Crisis Trader is an Old SCAM – Real Review!

Crisis Trader Scam Review (Warning)

Day Traders be warned! The new Crisis Trader is a despicable trading scam for binary options we do not approve, and we’re prepared to review & expose this rotten autotrading software to the fullest extent. Crisis Trader App was specifically designed for targeting rookie traders, attracting new victims by promising easy wealth and thousands in daily profits. Rest assure, Crisis Trader stands a dangerous system that will lose your money!

Our dedicated Prestige Binary Options team carefully investigated the entirety of by Cameron Doyle, and we found many suspicious qualities, along with scamming factors & misleading information for tricking newbie clients. But most importantly, Crisis Trader software is a relaunch of an older verified scam.

Its important everyone understands what’s really happening with this automatized Crisis trading bot because Cameron’s system is the epitome of fraudulent applications we’re constantly battling against. Therefore, we’ve provided critical highlights & evidence proving Crisis Trader scam cannot be trusted. Before wasting your money, read our Crisis Trader Review debunking this get-rich scheme.

Crisis Trader Review – Old Trading Scam, Same Tricks

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First & foremost, binary traders need to know Crisis Trader is a relaunch of an old Scam system we reviewed earlier this year called “CogniTrade” (review). You’ll notice the Cognitrade logo throughout their website & mentioned within their videos. Ultimately what these scammers have done is created a new website, aka, as a front for promoting the CogniTrade scam once again. It would seem these sleazy developers wont quit pushing an already proven fraud app regardless of the amount of incriminating proof against them.

Traders entering the Crisis Trader app for the first time are told ridiculous lies for making this software seem like a profitable online solution. Cameron Doyle ‘guarantees’ members will bank $1,000 per day on complete autopilot, supporting his own lies by stating Crisis Trader trading app is integrated with tweaked algorithms & “cognitive computing technology”, similarly used by IBM & other corporations on Wall Street. Yeah Right!

Giving the Cognitrade scam a new name like Crisis Trader doesn’t make it any better. Lets take a closer look inside their cheap methods & review why traders shouldn’t trust

Bogus Crisis Trader Reviews

Like we’ve said, Crisis Trader is a coverup for the CogniTrade app scam. When Congitrade was released months ago, the only real reviews found by users were terrible & disappointing because traders suffered big losses. Thereby, only shows fake testimonies from paid actors.

We never get tired seeing the performance of paid actors pretending to be members of various trading apps, claiming to make big money & success with whichever software they’re promoting. The usage of actors alone isn’t necessarily a scam quality. After all, almost of forms of advertisements & television commercials use actors all the time. However, in the case Crisis Trader, these actors are a sure sign were dealing with a fraudulent software. Here’s why….

Proof: 1 –  2 –

From the provided links, you’ll be redirected to their active gigs from Fiverr, proving they’re not Crisis Trader app users. The point being made here is to look into their reputation. We’ve witnessed these two individuals continuously encouraging the use of multiple binary Scams such as Monaco Treasure, Inside Trader & Nasdaq Inside Trader . Now seeing these same scam-artists once again within a software lying to about their Cameron Doyle imposter is a serious alert.

Fake Companies & Imposters

Cameron is a two-faced liar! How do we know this? He says he used to work for IBM as a ‘systems analyst’ before opening his trading company, which apparently accumulated a net worth of $10 Million & will soon go public. However no evidence was originally found proving the Cognitrade Company never existed anywhere around the globe. The mere fact Google cannot recognize this estranged organization indicates Crisis Trader trading software is based on fabricated origins.

crisis trader review

Since we can confirm with absolute certainty the Crisis Trader software is fronted by a non-existing corporation, Mr Doyle claiming to be the Founder & CEO of his trading app is also an imposter. A paid actor hired by the real scammers for promoting this financially damaging scam. A common method allowing the real crooks to conceal their identities & evade the damaging consequences caused by a failing autotrader programs like Crisis Trader.

Stupid Crisis Trader Software Traps

Obviously these criminals are desperate for your deposits since they’re relentlessly manipulating and deceiving potential day-traders from all angles. Apparent only 20 new spots are available for gaining access to Crisis Trader free of charge. According to their introductory videos, once these spots are taken, a large sign up fee in addition to monthly payments will be charged for new registrants to access Crisis Trader trading software. Don’t be fooled!

Limiting availability is a cheap and overused psychological scamming tactic for rushing traders into quickly completing their registrations and deposits before realizing you’re being scammed in the first place.

Crisis Trader Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Judgement: There’s zero doubts Crisis Trader is a harmful Scam. A forefront for selling an already failed scam like Cognitrade will certainly drain your account without any profitable results. Its be for day traders to discard & delete any invitations derived from

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Its understandable how confusing & daunting the process of finding a trusting trading app can be, that aren’t useless as Crisis Trader. Therefore, we’re constantly evaluating every program, conducting thorough & precise investigations, and updated our blog to keep you informed.

Be sure to visit our daily updated Blacklist section for avoidable scams & brokers, as well as our list of Reliable Solutions for trading programs designed to minimize risks while boosting profitability. Thank you for taking time in reading our honest & unbiased Crisis Trader Review. Please share any feedback or concerns by commenting below.

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