Dollars All Day App is a SCAM! Trading Software Review

By | November 17, 2015

Is the Dollars All Day App another Scam? Read our thorough Dollars All Day App Review for more information about this illegitimate software.

This is a warning regarding the Dollars All Day App and we strongly suggest that traders keep their distance from this new binary trading software. After a quick investigation of Vito Nolan’s auto-trading platform which was released yesterday, it has come to our conclusion the Dollars All Day Software and all its alleged features are far from authentic and worst yet, misleading. In the following Dollars All Day Review, I will show you concrete evidence supporting our position that the Dollars All Day App is simply another money-making scheme with intentions of provoking traders into investing with them, which will result in a big financial mistake.

Vito Nolan quickly attempts to find some common ground among viewers by expressing the struggles and difficulties in obtaining online profits, and sharing his own experiences through his supposed dark days. But with his Dollars All Day system, Mr Nolan would have you convinced he has found the key to financial freedoms we all deserve. Although he states this is not an “overnight-millionaire” making trading solution, he boasts how he made his first $1.2 million within a few months using the Dollars All Day Software. From the beginning, we’re already dealing with a narrative that contradicts itself.

Proof of DollarsAllDay Fake Customer Feedback:

OldManSteve Fiverr Profile –

dollars all day 2The video presentation in the website illustrates that thousands of people are currently profiting with this “patent-pending” technology found within the Dollars All Day App. Just moments into watching the first few video testimonials from their fake Trading members, we immediately recognized a few individuals including the old man depicted above. As it turns out, many of these testimonies are presented by Fiverr actors who are often witnessed promoting previous binary option scams. Having realized the truth, the last thing I’m willing to do is waste my time by watching over 1,000 clips of Dollars All Day Reviews from scam-artists and liars, and you shouldn’t either.

How the DollarsAllDay SCAM operates: CAUTION!

The Dollars All Day System operates by exploiting sixty-second binary trades and claims to “almost never lose”. Placing Short-Term trades, also known as Turbo Trading, is a favored feature by many questionable programs like the Dollars All Day Scam because it gives off an illusion of fast money profits. Turbo-Trading is a legitimate form of investing but equally involves a higher risk of losing funds. Remember, the primary element in binary options is to successfully determine the direction in which a certain asset will end by a specific time. Executing trades with a longer expiry (e.i. 15 minutes, half hour, one hour) grant a larger range of success because it’s easier to predict its future through proper technical analysis. Because of a turbo trade’s shorter time frame, it proves very difficult to accurately foretell the outcome due to fluctuating market behaviors. This is why we don’t believe Vito Nolan statement in his Dollars All Day System “almost never losing”. How can you expect a piece of hardware to adjust with constant volatile movements within financial markets?

Empty Threats

Reaching the second portion of’s registration process continues to be less reassuring as you’ll be met with standard psychological tactics utilized to persuade potential traders to “move quickly” & “act fast before time runs out”. A countdown timer has been set for me, urging that i do not hesitate on investing with the Dollars All Day software. In addition to my annoying clock, im also told time is limited until DollarsAllDay will no longer be free, and place a heavy price-tag of $1,049 per month for each membership in the near future. These common deceptive tricks used by the crooked developers of the Dollars All Day Scam are implemented for maneuvering its viewers to register before missing out on a cheap “financial-independence” opportunity which will ultimately leave you empty handed. By the way, Its funny how refreshing your browser results in restarting the clock.  HA!

Evidently I missed my Chance 🙂 ↓

dollars all day 3


As we’ve shown through our Dollars All Day App Review, nothing about their presentation merits any positive recognition and definitely not a trustworthy trading software to get involved with. With the creator’s usage of paid actors for fake customer testimonies and cheap countdown widgets, I am certain the Dollars All Day Scam is as bogus as they come. No reputable Binary Autotrading or Signals Service would intimidate its customers in making decisions or fabricate their own reviews. Successful software companies allow their reputation to speak for itself. fully advises anyone to disregard any use with the Dollars All Day trading software.

Other trading alternatives for reliable auto-traders and signal services are available in which many online investors are benefiting from every day. For instance, take a look at VirtNext Investments Ltd (Review); a real binary trading company endorsed by ALL top binary option authorities in the binary industry and has been Proven & Tested to amplify profitable winning trades and educational experience with its Auto & Semi-Automatic features. A viral company that exceeds professionalism, efficiency and more importantly, transparency. By far the Best Trading Software we’ve ever come across!  Thank you reading our Dollars All Day Review.

4 thoughts on “Dollars All Day App is a SCAM! Trading Software Review

  1. Carlton Strayer

    Hey there PrestigeBinaryOptions,
    great job exposing these fools behind the Money All Day Scam. What a stupid name for a software anyway. you cant take them serious with a sill name like that. MoneyAllDay is no laughing joke

  2. Han

    awesome blog on the Dollars All Day Review. Very detailed in explaining why the dollars all day app cant be trusted I very much Appreciate it!
    Another Scam no doubt

  3. Adeline

    Hi Prestige great observation in conducting you Dollars all Day Review. every trader should be take no part with fake trading software well done

  4. James

    Brilliant review on Dollars All Day App! I’m glad I came across this before I signed up with this Scam, thank you so much PrestigeBinary!


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