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DeepNet Trading is a ridiculous trading Scam for binary options, dark and twisted as their theoretical “Deep Web” stories. John A Palmer, developer of, has produced what he claims of being a “covert underground trading program” for banking substantial winnings by investing economic markets, rivaling Wall Street professionals. But after conducting a quick review in efforts to establish their legitimacy, I grew less impressed with Deep Net Trading Signals as certain scamming characteristics have been uncovered. By watching the introduction clips within their homepage, we’re told this newly created automatic application can generate up to $40,000 per month. Unfortunately with fake reviews, testimonials and founded familiar actors from previous binary scam sites, our suspicions have turned to certainty. Signifying no one should trust this DeepNet Signal system. The following DeepNet Trading Review exposes factual truths behind this fraud app that simply cannot be ignored. After reading our posted warning to its end, you’ll understand how important it is to refrain from depositing with this money-making scheme.

DeepNet Trading Scam Review: Full Exposure

deepnet tradingClearly and its bizarre narrative was constructed to target rookie traders with little or no experience for easier targets. According to the scam-artist named John A Palmer, his DeepNet Trading Signals operates by navigating what he refers as “deep web” to maximize investment earnings. Deep Web is supposedly a large portion of internet traffic which remains ‘unseen’ by traditional search engines. An area where criminal and various other dangerous aspects of internet activity is untapped. However John wants you to believe he’s been able to harness this “loophole” for positive potentials in making his Deepnet Trading Scam masked as a “legal & secure” avenue for those searching for an automated binary program.

A “financial revolution” this Palmer guy calls it, using complex algorithms for executing and analyzing multiple markets to find lucrative opportunities to trade. In addiction to these lies, traders are told each signal derived from Deep Net Trading App runs through a “triple verification process” to confirm its probability. For beginners, this may appear a promising opportunity to invest. But the evidence with our review proves the contrary. Continue reading this review where the evidence provided shows the DeepNet Trading Scam holds no merit or trustworthy cause. Lets examine the facts!

Who is John Palmer from Deep Net Signals?

I can honestly tell you we have no idea. In attempts to gather more valid proof and provide it within my DeepNet Trading review, no verifiable search results could confirm John A Palmer’s existence. In a world where businesses & people are connected via social media portals, it’s very suspicious not finding any conclusive info supporting John’s identity. Especially for an individual claiming he created a software capable of banking five figures per month, such accomplishments would be acknowledged throughout the financial industry. The mere fact not one profile account from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can be unraveled further indicates we’re dealing with an impostor.

DeepNet Sinals Review: False Testimonies / Fake Promoters

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With a fictitious scammer like John Palmer, you cant expect promotions from supposed DeepNet Signals members being any different. That right my dear readers! The “beta-testers” exploited within their site claiming great success using this DeepNet software are equally deceiving as the slimy Mr Palmer himself. Not only are their statements false, clicking the provided link will show you the woman’s acting profile. Proving once and for all they’re NOT successful binary traders. Simply paid-for-hire actors. The cold reality is simple: systems like DeepNet Trading Scam and similarly deceptive applications aren’t able to produce any proof in accordance to their promised lucrative features. In efforts for selling their worthless programs, scammers use common deception tactics utilized by other scams in hiring posers from the Fiverr marketplace. At, we’re too familiar with these deplorable practices. Allowing us to quickly identify the same actors/actresses in other fraudulent productions like Push Money App, Binary Secret or TradeFusion

DeepNet Trading Review: Conclusion

My goal with this review is to inform curious traders contemplating in registering with the DeepNet Signals Scam, the dangers and risks involved in wasting money with such a questionable software. With so many disturbing factors revealing how dishonest really is, it’s imperative traders use caution. Don’t allow these con-artists profit from your losses.

Final Verdict: Avoid DeepNet Trading Scam! John’s DeepNet Signals is Garbage!

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