Commodity Profits App Review – ‘Commodity Profits’ Scam Alert!

Commodity Profits App, also known as Commodity Robot, has returned to lose your money and leave traders with emptied accounts. The following review is the newest update you’ll find re-exposing this twice-prove Scam. In other words, Commodity Profits App isn’t a new trading software. Rather a relaunch of a dangerous scam and proven failure.

Investigating by Andrew Schevchenko helped us find many scamming factors and falsified fragments of information. All orchestrated for manipulating newcoming traders searching for a way to make money online. Not only is Commodity Robot dangerous for its users, they also give fake promises about traders becoming rich very quickly for free. Sounds too good to be true.

We have many concerns regarding the dangers lurking beneath Commodity Profits App Scam. Which is why we suggest all day-traders thinking about investing with first read our review. Learn critical secrets these crooks don’t want you knowing. Time to debunk this money-losing scheme…….again.

Commodity Profits App Review – Old Scam Returns!

commodity profits app

Anyone entering will be fed a series of lies, describing their Commodities Robot software as the ‘worlds number 1 trading system’. Supposedly with a 97.6% winning rations, day-traders are led to believe they can bank thousands per month, six figures per year. 

In addition, Andre Shevchenko assures members are having full access to a “next-gen trading software”, reverse engineered for focusing on top value commodities. These assets range between Gold, Silver, Palladium, Bitcoin & Coffee. In case you’re unaware, the values of these resources are rising significantly. But Andrew is deceiving traders by stating his Commodity Profits App is the key to capitalizing & becoming rich. This is NOT true!

Apart from all the lies these scam-artists are exploiting, beginner traders are also guaranteed ‘7 module super software’, containing ‘low risks’ & million-dollar profits. Not only is this false, its extremely unrealistic. Let begin review the many faults and incriminating evidence stacked against Commodity Profit App.

Commodity Profits App Review = Confirmed Scam

How do we know this software is fraudulent? The sad reality traders today who come across Commodity Profits App aren’t aware this scam is old. It was formerly known as “Commodities Robot” with the same exact website layout. A few months later, the same scamming programmers created the Gold Digger app.

So how can we prove all three of these applications are associated with each other? and Commodity Robot are the same website. Google their reviews! In regards to the Gold Digger scam, the same photos and images depicted for Anthony & Ronald are exactly the same as the ones used within the Commodity Profits App.

Unsafe & Unsecured Website

My computer alerted me this small yet critical detail when i first logged into It informed me their webpage is unsecured. This is contrary to what is stated on their homepage. According to their platform, all transactions within Commodity Profits App are supposedly “100% Secured” & encrypted for our safety. But that’s not true, and you’ll notice this from the image below.

So why is this important? Keep in mind investing with Commodity Robot requires sensitive information from its users. Apart from basic info like names, emails and phone numbers, they also require banking information as well. Don’t forget you’re required to complete a deposit of $250 or more depending on your broker. If their web-pages aren’t secure when submitting such vital details, how can you be sure your money & personal identifications are safe and uncompromised? You cant!

Who Created Commodity Profits App Scam?

To this day, we have no idea who really created this long-running series of online scams. According to their introductory videos, Andrew Shevchenko is a Forex beta-tester representing Commodity Profits App. Hes not a real person and its been verified due to zero credibility validating his existence throughout the industry. And don’t forget he mentions Ronald & Anthony, the two impostors we mentioned earlier.

Almost every scam you can imagine like Commodity Profits App either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to maintain anonymous as these criminals profit from your losses. No once throughout Commodity Robot are visitors provided any valid information for giving an understanding as to who created this app. Zero Company or Authorized identities given.

Remember that transparency is critical when your about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable in their decisions. Yet the mysteriousness regarding simply beckons more concerns than approval.

More Failed Tricks

I’m sure we’re beginning to understand the severity of this despicable trading software. Traders can now see at this junction of our review just how dishonest & unethical this system truly is. Other scammy tricks were identified which further solidify our standing that is unsafe.

You’ll noticed their failed  attempts towards appearing to be legitimate. A section of ‘notarized & verified‘ results was created, but leads to an error page unable to prove its validity.

Traders are also informed only 50 spots remain for registering with Commodity Profits App. A cheap and overused trick for persuading traders into believing time is short and registrations need to completed quickly. Ultimately a psychological trick to for scamming people before they even realize it.

Commodity Profits App Review – Conclusion & Safe Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Traders have lost too much and suffered severe losses from these Gold Digger, Commodity Robot & Commodity Profits App Scams. They’re all the same, designed with one solitary purpose. Running Away with your money! Avoid and dealings with and its counterparts.

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Thank you for taking time in reading our transparent and honest Commodity Profits App Review. Please share with us and comments, input or concerns by commenting below. Cheers & Happy Trading!

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