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By | April 18, 2017

Epix Trader Scam Review – (Must Read before Joining)

The Epix Trader is definitely catching tons of attraction from day-traders worldwide, and we’re here to review in full detail how this trading software has gained its popularity, but most importantly answer a very vital question everyone needs to know; “Is the Epix Trader App a Scam?”.  Pay close attention and fully read our detailed review outlining the various features provided by this intriguing trading app, learning the benefits that comes from this formidable system for Binary Options & Forex Trading. That is correct, both!

Very few trading services, if any at all, are capable of catering the needs for both Forex & Binary investments, which is something Epix-Trader.biz by Mark Evans & Tina D’Angelo have created, making Epix Trader quite unique from the mass population of available programs. Thereby developing an easy & user friendly platform in which beginners can enjoy the ability of banking profits through financial markets.

Through the simplicity of applying basic strategic principles, personally adjustable settings, along with risk filtration, read our Epix Trader Review for discovering the exciting possibilities this epic software can give!

The Epix Trader Review – Winning App Rookie Traders Love!

epix trader

So what exactly is this Epix Trader software and how can it help regular traders make money? In a nutshell, Epix-Trader.co is a signal providing system which automatically analyzes global market conditions and locates profitable winning trades to capitalize on your behalf. But how is this different from any other trading app? This is where Epix Trader prevails over most softwares, eliminating confusion multitudes of various indicators by mainly focusing on one strong element, Trends.

There’s a common misconception where traders using more indicators at once is best for results. However the fact remains keeping things simple is far more superior for optimal profit gains. Mark Evens and his partner Tina D’Angelo have incorporated the Alchemy of Finance, a concept introduced by George Soros who mastered the art of ‘trend trading’ (SCALPING) and widely used my 90% of traders today. By simply ‘riding’ trend movements along with operational features (I’ll explain shortly) installed within the Epix Trader, rookie investors without experience can bank sizable easy sizable payouts.

Trading online today is continuously growing as popular and professional way for making a secure living financially, so lets review HOW the Epix Trader app makes it easier than ever for achieving your goals.

Simplicity is Key for Success

Epix-Trader.biz was created by taking beginners into consideration, making the entire trading process easier than before. As a i stated earlier, Epix Trader trading app is instilled with powerful concepts, the Alchemy of Finance in conjunction with Theories of Reflexivity. Basic theologies adopted by top elite investors. If any of this sounds confusing or complex, dont worry!

Alchemy of Finance, a book by George Soros, describes the high lucrative potentials within Trends and catching these movements at the right opportune moments for banking profits. Theories of Reflexivity is based upon the construct that Binary & Forex markets tend to bend to the will of Trader Sentiment, which is the opinions and hypothesis of traders ‘guessing’ which direction a price will go. UP or DOWN.

Epix Trader App – The Power of Trends & Scalping

Trend Analysis is Extremely Powerful and profitable when done correctly, and that’s exactly where the Epix trader software specializes in. From the chart above you can see examples of Upward & Downward Trends, where each declined & inclined slope contains various entries for profitable WINNING trading positions.

The lower part of these price actions referred as the “Reversal Area” is equally important to identify for not only identifying a change in trend activity, but also allows for further profit gains in the opposing direction.

Epix Trader uses 3 Critical Markers:

  1. First Algorithm researches current trader sentiments (predicted directions) by using Moving Averages to determine Swings while adding Stop-Loss Filters.
  2. Second Algorithm searches Strike Rates based on Support & Resistance Levels
  3. Third Algorithm uses a combination of important Oscillator Filters, constructed for extracting patterns & price anomalies for confirming each signal strength.

NOTE: Don’t forget all this is done Automatically by the Epix Trader Software. Epix-Trader.co applies all these techniques for generating signals. All YOU have to do is choose which trades you want invested! EASY RIGHT?!

How to Make Money with Epix Trader

We saved the best for last because WEBSITE provides 2 intuitive ways members can make money. When activating the Epix Trader trading platform, you get to choose whether you want Classic Trading Mode or Aggressive Mode.

Classic Modes is the main function of Epix app, based on all the principles & algorithms we’ve discussed so far. Their Aggressive feature incorporates the Double Up. Basically if you have a losing trade, the Epix Trader app doubles your following trade value to compensate for the losing trade. Doing this does expose users to more risk, but also bigger profits. Keep in mind you should only use this with larger capital funds.

Epix Trader Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: At Prestige Binary Options, we’re happy to announce first hand the Epix Trader is NOT a Scam! Instead, traders all around are reaping the clarity & simpleness by profiting through Epix! It’s encouraging & refreshing to see these principles applied to such a useful software many traders will enjoy.

Visit their Official Website & Join Today!

(Epix for Binary Traders)

(Epix for Forex Traders)Our team has also joined & subscribed our own account with Epix, so stay tuned for many updates as we explore this amazing Forex & Binary system together. Not only will be post live result updates, but also tutorials, walk-throughs & safety tips to keep the community informed. I welcome everyone to share their own feedback, concerns or input by commenting below for further discussions. Thank you for reading my transparent Epix Trader Review. Cheers to your Success!

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9 thoughts on “Epix Trader Review – Safe & Easy Trading App

  1. winston

    the page takes me to sum automatic calender presentation or is it surpose to be limited to some countries only

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi winston
      the epix trader is available for most regions, but not all. If you’re having trouble accessing the epix site, email me directly anytime at prestigebinary@gmail.com, and ill be happy to send you simple tips on how to join.

  2. Trent

    Hey thanks for the great review. Ive been checking them out and joined with Epix Trader earlier today.
    Very easy to use. I like That!
    Ive placed a few trades, so far i think i doing good. 8 trades and only 2 lost.
    Can we manually trade too! Is that possible, love your videos!

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi trent
      sorry for my delay, Yes 8 trades with only 2 losses is fantistic work.
      Happy to see the epix trader app is working well for you. Its ideal for beginners as yourself to make the trading experience easier.

      Yes you can manually trade by following their automated signals. Ill post a live video soon so stay tuned. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube Channel to receive our video updates – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hQkynY7pqZRzoQKtYr30A

  3. Dave

    Hi Paul love your work. The FAQ sheet says you can use their software with an existing broker but when I registered it took me somewhere else

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi Dave,
      Thank you so much! Epix Trader use to allow traders to use existing broker accounts. However this feature caused some sync issues between the broker and EPix app.
      Therefore, you must deposit with the broker given to you by epix to ensure your broker & software are synced properly.

  4. Rod Bochek

    This is what I get when I try to sign up with Epix Trader:
    FREE VIDEO: Do You Want To Get $3,000, $5,000, And $10,000 C
    hecks In Your Mailbox Every Day Using A Simple System?
    Where should I send the free video?Get Instant Access!

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi Rod,
      the epix trader is available for most countries, but not all. If you live in an area where epix isn’t available, youll be redirected to a different program.
      If this is whats happening & youre still interested in joining epix, email me directly at prestigebinary@gmail.com and ill send you simple tips for you to join. Cheers!

  5. Sonny

    Great review PBO!

    Thank you for the update on Epix Trader. Ill be signing up tomorrow morning at the opening of the US markets


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