Citi News REVIEW – is a SCAM!!!

By | December 16, 2015

Citi News Scam Review

Thinking about Investing with the Citi News Software App? We implore you read our full assessment of this questionable trading software before moving any further in our Citi News Review.

Be Careful Readers! This is an important update concerning a new scamming binary application called Citi News. Not to be confused with the actual CITIBANK banking establishment, Citi News Scam has no partnership or relation whatsoever with CitiBank Financials. This recently release automated binary options program looks very convincing and authentic which is why its important for traders to understand the problems we found within this ‘compelling’ trading system. There’s a large amount of questions left unanswered that must be addressed. Please continue to read through our Citi News Review where i will shed some light in identifying the potential dangers of losing your money with this money-making scheme.

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Virtnext bannerCiti News Review – The ‘Fairy-Tale’ on How it Works is a deceptive binary website that poses as a partnered platform claiming to provide “revolutionary financial advise” for creating lucrative investment opportunities with binary options. According to their narrative in the introduction videos, Citi News software was developed by one of the world’s top financial analysts who made billions of dollars with market investments. By using the “Good Samaritan” approach, they spoon-feed us how this unidentified billionaire wants to give back to society and ‘share the wealth’. Our narrator continues by saying this rich individual invested his own money by developing a trading service that allegedly “improves” your chances of banking significant income with its “advanced method for never losing”. The Citi News Scam is supposedly designed to analyze economic graphs & charting solutions on your behalf in order to supply you with profitable trading alerts for making huge gains every day.

Although we didnt witness any fake actors and falsified reviews promoting, lets continue to evaluate the RED FLAGS in my Citi News Review which shows this binary system is untrustworthy.

Citi NewsCiti News Scam Software Warning Explained

No where are the identities of their video voice-over or the “billionaire” who claims to have created Citi News Trading software revealed. A common issue found on most scamming sites because there’s no doubt these people don’t even exist. In the Binary Industry, if a billionaire perfected his own trading software for maximizing profitable results, his identification would be well advertised and known. Not very settling for those who want to learn more information about them while they remain anonymous.

Citi News Scam DANGER – Citi News uses 60 Second Trading

Lets be clear, even the best professionals will encounter losing trades. There’s no such thing as a perfect software that will win every single trade automatically. The fact they ‘guarantee’ your losing days are over raised my suspicions and so should yours. The Majority of binary scams like Citi News prefer to extort the usage of Turbo Trades (30, 60, 120 seconds) to portray the illusion of “fast money”. In fact, turbo trades are legal features that all binary brokerages offer but can wipe out your account completely if abused. Because of its short time span, its proven difficult to accurately predict the future outcome of desired assets without proper experience or knowledge, which is why most traders avoid short term trades. Every day there are online investors who rapidly lose their funds from sixty second trades so make sure you’re not one of them.

citi newsCiti News Review – Judgement & Conclusion

Please Note: CITIBANK is a National Bank NOT associated with binary option trading. Its an obvious fact these crooked developers are using the “Citi” emblem for shady purposes of misconstruing an authoritative figure. Many newcomers might interpret this program as legitimate, but rest assured Citi News is a guaranteed scam software with a reserved seat within our BlackList.

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No matter your entry level of experience in this field, its important you first secure a broker account, preferably with a Regulated Broker for security of your funding and personal information. Remember to perform your research first before jumping into whatever programs you encounter on the internet. There are plenty of Recommended AutoTraders & Signal Solutions available and be sure to open a Free Demo Account when practicing a new strategy or service. Thank you for reading my Citi News Review Scam.

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