Crypto Coin Crusher Review – Dangerous SCAM Exposed!

By | March 3, 2018

The truth is out! Crypto Coin Crusher, a dangerous Scam is caution major issues for its members. Traders use caution and think twice before wasting your money. The following review serves as a cautionary warning. Crypto Coin Crusher will lose your investment.

We’ve received a large number of pissed off traders, those who’ve believe the lies within this software. After all, Crypto Coin Crusher claims to lead traders towards fast wealth and financial freedom. Unfortunately, this corrupt trading app is nothing more than a fraud.

After carefully investigating by Alex Riles, we found sever scamming factors. A lot of misleading information and twisted lies for manipulating beginner traders into joining. Lets face it, who wouldn’t want to make $1000 everyday? The main lie Crypto Coin Crusher exploits to grab your attention.

This is why we’re here, to expose the evidence before anyone else joins this horrid software. We encourage our readers read our review to the end. Learn the awful truth these scammers don’t want you knowing. Crypto Coin Crusher Scam is a disguised money-steading scheme.

Crypto Coin Crusher Review – CryptoCoinCrusher Scam Unmasked

crypto coin crusher

Its easy to call anything a scam upfront. Therefore its important for traders to specifically understand WHY Crypto Coin Crusher isn’t safe. A trading app capable of banking $1000 per day? Without having to do any work? Sounds a bit too good to be true. Wouldn’t you agree?

But thats exactly what Alex Riles and his team of criminals want you to blindly believe. To be honest, this trading software sounds exactly like a recent scam we exposed called Crypto CFD Trader. Another fraudulent system promising thousand dollar pay-days without doing anything.

In efforts to trick visitors entering the CryptoCoinCrusher website, their videos tell us this application is integrated with “proven all-in-one algorithms” and powerful equations for “military-grade precision”. In other words, Alex says his software never losses trades,  with 99.99% winning accuracy. Realistically speaking, this is impossible.

Think about it and ask yourselves this simple questions: “if trading apps like Crypto Coin Crusher could really help you bank ‘guaranteed’ earnings of $1000 per day. Or help you become a millionaire without effort, you honesty believe this software would be given away for free?”. Absolutely Not!

Its time we set the record straight permanently. Lets the review the proof behind Alex’s Crypto Coin Crusher Scam.

Did Alex Create Crypto Coin Crusher?

Here’s a red-flag I don’t like about Crypto Coin Crusher. Because in all honesty, we have no idea who created this app. CryptoCoinCrusher is presented in a very unprofessional manner, with predictive text and no images showing who Alex Riles is. No images or live footage provided.

Who the hell is Alex? Who actually developed Crypto Coin Crusher App? Mr Riles is NOT a real person and we verified this during our research. No profiles online could verify his identity or credentials throughout the industry. Rather strange considering this man is responsible for making people “rich”, right?

Almost every scam you can imagine either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to maintain anonymous as these criminals profit from your losses. No once throughout Crypto Coin Crusher are visitors provided any valid information for giving an understanding as to who REALLY created this app.

Remember transparency is important when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should feel comfortable & safe in their decisions. Yet their level of mysteriousness surrounding Crypto Coin Crusher simply beckons more concerns than approval.

Fake Crypto Coin Crusher Reviews

If they don’t disclose info about their creators, then finding fake reviews within Crypto Coin Crusher from people who don’t exist comes as no surprise. What’s interesting is they claim if you deposit at least $1000 or more, then your profits will be larger and more profitable. Yet we cannot find any positive testimonials for CryptoCoinCrusher.

We found a few profiles representing “successful members” making thousands each day. So how do we know they’re fake? During my research, I tried finding solid proof about their alleged success, if any. I found nothing about their phony claims confirming any trustworthy Crypto Coin Crusher feedback.

The only positive reviews you’ll ever find are within their own CryptoCoinCrusher website. Surprised? These images do NOT belong to any active user accounts. These profiles are bogus, and the pictures are simply stock photos purchased or stolen from a wide variety of other unrelated websites.

Ask yourselves where are the real reviews? Why don’t they show reviews from actual users? How come no one is making money with Crypto Coin Crusher? Unless these criminals are deliberately hiding something from us.

Still Trust Crypto Coin Crusher??

Theres one final lie we need to discuss, regarding their “60 Day Money Back Guarantee”. Basically what they’re saying here is for whatever reason Crypto Coin Crusher fails to make you money, you get your money back. DONT fall for this!

Allow me to clarify theres no such thing as a refund when it comes to losing trades. Unfortunately once a trade is lost, there’s no way of regaining that loss. This is why its important to use caution and refrain fro joining Crypto Coin Crusher altogether.

Traders Lose with Crypto Coin Crusher

Although its been a short duration between the time Crypto Coin Crusher was released, and us posting today’s warning review, several traders have already fallen victim of this malicious software. Reports confirming our suspicions about Crypto Coin Crusher being an unsafe and unethical trading app.

Plain and simple, this software does NOT work to your benefit. It will not make you rich. Just sitting at home clicking a few buttons will certainly not turn you into a millionaire anytime soon. Crypto Coin Crusher is full of BS!

That is why we hope this newly conceived Crypto Coin Crusher review will serve as a helpful tool in the prevention of further victims of this faulty trading gimmick.

Crypto Coin Crusher Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: There’s no doubt about it. Crypto Coin Crusher is a phony Scam. A menacing trading software ‘guaranteed’ to lose your money. Don’t fall for their lies. Avoid any dealings with CryptoCoinCrusher.

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If youre new to online trading and cryptocurrencies, we’ve got you covered. There are many scams out there and we’re ready to expose the truth. Most important, we help guide individuals to safe & trusted trading apps you can use for boosting profits and minimizing your risks.

Thank you for reading our Crypto Coin Crusher Review from our team. We provide honest updates for our readers to keep the community informed. If you have any personal experiences with them, please share it with us by commenting below. Let us know! Cheers to your success!

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    Thank you! I almost wasted my money with this Scam. Great review and very informative indeed.


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