Click Trade App is a Stupid SCAM! Irrefutable Trading Software REVIEW!

Click Trade App Scam Warning! Imperative Assessment (Must Read)

Click Trade App is certainly among the worst Scam productions for online investments Ive seen for quite a while. Judging by appearances alone without digging deeper into their infrastructure, traders can notice its poor development, tacky-looking platform, and overall lack of professionalism. Do you honestly believe by John Cross looks like the type of automated trading program that will make you wealthy and fulfill your dreams of freedom? The amount of scamming characteristics and even grammatical errors spotted throughout their website is seriously pathetic, even for a profit-losing scam. Undoubtedly this money-stealing scheme holds everything we normally watch out for within fraud applications, specially designed for deception and formulating difficult scenarios for making retrieval of funding nearly impossible. Before investing with Click Trade App scam, learn some disturbing facts provided within our review.

Trader Alert: We can generally speculate most traders visiting will figure on their own accord a questionable software at best. However for newcomers, its not always that easy. Scammers have infused certain features for captivating rookie investors, misleading them with conniving trickery. The evidence below is understandable and simplified enough to deter traders from wasting money with another lousy “Set & Forget” Gimmick.

Click Trade App Review – Outrageous Trading Scam Exposed!

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Just by listening to their video presentations, you can tell John Cross is clearly reading from some prompt by the way hes speaking. Not the type of dialogue coming from someone speaking genuinely. Apparently this individual is claiming to be Developer and Founder of, presenting traders with his “powerfully optimized trading software capable of consistently generating $1500 – %5300 in daily profits”, guaranteed without risks. Hearing similar terminologies pertaining to “guarantee” or “zero-risk” are utilized far too commonly by useless scams designed for misguiding potential clients into believing their trading programs are legitimate and safe. Unfortunately during our investigative review process, the factual evidence speaks volumes towards the contrary.

In review of Mr Cross himself or any other ‘autotrading creator’, normally we attempt to verify credentials or professional resumes through social medias in efforts to validate present industry involvements and previous histories. However in this particular case, no research was necessary since we’re already familiar with the alleged ‘John’ from Click Trade software. Truth be told his real name is Rog, a well-known actor from the Fiverr marketplace seen multiple times promoting previously blacklisted scams for market trading. His credibility is not honorable or deemed ethical since countless fraudulent systems favor performances because services rendered are cheaply priced. Verifying this two-faced ‘Cross’ character is a mere fabrication by slimy producers thereby diminishes all promises of financial independence stated wihtin the Click Trade Scam.

Acting Gig –

Since our supposed creator of Click Trade trading app is a hired con-artist, rest assured the website’s entirety is equally falsified. A couple recorded testimonials were also embedded within their homepage videos, depicted as current beta testers supposedly banking huge profits using John’s automated app. Guess what ladies & gentlemen? That’s right, more paid actors/actresses for advertising useless autotrading app! After all, the criminals responsible for developing their software completely understand it fails in operating as a beneficial tool for traders. Hence scripted Click Trade App reviews are purchased for as little a five dollars from marketing gigs like Fiverr. Not only for fake reviews, but also for misrepresentations of false CEOs or Founders in efforts appearing like a successful solution, while hiding their true identities and evading criminal repercussions.  Sadly their mischievous tricks don’t stop here.

Click Trade App Review

bonus / demo trap!

Apparently a $250 giveaway is handed out for trying out their software beforehand, but here’s where things can escalate into a serious problematic situation. Either two forms this “handout” is given; Matching Bonus or Demo. Demos are exploited more recently than ever by scam softwares (i.e. Ultimate4Trading Scam Review), giving traders a false sense of how a trading app operates. These demonstrations win constantly, forcing newcomers into thinking it’s safe to invest. Once a real account is activated, the performances are completely reversed, where customer accounts are completely drained. Bonuses are legal features offered by most brokers, but come with strict contingencies restricting access to withdrawals until specific requirements are completed. Combining bonus offers with scams are detrimental combinations because once a trader realizes he/she has been scammed, attempts in withdrawing whatever funds remain will prove nightmarish without progress.

Click Trade App Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid Cross’s Click Trade App Scam. We can ignore the fact he cant even spell simple words like “trial”, but the incriminating evidence stacked against cannot be trusted! Dont commit to this regrettable financial mistake!

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At Prestige Binary Options, I admit there aren’t enough recommendations for reliable trading softwares deemed safe since most have been cast directly into our Blacklist for being harmful scams. Fortunately there are still plenty reputable autotraders & signals services preferred by the trade community for minimizing risks while simultaneously amplifying profitability. Before making any recommendations, myself and our team test certain trading systems for confirmation & effectiveness. Take for instance our Neo2 Review with documented results and advice on how to manage your experience to the fullest. If you happen to register with and have any personal dealings, positive or negative, please share with us by commenting below our review so future visitors can comprehend what awaits them. Thank you for reading our informative & honest Click Trade App review post.

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