Convergence Sniper is a SCAM! Honest Trading REVIEW!

By | June 16, 2016

Convergence Sniper Review (Scam Software Danger)

Convergence Sniper most definitely deserves the label of a Scam software, and well review in full detail come alarming scamming variables we’ve discovered during our investigation. Traders can forget about making $700 per day with this automated trading application since everything within their platform was fabricated by liars and con-artists for taking your money. Frank Norton from offers day-traders a worthless binary app said to be developed by a Soviet physicist, yet the evidence we’re exposing is unwavering and completely eradicates the Convergence Sniper scam. Before wasting time in depositing funds, we implore readers to take some time in examining certain factors outlined throughout our Convergence Sniper review that could possibly save you from committing a regrettable mistake in joining this get-rich-quick scheme.

Trader Warning: apparently offers newcomers a demo account for “testing” their software capabilities. Unfortunately the demos are extremely misdealing where they practically win most trades it executes, manipulating traders into believing their trading app works as advertised. However once traders activate their real accounts, the performance levels drop dramatically, completely draining trader funds without producing profitable returns. Use caution and continue reading our review for understanding how dangerous this scam truly is.

Convergence Sniper Review – Busted SCAM Operation!

convergence sniper

Visitors entering the Convergence app webpage are riddled with lies and fake emphasis on a worthless trading software disguised as a lucrative program, created by a “secretive” ex-Soviet mathematical genius named ‘Dr Vladimir X’. The narrative within the introductory videos are absolutely ridiculous, where the voice-over named Frank Norton guarantees traders a risk-free solution for online investments. Hearing similar terminologies like “zero risk” or “guarantee” are utilized too often within most scams who’ve proven themselves complete failure. These false statements already serve as huge red-flag indicators for determining the Convergence Sniper scam software is just like any other push-button fraud we review on a weekly basis. 

What’s truly disturbing regarding these two supposed individuals responsible for representing is the mere fact they DONT EXIST! Searching for any credible proof supporting the existence of Frank Norton proved impossible since no valid resumes or profiles were found on any social media portals confirming his existence nor involvement wihtin the Binary industry. During our investigative review process, I happen to encounter his imaged (above) displayed within the Convergence Sniper software page was actually purchased from Shutter Stock, a photographic website for purchasing various kinds of images. Unraveling  this critical fact totally destroys whatever credibility the scammers behind the Convergence program were attempting to accomplish. By clicking the link we provided, traders will see first-hand the origins of Frank’s photo, concluding he’s merely figment of scamming imagination.

Fake Convergence Reviews Revealed

convergence sniper review

Solidifying a detrimental fact that Mr Norton is an imposter should give traders an idea their level of misguidance and dishonesty. Thereby its safe to assume the entirety of this automated software is a compiled collection of lies. For instance, scrolling down the homepage, visitors will encounter three recorded testimonials from alleged members claiming to generate large sums in profits. A few other reviews are also displayed within their marketing video as well. However don’t be fooled by their elaborate testimonies since every single recording was orchestrated by paid actors from the Fiverr marketplace. is a favored cesspool where crooked programmers pay cheap money for fake reviews. Since these crooks are fully aware the autotrading app is utterly useless, deceptive measure are taken were scripted reviews are purchased for as little a five dollars, giving off a fabricated sense of legitimacy. For example, “Richard White’s” review was produced the “Godfather”. Check out his acting gig here – Why not show us feedback from authentic users if their trading app is so successful??

The absolutely no point in divulging into the technicalities pertaining as to how the application operates since we under clear impression its all nonsense. But allow me to just add their imaginary methods of operation are undoubtedly ridiculous, but most importantly contradicting. We’re dealing with a Binary Option system, yet there are times where Frank is referencing Forex too. Yes they are both similar, but also extremely different when it comes to implementing Binary/Forex trades. Evidently the scammers how no sense of direction, nor knowledge of what they’re even talking about. Hopefully today’s Convergence Sniper review posting has shed some enlightening clarity as to these con-artists and their hidden agendas.

Convergence Sniper Scam Review – Finalized Thoughts & Helpful Tips!

Final Review Verdict: Avoid this Convergence Sniper Scam at all costs! A malfunctioning trading tool destined to loose you money while corrupt companies profit from your mistakes!

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Convergence Sniper Software

Remember there’s no such thing a “risk free” investment program. Any form of investing will always carry a certain amount of risks. Fortunately there are reliable auto-trading & signal services deemed safe for trader usage which can ultimately limit losing ratios while maximizing profitability. If you’re new to binary options and not entirely sure is a particular software you’re interested in is safe, visit our updated blacklist containing avoidable scams and questionable brokers who’ve been classified unworthy. If any readers have experiences any negative or positive outcomes resulted from Convergence software, I encourage you share it with us by commenting below. Thank you for reading our unbiased Convergence Sniper review alert.

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  1. Michael

    Thanks, video presentation was so very slick and convincing was seriously considering jumping on it. But, definitely doing my due diligence, and researching any binary system before putting my money into it! Thanks to your review, will be avoiding this one like the PLAGUE or a LEPER COLONY!!Looking forward to joining Prestige, and finding a binary system that’s reasonably legitimate, and I can expect not to just waste and” piss away” what little money I have! Living only on Social Security Disability! Legitimate system going to give me everything I need to get completely off that government charity junk, and regain my independence again since the tragic brain hemorrhage stroke had 17 years ago and put me in this damn wheelchair! Get all therapy I have to have to walk again, live a happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life for me, my family, friends, loved ones, church and the poor too! God Bless You, Paul!!!!


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