Currencies Club is a proven SCAM! Exposed Trading Software REVIEW!

Currencies Club Review – SCAM Update – (Must Read)

Currencies Club is easily described as a losing Scam software for binary options, which we’ll review together with full exposure and evidence. It didn’t take long after entering their trading platform to fall under an instinctive impression there’s no way this system could possible generate traders a sizable income, just by judging on its appearance. Although appearances alone is not a suited method for establishing legitimacy with any software, by Robert Kevin holds various amounts of questionable qualities and scamming characteristics seen quite often within most scams we encounter. These factors cannot be ignored and after digging a bit deeper, it became clear during our research that Currencies Club scam is a dangerously misleading app no trader should trust.

Trader Warning: A few reports from traders who’ve already registered with the Currencies app have yielded zero profitable results. Furthermore any attempts in reaching their customer service as to inquiring of their failing performance were left unanswered and unresponsive. For those who might be considering in joining this terrible trading program, be advised and read our review to its end where we’ve laid undeniable proof of falsified information implemented in this money stealing scheme!

Currencies Club Review – Broken Trading SCAM Revealed

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Robert Kevin, alleged developer and founder of states that his program is a safe-haven for traders searching for a legitimate way in generating $5000 per day by following the same trades taken by real life professionals. In a sense, he’s offering you simple copy their exact moves. Plus with a supposed 94% success accuracy ratio, day-traders will see a near perfect winning rate with minimal losses. However the feedback received by rookie investors who deposited with this shady Currencies Club software definitely shows the contrary. Furthermore there’s something shocking everyone needs to understand regarding Mr Kevin himself.

Lest be clear that Robert Kevin is a figment of scammers imagination which doesn’t even exist. We couldn’t verify his existence within any social media profiles or within google search engines matching his name and physical descriptions. Rather peculiar wouldn’t you agree? Especially for someone who’s apparently responsible for creating such an extensive and lucrative trading app. Unfortunately no credible sources could verify his activities withing the industry or anywhere for that matter, which all made sense after realizing the photo used within the introduction videos was either purchased or stolen from This critical finding completely diminishes any authenticity, proving this entire production is based on a solid Lie!

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The level of deception and manipulation does not stop here! Since the masterminds behind this Currencies Club scam are certainly aware their trading system is undeniably worthless, certain counter measures for masking their failed application are exploited in the forms of fake reviews and scripted testimonials. Remember the lady within the advertisements claiming how grateful she was for banking loads in profits? Don’t let her sentiment fool you since we’re quite familiar with this woman and her active role in promoting countless binary scams in recent past. Truth be told she’s never trader before. Here real profession lays as a paid actress from Fiverr, where the majority of fraudulent trading apps purchase the services of falsified reviews. The usage of paid actors in general doesn’t necessarily imply a potential scam, but keep in mind for this particular case this individual has a corrupt track record in advertising damaging fraud softwares. His biggest gig was through the My First Online Payday (Review), a viral system which lost most of its members their entire investments. Seeing her within Currencies Club software doesn’t service as a justifiable source of reliability. Knowing her track record, she’s merely a hired liar!

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I’m sure at this junction of today’s Currencies Club review, the severity and risk involved towards investing with them is becoming evident. Even if traders aren’t aware of its documented failings, consider the fact makes bold statements implying over 15000 clients are currently utilizing the Currencies app, yet the only supporting testimonies are derived from scrupulous imposters and fabricated profiles. Without any doubts we can also establish the endorsement badges from illustrious corporations like CNN, BBC, & Bloomberg were embedded without permission or authority from these companies. The last thing these well-known establishments want is to associated with an online money-stealing scheme taking advantage of novice traders searching for a trustworthy income source.

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Currencies Club Review – Final Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Verdict: Stay clear from Robert’s Currencies Club scam software and his pathetic approaches for inviting traders in joining his lousy signals production! May this review prevent future visitors from losing their profits!

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For more valid information on dangerous softwares and less-desirable brokers, visit Prestige’s growing blacklist which we update on a daily basis to ensure awareness. Whenever starting off a new venture into the investment business, complying with regulated brokerage firms is a solid way to begin. And don’t be dismayed if a specific trading software you’re interested in turns out to be a hoax, several reputable programs are available in servicing traders worldwide not matter your skill level. I hope our assessment has clarified any misunderstandings in reference to Currencies Club software and its hidden scammy agendas. Feel free to share with the rest of us your own first hand impressions by commenting below. Thank you for taking time in reading our undisputed Currencies Club review.

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