Compound Trader is a SCAM – Imperative Trading Software Review!

By | July 18, 2016

Compound Trader Scam Review (Trader Warning Update)

Compound Trader is rightfully deserving for being called a Scam and together we’ll review exactly why traders must use caution by avoiding this automated trading software. Its come to our attention this fraudulent application could be widely marketed through email spamming since the number of  inquires from curious day-traders wondering if its safe to invest with the Compound app continues to rise. During my investigation of by Doctor Albert Henderson, not only were several scamming variables identified throughout their production, but also looks aesthetically similar to a previously viral scam we exposed known as GPS Trader (review). On top of misleading information being spewed at viewers, costly measures were implemented which can cause your withdrawals in becoming virtually inaccessible. Therefore its imperative we address this seriously by highlighting key points in revealing this get-rich-quick scheme.

Compound Trader Software Review – Duplicated Trading SCAM using Old Tricks!

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Starting off with Dr Albert Henderson, self-proclaimed creator of Compound Trader software, is a suspicious individual to say the least. Day-traders are told a series of compiled lies explaining how Albert spent seven years in developing and optimizing an autotrading binary app with a 98% success rate, supposedly already banking him $8 million within the past year. Now he’s inviting newcomers to utilize his “secret” passive income method based on “unique compound profit strategies”, superior over other softwares lacking key principles on delivered by Honestly the story goes from bad to worse as he describes this faulty production as “globally awarded for being the best development in online trading since the birth of internet”. What a ridiculous load of BS! If you want to become a millionaire, you better look elsewhere as our Compound Trader review proves this scam is completely falling apart!

Attempting to verify any credible information regarding Doctor Albert Henderson’s identity was a struggling dead end since no professional resumes or matching social media profiles were found throughout our searches. Oddly strange considering his accomplishments of creating a ‘millionaire-making’ machine. Even more disconcerting are slight confusions referring to his alleged professions. Within the introduction videos, Mr Henderson briefly states his past employment as an assistant professor at some undisclosed location. Yet somehow earned a “Doctor” title. Whoever this scam-artist might be is a minor detail regardless of his contradicting profession. What matters most is for investors to understand this paid actor was hired by the real programmers for promoting their Compound Trader Scam.

Compound Trader Reviews are Bogus!

Reviews pertaining to any trading app are great avenues for determining if something is actually worth investing with. By scrolling down the website you’ll find a designated area of “Member Opinions” derived from what appears like social media postings from current users basically saying how life changing the Compound Trader software has affected them with lucrative results. Sadly these sets of reviews are NOT trusted sources nor should they be considered authentic. The exact profiles and descriptions were also found within the GPS Scam we mentioned earlier, a damaging trading system that wreaked havoc throughout the industry for many weeks, costing traders severe losses and drained accounts without profitable gains. The mere fact these testimonials were obviously replicated directly from not only confirms suspicions of falsification, but also indicates the possibility of both programs were produced by the same group of shady programmers.

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$5000 Giveaway?!?

For making matters worse, new registrants who act quickly in securing one of few remaining spots are granted a free cash bonus of $5000. Before jumping with excitement, allow me to remind rookie investors these bonuses come straight from brokerage firms, not from Albert’s own pocket as he would have people believe. Bonus offers are great for amplifying your portfolio in generating higher payouts since it instantly doubles your funds. However what these crooks haven’t disclosed are the contingencies attached. Certain trade volume requirements must be completed before access to withdrawals are permitted. For newbies, their stipulations are difficult to complete which is why bonuses are more for seasoned traders . Unfortunately the combination of auto trading scams with similar incentives are nasty tricks twisted by malicious intentions for keeping your money and profiting from your mistakes. Essentially once you’ve realized you registered with a scam, any attempts in withdrawing whatever remains are futile. Still interested in investing with Compound Trader software?

Im sure at this junction our assessment has clarified some critical factors you probably weren’t aware about. Like any other scam we’ve come across, limiting availability is another predictable quality and quite frankly overused. For instance Albert insists traders need to act quickly since only seven spots are left. Dont be persuaded as these are cheap manipulation tricks. No matter how may day pass, these counters and “spots remaining” stay the same. Keep in mind that compounding is an actual form of trading binary options, but considered extremely unsafe if misused inappropriately due to its aggressive nature in risking high amounts, leaving traders at risk of blowing their entire account.

Compound Trader Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Definitely avoid the Compound Trader Scam, a poor imitation of an already damaging fraud. Don’t invest a single penning into this worthless piece of software garbage! Other reputable blogs are spreading awareness confirming damaging effects caused by Compound Trader Software. Save yourself from regrettable aggregation!

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If you’re new to binary trading, dont get discouraged if you were hoping an app like Compound Trader software was your golden ticket to financial independence. Fortunately several choices ranging from autotraders, signals services and even educational resources are allocated within our trusted section for minimizing risks while maximizing profitability, tested by myself but most importantly supported by positive trader feedback. As a added suggestion, open a free demo account whenever using any newly acquired strategy or auto bot method before risking your own funds. Thank you for reading our transparent Compound Trader review. Please share with us your thoughts & input by commenting below!

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