Dream Profits is a guaranteed SCAM!! Real REVIEW on Dangerous Trading App!

By | April 19, 2016

Dream Profits is quite honestly a damaging binary option Scam that must not be underestimated or traded with whatsoever. Its imperative for traders to examine our review to its end, in efforts to understand how misleading and fake this ‘dream’ scheme really is. We’ve realized this fraudulent trading software is being heavily marketed through emails and other media portals, sending potential members numerous “invitations” to join the ranks of growing victims. The platform in question, DreamProfits.co by Matthew Warner, is extremely annoying & repetitive trading program promising traders thousands everyday in automatic revenue, yet fail to deliver their advertised results. Many of our subscribers & YouTube followers are asking if the Dream Profits Scam is a possible legitimate avenue, but after our investigation, my answer in simply NO! In case you’re contemplating in registering, be mindful and take notice to some important evidence discussed within the following Dream Profits review. 

Although the Dream Trader software has barely spent a week in the public marketpkace since composing this review, unfortunately many have already reported severe money losses from novice day-traders who were hoping to capitalize on Matthew’s “exclusive” no-loss application. At PrestigeBinaryOptions.com, we’re constantly posting review after review exposing malicious softwares claiming similar incentives regarding ‘perfect’ autotraders. However no system available is powerful enough to produce such unrealistic returns without losing a single trade. Even more dishonest are Mr Warner’s inclinations of financial freedom or million-dollar achievements through his faulty product. Time to set the record straight by reviewing the facts.

Dream Profits Review: Failed SCAM App Exposed!

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First and foremost, this whole debatable charade is presented by a man whose self-proclaimed identity doesn’t even exist. Matthew Warner, alleged 49 year old Wall Street investor with net-worth of $27 million is merely a two-faced Liar for promoting the Dream Profits Scam. In a society where information is easily attainable online, anyone with such reckoning credentials can be verified by quick internet searches. No profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or GooglePlus are provided to verify his existence. Highly suspicious for someone of his supposed stature, experience within the New York Stock Exchange & accumulated worth.

For over a half hour, this scammer and supposed mastermind behind DreamProfits.co entices newcoming traders by repeating countless times how $4250 can be yours by days end, followed by earnings equaling same amounts or higher, everyday for life. In addition to exaggerated statements of becoming millionaire rich in short periods of time, pushy tactics indicating only “15 new applicants” are allowed were implemented to persuade newbie investors into depositing quickly before realizing they’re getting scammed. Interestingly enough those fifteen spots remain the same each visit without changing. A common strategy many scams like Dream Profits scam utilize as desperate measures for misguiding traders into their traps. Ive taken the liberty in highlighting some key selling points from DreamProfits.com scam. These claims are falsified and shouldn’t be taken seriously:

  • Mathematically never-losing software with sophisticated algorithms for targeting future market movements with exact precision.” – Similar to popular scam services like the Drexel Code & Lie Detector Millionaire (Review). All proven worthless, never producing positive profits to clients. 
  • The Dream Trader Software will soon cost roughly $6000 plus monthly fees for continual use. Depositing quickly ensures traders avoid these fees.” – Absolutely Outrageous & Completely False!
  • Operating on ‘Bare Metal Performance’ where investments decisions are spotted and executed through trading verifications 17 millionths of seconds faster than Wall Street professionals.” – Yeah Right!

Fake Dream Profits Reviews!

dream profits review

Matthew Warner and his dubious development team responsible for DreamProfits.co are fully aware their trading app is utterly useless. Therefore, since providing concrete evidence supporting bogus advertisements of generating any profits is impossible, deception is taken to new levels by embedding false testimonials and stolen stock photos for representing successful members. These pictures spotted below their webpage are identical to the ones found within the 98Success program, an older scam dated over 8 months ago. Its possible to assume DreamProfits.co & 98Success.co were assembled by the same crooked individuals.

Before concluding our Dream Profits review, allow me to address a damaging factor I picked off in reference to Matthew Warner’s demonstration of the Dream Profits App “live in action”. Honestly these demos are poor examples of how these system operate, but serve enough purpose to convince novice day-traders unfamiliar to their scammy methods to accept it as a legitimized disposition. Obviously edited & cut to their approval, viewers are expected to receive equal performances  of placing over 100 thirty second trades on complete auto-pilot. The dangers with such shorter time frames make accuracy in predicting price movements too risky. Many scams favor exploiting turbo trades to invoke a sense of “fast money”, however these expirations prove detrimental by depleting trader accounts without mercy or proper guidance. Needless to say the only persons this unethical software seems to advocate are criminals and crooks!

Dream Profits Review: Conclusion & Helpful Tips 

Final Judgement Review – Avoid the Profits Income Scam! Don’t be misguided by any positive DreamProfits.com reviews endorsing this foul software.

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Applications like the Dream Profits tarnish the industry with its damaging reputation. As the competition stiffens, its understandable how hard it is sometimes to distinguish Reliable AutoTraders & Signal Services from corrupt programs. Therefore for your protection, subscribe to our newsletters for future updates and visiting our daily updated Blacklist section containing avoidable brokers & services deemed unworthy for trader use. Acquiring profits through binary investments is possible, and accomplished by traders everyday. I encourage readers to share our Dream Profits review in efforts to help spread awareness and put this hoax out of business. Any feedback or input concerning this ‘Dream’ app are welcomed by commenting below.

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2 thoughts on “Dream Profits is a guaranteed SCAM!! Real REVIEW on Dangerous Trading App!

  1. steve n.

    thx for the info on dream profits! What about binary boom???

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hello Steve,
      Be careful with Binary Boom. Its an older binary options trading Scam dated from last year. Some questionable people are still promoting this fraudulent app so use caution and dont join them.


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