Epic Winner Software REVIEW – Busted SCAM!

Epic Winner Software Review (Scam Warning)

Traders be warned! Epic Winner Software is a visually convincing, yet malicious automated trading plot costing traders  sever losses. Read this important updated Epic Winner Software Scam Review before making any decisions in registering.

It turns out Epic Winner Software is a brand new trading application already laying waste on newcomers as many have reported substantial loss by investing with the Epic Winner Software scam. Not only do they rub off as a “genuine” trading solution for rookie investors, EpicWinnerSoftware.com appears to look-out for others best interests by informing visitors regarding the corrupt system which favors brokers, when in reality, this company is just as crooked as the schemers behind the vast majority of scamming softwares flooding the industry. In theory, they’ve come to even the odds by supplying all binary traders with a unique autotrader for reversing negative statistics and take advantage with its new features. But recent developments, research and valuable feedbacks have left us no choice in warning binary investors with factual evidence in this Epic Winner Software review.

Website Under Investigation: EpicWInnerSoftware.com

Epic Winner Software Review – One Click Profit Machine Scam!

In reference to their introductory presentation found on their EpicWinnerSoftware.com platform, interested traders are made to believe they’ve been granted an opportunity to make six figures by years end without any conditions and minimal risk. Portraying themselves as an honest and flourishing trading organization, EpicWinnerSoftware announces they’re looking for “beta-testers” to try their app for a 2016 consensus. According to the narrative, these developers have crafted the first ever multi-broker robot in history where this “intelligent” software performs multiple positions with several brokerages simultaneously, making trading sums ‘infinite’. By advertising you’ll be able to bank a few hundred dollars per day, without extravagant exploitations of making millions like the common scam services we normally expose, its becoming evidently clear why traders are drawn to register with the Epic Winner Software app. But as you continue browsing through our review, hopefully more will understand why avoiding any involvement with EpicWinnerSoftware.com is advised. Enough speculation and lets examine the facts!

Epic Winner Software Review / Copy-Cat using Fake Reviews

epic winner software Stating it’s “first of its kind” is a false statement. A few years back a trading app known as Option Bot 2.0 was released with similar capabilities as this EpicWinnerSoftware.com claims to attain. Unfortunately after some time, the Options Bot system was deemed useless as its winning levels began to decline, resulting in members losing more transactions. Now it seems these scammers are imitating this failed auto-trader with a refurbished version of it’s predecessor with even a similar robotic figure logo. 

We’ve already established earlier how traders are losing funds and as weeks roll by, hopefully more reviews will be posted for full exposure. But there are other attributes that can be further identified in efforts of deciphering whether we’re dealing with a scam. Reviews and testimonials from real people is a powerful asset in determining any system’s legitimacy and help decide which avenue to take next. But when we encounter a recorded testimony of one’s experience from actors / actresses well-known from advertisements in multiple trading scams within the industry, that’s a serious Red Flag! Above is a “Robert Collins” from the U.S. whom you can find within EpicWinnerSoftware.com members area, explaining his success with Epic Winner Software. Regardless of his testament, hes not an experienced investor, rather a fiverr.com actor spotted promoting numerous trading scams like First Class Profits, MockingBird Method, Money Matrix & Bayesian Binary. All proven Scamming Productions!


epic winner software reviewEpic Winner Software Scam / Dangerous Strategies

In addition, deceiving newcomers with falsified reviews from scripted actors is one thing, but the scam-artists behind this production have added an damaging strategy to their resume which proves detrimental. Their deception continues as they introduce a “mathematically impossible to lose” strategy called Compound Trading, a terrible method for attempting to cover losses, yet make profits. For instance, you place a $25 action and lose, the following trade amount must be doubled from the previous loss to cover & generate a profit. According to Epic Winner Software, this process continues until a winning trade is accomplished, thereby restarting to the minimum trading amount. This is a deplorable methodology where any professional investor would highly disregard this as a plausible manner of trading. By having a wide spread of broker accounts as they suggested, the only outcome you’ll receive is complete depletion of all your funds, while the scammers run off with your deposits.  

Epic Winner Software Review / Conclusion

Final Verdict: Avoid the Epic Winner Software Scam!

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If binary option trading is a new world you’re stepping into, the journey of finding a reliable trading tool can be very daunting. With so many scams, how does one pick the right one? Conducting your own research is crucial in gathering as much information possible before any financial investing decision. For extra help, visit our daily update BlackList Section of scam services declared worthless by reviewers and authorities. Thank you for visiting our thorough Epic Winner Software review, and feel free to comment if you have any past experiences with EpicWinnerSoftware,com.

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