Cloud Trader is a SCAM! Informative Review!

Cloud Trader is your typical binary option trading scam literally “guaranteeing” traders will profit everyday without failure. Apart from its illustrious claims of perfection, Ive indicated several scamming qualities within this trading app which will be discussed in today’s review. by Matthew Shepherd offers empty promises of generating a minimum $1,250 per day completely automatically for luring newcomers searching for viable trading solutions. After exposing Matthew’s production being highly misleading containing falsified information, we can honestly say this binary app is certainly NOT the most powerful application available. On the contrary, it’s equally useless in comparison to most frauds we debunk. For any trader contemplating whether to join this dubious Cloud software, it’s imperative visitors first read the following Cloud Trader review with supporting facts revealing hidden dangers within this money-making scheme.

Cloud Trader Review – Full Scam Exposure

cloud traderIn reference of introductory videos, Matthew Shepherd posing as CEO, claims of banking millions in revenue using his “perfect auto-trading app”. He forces viewers to believe lie upon lies regarding how CloudTrader app has never lost one single trade since its alleged debut four years ago. Supposedly after hiring teams of “top notch” software developers and financial analysts, he’s basically implying everyone using his software will win every trade 100%. I managed a background check through Who.Is, indicating the domain was only established with two weeks before writing this review. Matthew’s statements for his trading system released 4 years prior are evidently false. Clearly everything we’re told by Mr Shepherd is pure deception and fantasy. Here’s a summarized list of bogus features a potential trader would expect from the Cloud Trader Scam:

  • “Cloud App ensures everyone without exceptions will profit four figures daily”
  • “Mathematically impossible to lose future trades with 100% success accuracy”
  • “Revolutionary Algorithm based on repetitive patterns from recorded market behaviors for calculating upcoming directions & self-updating itself every 15 minutes”. (Yeah Right!)
  • “Managed & Operated by ‘super computers’ granting abilities for recognizing patterns 7 millionths of a second faster than other known programs.”
  • “Integrated with large financial databases throughout the globe & linked to every economic market.”
  • “Cloud Hosting service allowing any business to capitalize on computer servers scattered around the world. Making data more cost effective & load fractions of a second faster.” (whatever that means)

Fake Trader Reviews & Non-Existing ‘Cloud’ Support

cloud-trader.coWhen finding remarks like “guarantee or 100% profitability” within any trading software review, these serve as huge Red Flag Warnings. Common misguided attributes for profiting from trader losses as newbies register with faulty “Cloud” programs. In addition, falsified reviews with trader profiles are fabricated to appear legitimate since Cloud Trader scam is physically incapable of producing any verifiable positive results. Take for instance member #893 named Floyd Vargas. Coincidentally i witnessed his photo within a previous scam recently exposed called Profit Maker Method, additionally used in various websites unrelated to binary options. Not to mention under different names too. Therefore proving depicted pictures were either purchased or stolen from other sites & don’t belong to real Cloud users.

cloud trader reviewBut wait it gets even better! Check out the “Expert Team Behind CloudTrader” displayed in their member’s area after submitting your email info. The picture of Matthew Shepherd doesn’t even match the advertised creator from their video!!! How could these scammers overlook such a vital detail?!? For review purposes it’s great for easily pointing out how corrupt Cloud Trader scam truly is. Obviously this adds further leverage towards my initial suspicions that what we have here are combinations of paid actors, stock photos, and zero authenticity.

Cloud Trader Review – Conclusion

The lack of effort implemented into creating this poor excuse for a binary joke is almost amusing. However losing money to scams is no laughing matter as unaware traders fall prey to these crooked services everyday, losing their investments. Hopefully new-coming investors will find our review in hopes to save themselves from unnecessary aggravation before it’s too late. Hopefully by now you understand how detrimental & deceiving really is. A failed system I dare not test!

Final Verdict: Avoid the Cloud Trader Scam! is NOT a reputable automated solution.

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Being a novice trader doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail in this industry. In fact there are several Reliable Auto-Traders & Signal Alert Services recommended by day-traders based on their feedback and experiences. Because the number of scams outnumber the select few trustworthy programs, familiarize yourself with’s weekly updated blacklisted section regarding avoidable systems and brokers. Thank you for reading my honest assessment within our Cloud Trader review. As always your comments & input are greatly appreciated.

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