CryptoInvest is a Major SCAM! (Insider Review)

By | June 11, 2019

CryptoInvest will lose your money! That is a fact we’ll be reviewing today with descriptive specifics. The following review serves as an important warning for anyone looking for added information about CryptoInvest, and why its a serious Scam.

Although this questionable program has only been around a short period of time, it didnt take long for complaints to emerge. In essence, people are not happy with the services rendered by Cryptoinvest.

These topics of complaints revolve around people not being paid their dues, and the simple fact CryptoInvest doesn’t delver it advertised results. We’ll discuss further in detail as we go along. One thing’s for sure, Crypto Invest is proving to be more of a liability to its clients.

So before you waste your money, be sure to read our latest review. Learn the truth these scammers dont want the public knowing about their Cryptoinvest scam and why its so dangerous.

CryptoInvest Review – Scammy Details Exposed


Okay, so why its this such a problem? Understanding how CryptoInvest LTD works can certainly help answer this question. Crypto Invest represents itself as an ICO program. Meaning they take your money and ‘invest’ it towards cryptocurrencies for a returned profit.

With that in mind, you as the client dont have to do anything. Although this sound easy & stress free, this has given traders false hopes of thinking they can earn a passive income stream without doing any work. The people to blame for this misinterpretation are the crooks behind CryptoInvest.

You can see from their advertised results, guarantees its customers profit ranges of 10%-400% within a matter of days (depending on which plan you choose). The problem here is these projected returns are unrealistic and a bit exaggerated.

But in addition to false claims of easy wealth, theres much more to be said about the illegitimate methods exploited by CryptoInvest LTD. Including falsified information and Ponzi scheme structure.

Therefore, its time we discuss these parameters so readers can fully understand what make Crypto Invest a terrible investment choice.

CryptoInvest LTD (legit?)

Understanding the lack of legitimacy behind this company is critical. CryptoInvest LTD, just like any other investment firm is mandated by law to uphold certain legal criteria.

Their website contains an “about us” section stating this company is the “first fully licensed investment platform registered in the UK”. At first glance it was reassuring to see a potentially licensed program. However this is a LIE!

crypto invest

We’ve confirmed through the Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA) CryptoInvest LTD isn’t licensed. Thereby they are trading and investing for its members illegally while lying to our faces.

False CryptoInvest Profiles

Okay so we’ve already established this company is hiding behind false pretenses of a legitimate platform. Yet their their lies and falsified information doesn’t stop there.

Just like most blacklisted ICOs, CryptoInvest makes another desperate attempt to cover their schemes. In this case, exploiting fake profiles and stock images to disguise the real criminal behind this scam.

As you can see, everyone in their “Team” is non-existent. Everyone from their CEOs, Presidents & alleged Chief Trading Officers are fake.

Evidence Source:

We’ve confirmed all these images were stollen or purchased through a stock image website called PEXELS. Thereby proving once again CryptoInvest continues to be dishonest about who they really are.

Fake CryptoInvest Results

ICO / Forex Scams come in all shapes and sizes. While some make asinine promises of clients becoming millionairesothers can be more subtle. But the fact remains these companies like Cryptoinvest are failing to deliver their results, no matter how big or small.

Looking  at their investment plans, traders have different packages to earn up to 400% on their investment. So with a minimum deposit of 0.25BTC (1,982.74 USD current rate), supposedly you’ll earn an additional $8,000 in profit.

The issue is nobody who’s ever joined Cryptoinvest has received anything close to these projected results. Furthermore, its literally impossible and unethical to guarantee any fixed rate of income due to constant market fluctuations.

Is it no wonder why there isn’t any positive review or post from actual Crypto Invest members making this kind of money?

Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme Alert

In addition to unregulated companies, fake profiles and unrealistic results, theres more of why Cryptoinvest is a nasty scam. Truth is, this crypto-based fraud is nothing more than a cheap Ponzi scheme.

Forget about investing in cryptocurrency markets! These crooks actually make their money by stealing your money. Your deposits!

This is a common factor shared by most ICO frauds, and CryptoInvest is simply a newer addition. Members who joined are encouraged to recruit other members under them, structured exactly like a pyramid scheme for ‘sharing’ profits.

Don’t forget CryptoInvest LTD isn’t even properly licensed. So its only a matter. of time until they disappear. But when they do, they’ll run with your money.

Still joining Crypto Invest?

In addition to the research we’ve shared with you, our main objective was final when first learned about the existence of Cryptoinvest due to negative feedback and reviewal requests.

Several disgruntled investors who’ve mistaken invested their money within this crappy program have reported issues withdrawals, denies of payments owed, and even termination of accounts without any warning or reasoning.

This alone lead our team to investigate what crypto invest is all about, allowing us to expose the truth they dont want anyone knowing.

So I hope our latest review will help others from making a detrimental financial mistake. Although im sure there are some people who may be having a positive experience (doubtful), its clear this Cryptoinvest scam is not providing an equal & honest service.

CryptoInvest Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: If there are any other parts we missed, we hope others will catch them. But hopefully todays update will suffice in the actions of sharing the truth; CryptoInvest is a Scam!

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We thank our readers for taking time in reading our indisputable & unbiased CryptoInvest Review. Hope it helps others from falling for this shady scam. Please comment below by sharing any feedback, input and dealings you might have with this faulty Crypto Invest App.

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