us posted about your results. But I’m sure we can all agree. Its best to avoid “Ryan’s Fintecbot Scam.

(Top Recommendation for Rookies. Easy to use Autotrader. Favored by Binary & Trading Authorities)

Thank you for reading our indisputable FintecBot Review. Check out the new Tai Robotic App above or visit our list of trusted signals for safer alternatives. We welcome any and all feedback. If you wish to leave us any comments or input, please do so by commenting below. Cheers to your success.

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