Escape the Race is a SCAM! Important REVIEW on Escape the Rat Race Software!

Escape the Race software for binary options is not what you’d expect, especially after configuring many disturbing factors saturating this trading Scam. Its imperative for traders to examine factual evidence provided within the following review before committing to what might possibly among the most misguided scams seen for some time. The premise of, supposedly developed by Matt Taylor is based on teaching members how to succeed. Anybody with some level of experience would agree the learning curve is vital for any investment endeavor, however I firmly believe Escape the Race scam app for binary option trading is NOT a suitable solution. Together well explain in full detail specific scamming indicators we normally encounter within money-stealing schemes.

Trader Warning: We’re considering for being highly dangerous, since their approach in captivating rookie investors is extremely discouraging, enticing potential clients with promises of educational resources and assistance. Unfortunately several day-traders who’ve registered with Escape the Race scam encountered nobody to actually educate them on proper trading essentials, leaving newcomers stranded with worthless trading programs absent guidance. Therefore we advice everyone to read our Escape the Race review before wasting money with an evident fraud.

Escape the Race Review – Awfully Misleading SCAM Software Exposed!

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Matt Taylor, alleged Founder & CEO of is said to offer traders the key to not only financial independence, but also the necessary tools needed for becoming a self-reliant market investor though his “insider software hidden from Wall Street”. During his introductory videos he name-drops a handful of famously world-renowned investors like Warren Buffet, Phillip Fisher and Jeremy Siegal for their skills in predicting stock market movements, insinuating traders will have the opportunity to learn basic intelligence like the pros. Sadly negative reports and complaints against Escape the Rat Race software points all directions towards scamming activity. Lets review the facts

First and foremost, beginning with Mr Taylor proved questionable at best since this ‘ghost’ could not be identified within any social media platforms, including Google Plus nor LinkedIn confirming his existence. There’s zero mentioning pertaining to his involvements within the binary industry, and no results matching his description and name to any existing profiles or professional resumes. Its safe to assume the identity of “Matt Taylor” is merely a concocted fabrication by the real scammers behind the Escape the Rat Race scam software, since corrupt programmers never reveal their true identities, in efforts of evading any criminal repercussions caused by their failed trading systems. Very suspicious indeed if traders are made to believe this trading app is so effective, and yet information referring to its responsible owner are left unanswered.  Ponder for moment that any trustworthy company will always be transparent regarding their developers. Escape the Rat Race application is certainly hiding something….

Forged Endorsements

Upon entering their homepage, traders will find supposed endorsements from well-known establishments like CNN Money, Express, The Telegraph and CNBC. Images such as these are implying such companies are recognizing Escape the Race software as a formidable trading source for traders to benefit from, directing newbies into thinking its dependable. On the contrary, no endorsing recommendations nor acknowledgements were ordained by any of these corporations. Falsified endorsing claims are no strange attributes among corrupt apps since the developers understand full well their system is rendered useless since its initial launch. Desperate measures are then implemented for added deception for newcoming traders who aren’t aware their methods of conning potential customers.

Fake Escape the Race Reviews

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After establishing phony profiles, unidentified CEOs and company forgeries, you cannot expect to find any positive reviews from real users, especially since their entirety of is 100% bogus! Naturally there are attempted measures taken for persuading traders into believing the contrary as bios supposedly belonging to current members are portrayed with brief descriptions. Sadly for these scam-artists, we’ve realized the images were actually stolen from other peoples social accounts without permission from the actual owners. Take for instance “Kayla Spencer” (aka Katie Sterner), photograph originating from her Twitter account. Or “Carrie Williams”, also known as Christine Lavarda, a UX Consultant from New York, whose photo was abducted from her LinkedIn profile. I’m sure these ladies wouldn’t appreciate their pictures being exploited by scammers for falsely advertising their Escape the Rat Race scam software.

“Knowledge is Power” probably the only few words Ive agreed upon this entire scam review. No matter if you’re interested in autotrading or not, its important to learn some basic technical and fundamental principles. If acquiring additional help and understandable guidance is your chosen route, consider our Private Trading Community on Facebook, were weekly webinars for trading and strategy tutorials are discussed in live action. An added benefit are the numerous amounts of signals posted on the group wall by experienced traders throughout the day and night, easily followed for successful winnings and profits. I hope our Escape the Race review was helpful in clarifying their mischievous intentions and hidden agendas. But most importantly prevented you from falling victim to their lies and deception.

Escape the Race Review – Final Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid this Escape the Rat Race Scam software for online investments. The staggering amount of negative characteristics surrounding Escape the Race software is undeniably corrupt!

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As a safety precaution, visit our daily updated blacklist containing numerous avoidable scams and dubious brokerages to stay clear from. Its a great method for making sure a software in question you might be interested in is legitimate or not. Id like to thank our readers for taking time in reading our unbiased and honest Escape the Race scam review and hope it was helpful for anyone contemplating in joining this terrible application.

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