Drexel Code Review: ‘Never-Losing’ trading SCAM Exposed!

By | March 28, 2016

The Drexel Code presented by Cory Drexel is a dangerous trading Scam guaranteed to quickly drain your account dry. The last thing any trader wants to do is lose money to another fraudulent binary app failing to deliver their promised performance advertised within their sites. For your protection, pay close attention to the following information provided in today’s Drexel Code Review as I’ve uncovered some disturbing factors incriminating this newly developed software for being fraudulent. Judging by their marketing videos you can clearly see these scammers behind DrexelCode.com spared no expense in production values with fancy cars and beautiful mansion scenery. Thus forcing viewers to believe a luxurious lifestyle can be acquired through their faulty program. However after investigating them a little deeper, everything about Drexel Code Scam is fake, including their office of operations & CEO himself. Save your money and let’s review the truth about DrexelCode.

Whenever we encounter a binary application being advertised as a “perfect” system, that serves an immediate Red Flag warning indicating an online scheme. Lately more trading programs are unfolding towards the public claiming bold statements of never losing a trade, with DrexelCode.com being the latest in bragging no single losses in three years. Such statements are completely bogus because they’re unrealistic in the world of financial investments. There’s no doubt many traders will register with this dubious application after finding Drexel Code scam rather convincing with empty promises. That’s why its important to conduct your own research before investing with any trading software or broker. Doing so will help save yourself unnecessary trouble by identifying hidden clues.

Drexel Code Review: Busted SCAM fully exposed!

Drexel Code

Cory Drexel is a self-proclaimed President & CEO of Drexel Code Incorporated which doesn’t even exist. That’s right dear readers! Simply searching through Google proves there has never been any corporation within the United States, or other parts of the world for that matter, proving this whole development is one giant Hoax! The only references you’ll find regarding “Drexel” is a University unrelated to binary option trading. Zero results from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles can verify the man portrayed as ‘Cory Drexel’ because nobody within this industry matches his description. Since this company is non-existent, Cory’s presidential title is 100% voided, which only leaves one final assumption where he’s just a paid actor. The offices & conference rooms used for recording the DrexelCode.com presentation clips were rented by shady developers to give the allusion of legitimate organization.

Drexel Code Scam: Exploiting Damaging Strategies & Fake Demos

A demonstration supposedly showing the “power” of Drexel Code Software is not only misleading, but also reveals how this corrupt trading app will lose everything you’ve invested. First off the demo begins with a starting balance of $250 dollars, but later multiplies to a staggering $10,000 profit within 5 hours on auto-pilot. How is this even possible? Its physically impossible unless you risk your entire account on one single trade in a repetitive pattern. Nothing more than recipe for disaster! Not only is this dangerous, it goes against all laws of basic money management skills implemented by successful traders for preserving your accounts.

In addition, Cory encourages newcomers who’ve joined his scamming software to activate an “Auto-Multiplier” setting within DrexelCode.com which allegedly increases the amount per trade. This unorthodox method of trading is also referred as “compounding” where hundreds of day-traders have suffered sever trading loss. An aggressive form in efforts to maximize more profits, however with a failing system like Drexel Code scam, these crooked scammers will fill their pockets by profiting from your losses.

Hurry Up & Lose with Drexel Code Incorporated!!!

With all the money spent in creating this elaborate entrapment for targeting newcomers, you would think they’d be intelligent enough to avoid some commonly known fraud tactics seen in most scam softwares. Throughout DrexelCode.com there are constant indicators & countdown widgets insinuating available registrations are limited. Cory Drexel explains he’s only accepting 50 ‘beta-testers’ so traders are persuaded to act fast before realizing they’re entering a mutual trap. Over 90% of scams we review are filled with similar incentives in efforts to push sales so they can generate a profit at your expense. Consider the Drexel Code scam software among them too.

Drexel Code Review – Conclusion

Be careful and don’t be misguided by any Drexel Code Review articles promoting this terrible trading app. No positive outcomes can result from using a program containing various questionable qualities and falsified information within their proposals. With an abundant combination of scamming alerts we’ve discussed, hopefully at this point readers will understand the drastic outcomes awaiting on the other side. Its come to my attention during this investigation DrexelCode.com is partnered with various unregulated brokers holding low reputations like Bloombex, who was penalized for refusing to pay trader winnings in recent past. These partnerships between corrupted brokerages only solidifies my verdict suggesting traders must refrain from Cory Drexel & and his phony trading program. 

Final Judgement: Avoid the Drexel Code Scam! DrexelCode.com will eat your money!

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Binary Option trading is an honest online income resource many have adopted to supplement their paychecks, or incorporate as full time job. Scamming systems like DrexelCode.com along with several others tarnish this business by tricking newcomers for their own personal gains. But not all Auto-Traders & Signals Services are mischievous as Cory’s Drexel Code Scam. In fact you can visit PrestigeBinaryOptions.com’s Recommendations of reliable automated & semi-automated solutions tested personally by our team and supported by real trader reviews. I hope this Drexel Code review has shed some alarming perspective in hopes you changed your mind and save your money. We encourage everyone to share our reviews and comment below with any feedback regarding any experiences with DrexelCode.com.  Thank you for taking time in reading my unbiased Drexel Code Review. Subscribe to our free newsletters for more future updates.

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    Thanks man for one more sucker exposed. I almost feel for this drexel code scam. Thank you for showing how crooked this software is in your review! Life saver!


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