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If losing money is something your interested in, Disrupt Trading is the perfect Scam software to accomplish just that! Pay close attention because this is an important review regarding the legitimacy of a dangerous automated binary program offering traders huge amounts of daily wealth tied with empty promises of becoming millionaires. DisruptTrading.com by Greg Hardman is the epitome of overly exaggerated scams we’re continuously alerting traders to refrain from, and we’re here to exposed them to the fullest extent. In addition to false guarantees, I’m concerned the production values from this Disrupt Trading scam app might cause newbie traders to fall under the impression they’ve stumbled across a commendable software. Before wasting your money, read carefully as Ive provided undeniable evidence pertaining to scamming characteristics discovered throughout this money-stealing scheme which cannot be ignored.

Trader Warning: Greg Hardman from DisruptTrading.com is an arrogant and pompous scam-artist forcing visiting traders to listen to his borderline insulting remarks. Banking $12,000 – $15,000 per day on complete auto pilot sounds amazing in theory. But remember any trading application claiming near-perfection results are NOT trustworthy, producing only negative outcomes without profitability. Overall the messages and statements within their homepage are impractical, as well as contradicting which further amplifies by suspicions. Lets cut to the chase by getting down to business in this critical Disrupt Trading review!

Disrupt Trading Review: Busted Scam Software Revealed!

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Beginning with Greg Hardman himself, alleged Disrupt Trading software Founder, speaks volumes in determining if this be a safe avenue for binary traders. Apparently this whole development process began from a personal vendetta against Wall Street investors who mistreated him while he worked as a Technician Support for one of New York’s biggest hedge firms. Naturally the name of this company was purposely undisclosed to make verification of his previous employment history difficult for reviewers wanting to verify his authenticity. During our review process, we felt it necessary to research his credentials, to which no matching profiles or professional resumes were found on Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, confirming whoever this individual may be is a clearly an imposter. Think for a moment if someone were able to master such a program capable of generating six figures within one week, he’d be pretty famous throughout the trade industry. Unable to validate this tw0-faced liar serves as a severe red flag, indicating mischievous activities and dishonesty.

Of course scammers behind Disrupt Trading scam don’t want rookie traders to apply common sense, rather have you believe the entirety of DisruptTrading.com operations were formulated with ‘sophisticated equations’ & ‘unseen algorithms’. Greg basically states his powerful formula implements delays in targeted trades from NYSE investments, costing them thousands in losses, while copying their exact trades into his autotrading app. Quite frankly this “Disrupt Code” is completely bizarre and utterly ridiculous!

Fake Disrupt Trading Reviews!

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Unfortunately the lies don’t stop as potential clients waste an hour of their time watching Disrupt Trading scam app introductory videos. On top of misleading information, recorded testimonials from paid actors posing as successful members are embedded. Since shady developers are fully aware their softwares don’t operate to their advertised potential, scripted reviews are specifically purchased from Fiverr for further deception. The man depicted above is among a small group of overused actors seen countless times endorsing recent trading scams like Rapid Income Method and Hoffman Stein Capital. Both currently blacklisted for costing traders astronomical investment loss. Are you willing to register with a software containing endorsements from well-known con-artists? Clinking the link will redirect you to his active gig on fiverr.com, proving he’s a cheap hired spokesperson favored by fraudulent productions.


Getting past the elaborate performances, fancy cars and beautiful mansions, DisruptTrading.com is equally manipulative as it holds typical scammy qualities like most fraud systems. Apparently only 65 spots were made available for joining the Disrupt Trading software, but once you’ve submitted your name & emailing details, that number drops down to 11. Limiting availability is commonly overused by questionable auto-trading applications in efforts to persuade curious clients into depositing before realizing they’re being scammed. Their goal is to retain as many victims possible before traders decide to apply some research and find authentic reviews exposing their hidden agendas. When it comes to online investing, decisions must be taken with patience and clear thought. No reputable establishment would rush customers with forced maneuvers. Fabricated counters or timers implying subscription shortages are vital clues pointing towards a possible scam.

Disrupt Trading Review – Verdict & Helpful Tips!

Final Review Judgement: Avoid the Disrupt Trading Scam or any invitations from Greg Hardman! There isn’t any shred of honesty within DisruptTrading.com, a boneheaded Hoax created by scammers to deplete your entire account!

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New to binary options? Its understandable how overwhelming the process of finding a commendable software can be. With so many choices to choose from, its hard to configure which is a correct path. For starters, we update our Blacklisting Section on a daily basis to ensure our warnings on upcoming scams and shady brokers are current to date. Once you’ve found a trading system you’re interested in, but wonder about its efficiency, opening a free demo account is recommended for practicing before risking your funded account. Also an ideal precaution in case you’ve mistakenly subscribed to a non-working app. Even though risks are involved with any investment type, plenty of trusted solutions are available and utilized by investors all around for limiting risks and maximizing profitability. Any feedback or concerns regarding unfortunate circumstances are welcomed by commenting below. Thank you for reading our informative Disrupt Trading review alert.

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