Citidel LTD a SCAM? Important Citidel Investment App REVIEW

Citidel Investment App Scam Review

Citidel LTD Investment App was brought to our attention by our subscribers, which is apparently causing some serious movements within the trading community. This formidable binary trading application has been around for some time, but has recently surfaced, catching the attention of all trading level investors. Is this another hoax from the Citidel Scam? Is Kent Grifly a real person? Can Citidel Investment App be trustworthy? These and many more questions will be answered in our fully exposed Citidel LTD review. As we commence from the beginning, you’ll begin to see how the Citidel Investment App separates itself from the lesser competition, allowing traders an honest opportunity in acquiring what may just be the most popular trading tool of 2016.

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Citidel LTD Review / Who is Kent Grifly?

Dr Kent Grifly is the mastermind behind Citidel Investment App and full-blown philanthropist who earned a Bachelors & Doctoral degree in economics from Iowa State University. As Chairman of Grifly Capital LLC and chief investment strategist since 1983, he specializes in investing strategies and softwares that assist in managing separate institutional accounts and mutual funds. Kent Grifly has already been recognized as a financial forecaster participating in economic forums and public speaker at several conferences such as FB Investors Cruise, Financial Expo in Las Vegas, and WMS in Toronto. Now he can add his creation of Citidel LTD App to his list of accomplishments as traders are already seeing profitable results from his Citidel Investment App.

citidel investment appCitidel LTD Review in Full. Citidel Scam? or is Citidel App Serious?

Citidel Investment App separates itself from the vast majority of disruptive scam softwares by observing and analyzing market depths in high volatile conditions. Observing from a fundamental or technical analysis perspective, trading through heavy volatile market movements are most profitable when executed correctly due to its deep ITM (In The Money) probabilities. Because of this strategic approach, the Citidel LTD App is capable of generating high returns with exceptional accuracy for its users.

citidel investment appAs you can see from our displayed graph illustrating volatile market behavior, there are numerous chances to place “Call” & “Put” trades with huge gaps in between each reversal. In other words, because Citidel Investment App specializes in identifying these opportune trading moments, traders using the Citidel LTD app will find themselves winning trades with ample breathing room.

Citidel Investment App Review / Helpful Tips!

Unlike most of its predecessors, Citidel LTD App offers traders two simple features in which anyone can manipulate to their liking whenever needed. The Automated feature is self-explanatory, where executes certain trades on your behalf. On the other hand, by turning Auto to its “off” position, the Citidel App continues searching the market for trades and alerts when a trading signal is ready. However, that trade must be submitted manually onto your broker. For those who prefer more control over the software, traders will appreciate this feature, while still receiving valuable trades from the Citidel App software.

The ability to choose which signals you want distinguishes Citidel Investment App from the rest of the mediocre population. Most services available are not equipped with such capabilities, only offering traders with a “set and forget” function. Fraudulent trading systems extort this fairy-tale assumption that traders can blindly make millions overnight on complete autopilot. Is the Citidel Scam an equally deceptive trading platform? Absolutely Not!! provides essential tools to accommodate an individuals preference so they’re not subject to one solidified method of trading.

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Citidel LTD Review / Knowledge is Power!

For conducting our Citidel LTD review, its important to cover all angels to determine if we’re dealing with a Citidel Investment App Scam or not. Among the first testers to trade with Kent’s Citidel Investment App was the Binary Options Watchdog team who helped us better understand what Citidel LTD is really about. remains the oldest and most respected authority within the entire industry who started “Putting Scammers out of Business” way before anyone else. An inspiration to those searching for reliable services, BOWD has tested / exposed the truth behind every trading software in existence for the past 5 years. If there’s ever a word you can rely on in determining whether or not Kent Grifly gave us a Citidel LTD scam, allow me to quote from WatchDog himself: 

At this point and moving forward, it’s evident to us that Citidel LTD is the best binary options software in the industry and one of a kind; we’ve tested it for months using multiple trading account and managed to make Tens of Thousands of Dollars using this unique technology.

Automatic trading systems like Citidel LTD are the number one sought after tools for online investors. In a busy world where “Time” is not always our friend, we understand the need for added assistance in simplifying our efforts. While is fully automated, they offer additional support at no charge to all its members.

Citidel Investment App Review / Added Perks & Support

Especially if you’re just starting out, sometimes a little assistance is needed to clarify all necessary steps have been covered. With multiple systems we’ve reviewed, even some great ones have failed in providing any guidance to its members who needed help. With the Citidel App, we were please by the relatively quick responsiveness from their customer support representatives. Not only were questions met with amiable responses, but they were also prompt with their answers. 

citidel ltdMembers registering with will greatly benefit from the additional perks consisting of the following: 12 Hour Educational Classes, Presentations on new Strategies, Live Trading & Software Demonstrations, Training Tutorials, Webinars, and more. Remember what i said earlier, Knowledge is Power! Autotraders are great BUT combined with basic trading skills and a bit of education makes the difference in evolving into a successful trader.

Citidel LTD SCAM? Partnered with scamming brokers?

The number one question many ask themselves when registering with an automatic trading software is regarded to their broker. On the contrary! You’ll be please with the assortment of binary brokers the Citidel App is synchronized with. All proven scam services currently saturating this industry are partnered with questionable brokers leaving traders unsure of which direction to take. Other systems even have the audacity to form relations with Black-Listed brokers whom are notorious for withholding trader payments and other illegal activities. Citidel Investment App has taken the high road less traveled by only selecting a handful of well-rounded brokers like Cherry Trade, Porter Finance, CTOptions, 24 Options, Binary Book, Banc de Binary, BigOption, OptionsFM, GTOptions, and Glenridge Capital. A huge selected difference in comparison to various scam softwares we continue to expose in our BlackList Section. Traders utilizing Citidel LTD can rest easy knowing there funds are kept in CySEC Regulated or Compliant brokerage firms unanimously trusted by day-traders everywhere. 

Citidel LTD Review – Conclusion / Citidel SCAM or LEGIT?

Final Verdict: Citidel LTD is NOT a SCAM!

Quite frankly we’re confident Citidel Investment App will continue growing as the biggest innovation in trading software apps for 2016 in terms of profit returns, accessibility, user-friendliness, and most importantly support. Stay tuned as we’ll be conducting a followup review in coming days to show readers our progress. For those completely new to binary trading, open a Free Broker Demo Account for practice. Thank you for visiting our Citidel LTD review and feel free to leave any feedback below. Click the banner for more info on

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  • Excellent review and quite detailed. Ive heard of Citidel Investment App before through some emails. I new to binary trading so i wasnt sure about Citidel LTD. Its been a few months since i started trading so now im interested in using a new software to help me place some trades. Ive noticed lately Citidel LTD is becoming popular now so i started some searching. Your Citidel Investment App review is very informative and i like that you pointed out some of their brokers they’re associated with. Ill be giving Citidel LTD a shot. Thank you Prestige Binary Options for you review and constant support.

  • Thanks for Prestige for this review, been doing a lot of looking into Citidel Investment App Ltd and this really looks good. I noticed its being approved by many other authorities such as yourself and many others. The feedback is great in regards to Citidel LTD performance. Its not very often you see trading services offer traders an opportunity to further enhance their knowledge on how to use the software and how to trade with different strategies. Citidel LTD is very promising and Appreciate your effort to help people. cheers!

  • Citidel Investment App is one of few services ive seen out there encouraging traders to learn more than just using a auto-trader application. Many can aggree that traders need more than just auto system. Citidel LTD provides a number of essential tools to help others who are just starting out. I like the Citidel App and think many will too. great work on exposing the truth in you Citidel Review!

  • Ive notice a lot conversations from Forex and binary traders taking about Citidel Investment App. This looks like a good thing. Come tomorrow it will be my turn to try it out Citidel LTD for myself. I have to say I like the way you have presented it and every aspect of it seems to be well explained. Citidel offers a lot of options for traders like me who are starting our binary trading without a lot of experience.

  • hello Prestige, is Citidel ltd available in Canada? Just moved her so i wondering if i should use my old address. Citidel ltd looks very good software to use.

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