CryptoRobo Review – Pathetic Trading SCAM!

By | November 21, 2017

CryptoRobo (aka Crypto Robo) is the newest installment of crappy crypto Scams. Todays review will serve as a concrete source fully exposing this pathetic trading software. Day-traders will learn in detail what makes CryptoRobo a Scam, and why I don’t trust them.

While investigating by Walter Zubringer, it didn’t take long to figure this automated trading app is suspicious at best. Too many scamming factors and misleading information about big profits were found.

Ultimately, the CryptoRobo App exploits unrealistic claims of banking thousands in daily profits. But our research proves otherwise. Traders who joining with this software are actually in danger of severe losses.

So before anymore people fall victim to this fraud program, its imperative to warn the public. Please read our review before wasting your money. Learn the truth these scammers don’t want anyone to know about their money-stealing gimmick.

CryptoRoboReview – Crypto Robo Scam Revealed


Im sure for the most part, anyone who visits Crypto Robo will be able to distinguish for themselves this software isn’t the best choice. But just in case, lets review whats happening here.

This crypto servicing app is a perfect example of get-rich-quick schemes we’re continuously fighting against. And the type many beginners fall for and believe until its too late.

According to Walter Zubringer, anyone using his application are guaranteed $5,830 per day. In addition, he states traders needn’t worry about losing trade because his system is 100% accurate all the time.

To support these outrageous claims of perfection, he describes CryptoRobot being integrated with sophisticated algorithms for predicting future cryptocurrency movements. Sounds great, but unlikely.

Ask yourself this simple question; “if the CryptoRobo App could really bank nearly $6,000 in daily profits  without fail, that $35,000 per week, do you honestly believe this trading software would be give away for free?”. Absolutely NOT!

What traders don’t know is CryptoRobo is just as corrupt as most scams we’ve blacklisted. Its time we review and share this information with you all.

Traders Losing with CryptoRobo Scam?

Although the Crypto Robo app is brand new, it didn’t take long in catching the attention of severe rookie investors. After all, who can blame them when they promise almost $6000 everyday.

Unfortunately complaints agains CryptoRobo have rapidly increased since the release of this damaging software, from angry traders reporting this app basically sucks.

Edger traders are NOT receiving the ‘guaranteed’ five figure earnings as promised in their videos. Furthermore its CryptoRobo performance is terrible, causing members to lose there investments faster than anticipated.

Thats why we’re here today, to forewarn traders about CryptoRobo and spread awareness.

Who’s behind CryptoRobo?

Within their introcurty videos, a brief image supposedly representing Walt Zubringer. By this we’re made to assume Walter Zubringer as the Founder and Creator of CryptoRobo.

Is this true? Can we really trust Walther with our investments? Is he even a real person? Unfortunately the answer is “No”. Due to the fact he simply doesn’t exist. 

That’s right folks, this Zubringer character isn’t real. The image used was either purchased or stolen from ShutterStock, indicating these scammers are NOT begin honest about the CryptoRobo developers.

This major red flag is a common trait seen within most scams. Almost all fraudulent trading programs use fake aliases, names or companies to hide their own identities. Allowing scam-artists to remain anonymous while they profit at your expense.

Since the CryptoRobo scam refuses to be transparent about their creators, I wonder what other aspects are they lying about? Are you willing to place your money in the hands of Crypto Robo? Hopefully not.

CryptoRobo Unlicensed / Unregulated

Because Crypto Robot represents itself as an investment opp, requiring traders  to invest “x” amounts of money for promised “y” returns, by law they must operate under the conditions of proper Licenses and Regulations.

These regulations are imperative, some mandated to comply with policies such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). Of course any Scam like CryptoRobo refuses these guidelines.

While trying to validate CryptoRobo operations, our team simply couldn’t verify any certificates confirming licenses in which they must lawfully hold. Strange because these scammers say they are licensed!

We’ve confirmed through both the FCA and FTC CryptoRobo has never been licensed. Thereby they are trading and investing for its customers ILLEGALLY.

Fake CryptoRobo Awards / Endorsements

Reviews are crucial for determining the reliability of any trading program. But as we’ve stated earlier, many traders have already confirmed CryptoRobo failures & inability for producing profitable results.

Thes sleazy liars are desperate, trying to gain ‘legitimate’ favor by posting fake endorsements badges on their CryptoRobo App, posing as approval by world-renown corporations like Forbes.

Lets be perfectly clear CryptoRobo has never, nor will ever receive any awards. And defiantly not acknowledge by Forbes Finance Guide. Don’t believe us? Check for yourselves by visiting their sites and you’ll see.

At this stage within our undisputed review, there are too many factors we cannot overlook and neither should you. Just from the numerous confirmations from disappointed traders, we simply cant condone the use of a trading system like CryptoRobo incapable of producing quality or safe services.

CryptoRobo Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: CryptoRobo is a Major Scam which already caused enough damage. Do yourself a favor and never invest with Crypto Robo. Don’t give these scammers a chance to run with your hard earned money!

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Finding a trusted trading app can be exhausting for beginners, especially if you don’t know where to look. At Prestige Binary Options, we have you covered! Stay informed with our daily updated scam list. And don’t forget about our section of safe trading apps containing various choices of autotraders & educational resources.

Thank you for taking time in reading my honest & transparent CryptoRobo Review. Feel free to comment below with any feedback, input or even first hand experiences you might have. Cheers to your success!

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