Copy Buffett Software REVIEW Update: LIVE & TESTED RESULTS!

Today marks the commencement of a new trading week, and its time to followup with another review on Copy Buffett Software. Jeremy Fin’s creation of has impacted the binary industry in more positive ways than most auto-traders have implemented in a long time. Just by visiting our Blacklisted Section of scam services, you can see vast numbers of fraudulent trading applications outnumbering the few reliable softwares available. When money is involved, crooked developers have no shame in creating worthless systems for their own profited gains. However, Copy Buffett Software offers a whole new trading platform where day-traders of all experience levels have come to appreciate. After a few weeks of registering my own account with, Ive provided within the following review my latest trading results. As well as some simple tutorials on how to trade and configure your personal settings. You could read every glowing review after review praising how great this software is, but seeing results first hand can speak louder than any words.

In less than a month, my broker account while using Copy Buffett software has consistently grown since the first day. Within my first week I notice my account balance grew towards reasonable amounts. Naturally the excitement started to kick in. No I am NOT making thousands every day like you’ve probably seen advertised on most scam programs. Those “lucrative” allegations are pipe dreams concocted by scam-artists selling their money making schemes. However Jeremy Fin & Copy Buffett Software have separated themselves to a whole new category for reliable autotraders. This review reveals what potential copy buffett members should expect after registrations are completed. 

Copy Buffett Review: Updated Results # 1

First full trading week after accepting as a commendable binary app, I managed to turn my initial $300 deposit just under $800 ($500 in net profits), purely by taking trades provided by Jeremy’s software. If you’re familiar with our methods of binary trading, I definitely prefer manual trades over automated transactions. In efforts to fully understand the autotrader’s capabilities, setting the auto feature “ON” for the first week exceeded our expectations. A notion many newcomers are realizing themselves. 

Fast forward the next couple weeks, I combined a series of both automated trades and manual trading to see how accurate Copy Buffett signals were, and furthermore make sure its signal strengths stayed consistent. Our account continues to grow as provides several options to trade from, all with identified signal strengths to see how strong a chosen asset is. As you’ll notice, suggested signals are presented in ten minute intervals. The strongest assets are listed at the top and automatically traded for you. Every 10 minutes, new trading options become available, allowing rookie traders multiple opportunities to trade throughout the day.

Copy Buffett Review Update & Results #4 ($2,000 Profit)

A few months back, a software called Virntext became available within the market, quickly grabbing everyone’s attention with its formidable service. Several scamming productions thereafter replicated Virtnext’s layouts in attempts to appear as illegitimate solutions. Quite frankly traders where getting tired of fraudulent copy-cat games. On the contrary, the back-office of looks totally different to any platform I’ve every seen. I really like how user-friendly Copy Buffett is, with simple setting configurations adjustable to your own preference. No doubt down the road many scammers will attempt to replicate visual aspects created by Jeremy Fin. Although it may be inevitable and cannot be prevented, we’ll alert the public with future scam reviews so newcomers aren’t misled.

Subscribing to Prestige’s YouTube Channel will keep you updated on our current progress using binary apps like Copy Buffett Software. More importantly, in addiction to scam review alerts from our site, we also record scam warnings regarding misleading programs not suitable by revealing incriminating evidence. 

Copy Buffett Software Review: Final Words

For myself I’m not expecting to become “rich” overnight. But a few hundred dollars here & there every week have certainly supplemented my income, making life much easier. I’m sure for some people around the world, hundreds of dollars can stretch longer ways, even equaling a full month’s salary. I may not become a millionaire using copy buffett software, needless say I’m very impressed with my experience. You don’t need to take my word for it, surely you’ve probably already notice the multitudes of review posts and live videos all exposing positive outcomes and support. Anyone who’s already used it can easily state Copy Buffett is the BEST trading software for 2016! In case you haven’t already, visit PrestigeBinaryOptions initial Copy Buffett Review containing more summarized information of attributes founded within

copy buffett softwareBecause of its demand, CopyBuffet has recently been accepted in other countries like Germany. If you happen to reside within an area not applicable for accepting members, consider visiting Prestige’s section for other suggestions in regards to safe autotrading alternatives. Approved and accredited by trader feedback. If you’re a newbie to trading, open a free demo account for practice & understanding how these systems operate. Thank you for reading my updated Copy Buffett Review installment, and wish you all many ITMs!!!

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2nd Month Results Update!

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  • Hi Prestige, thank you for your constant updates. Ive been followoing your video reviews on the copy buffett software and scam warning, and i followed your techniques on 30 minutes trading using the signals from copy buffett. yesterday i had 5 winning trades and 2 losses. and today i have 3 consecutive winning trades so far. Great work what youre doing!

  • hello paul,
    I registered with Amissio Formula and Push Money App almost a week ago before reading your reviews which proved they were scams. Nice job showing the truth. I wish i read them beforehand. I opened my copy buffett software two days ago and starting to get my money back!!

  • well i was able to win my money back with the copy buffett software after losing my money with the my first online payday scam a couple weeks ago. I do what you recommended and trades both the automatically and manual signals. account is gowing and finally get money back from my loss
    thank you so very much

  • Watched your videos above from February and wanted to see if you had more videos from your Buffett trading after that time. Very new and thinking about jumping in. Also, I would love to know the difference in the earnings from manual to automatic trades and which one did the best. Thanks

    • Hello Terry,
      Here are my results from the month of April. Both earnings from either methods are very effective, but manual trading allows you to execute more trades you chose to.
      here some documented results –

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