Certified Income REVIEW – A Certified Binary SCAM

By | December 20, 2015

Certified Income Scam Review

STOP! Don’t deposit any money with the Certified Income Scam System until you’ve fully examined our informative assessment regarding risks involved in the following Certified Income review post.

Don’t let Anthony Cahill fool you with his annoying screenshots of phony bank accounts. Certified Income system is a new automated binary auto trader with many scamming characteristics we found during our review session. After watching their video presentations within the CertifiedIncome.co website, Anthony boasts about banking almost $10 million within the past year with his “verifiable” trading software and wants to share this “life-altering” opportunity with promises of financial security. For binary option newbies, their elaborate sales pitch may appear legitimate and potentially profitable as Anthony pretends to offer a friendly helping hand. Rest assure after visiting our Certified Income review, you’ll come to an understanding that CertifiedIncome.co is undoubtedly a push-button-millionaire scam software.

YouTube Channel Certified Income Review – Exposing worthless Scam

Certified Income Review – A False Story

CertifiedIncome.co was constructed with a sole purpose of deceiving newcomers into believing they’ve stumbled upon a credible trading software assisted by the hiring of an ex-Lehman Brothers technician. Anthony Cahill states after running some tests and calibrating certain algorithms, he “guarantees” his Certified Income Application will pave your road to becoming a “millionaire” by years end. Other than saying his scammy software runs on complete auto-pilot, he never divulges in explaining exactly how his system operates. But of course he’ll gladly retort that most scams are like a virus infecting the binary industry and his ‘revolutionary’ Certified Income system happens to be the ‘cure’. Do not buy into this lie. As you continue reading my Certified Income Review, you’ll understand nothing within CertifiedIncome.co is verifiable or true.

Certified Income Scam – A Total FAKE Production

certified incomeAnthony Cahill attempts to earn your trust by revealing a fact that most binary trading programs are worthless scams deliberately programmed to work against you. Though this may be accurate, doesn’t mean we’re dealing with a trustworthy individual. The problem I have with our alleged “creator’ of the Certified Income system is we’ve spotted this person endorsing various proven scam softwares in recent pasts like One Step Ahead Program & Master Sniper Trading where he states new loopholes, glitches, or anomalies have been discovered to generate huge sums of money.  Not only does this reveal his misleading story to be falsified, but you can also view his acting profile which supports my judgement. 

FIverr Actor Profile – https://uk.fiverr.com/dezza123

master sniper tradingCertified Income Scam – False Testimonials

If our supposed developer of this malicious trading system is a boneheaded liar, don’t be surprised to find its member testimonies and customer feedback to be equally debatable. For example, when browsing through the CertifiedIncome.co webpage, Anthony introduces us to his “highest earner” of the Certified Income system named ‘Peter’, who submitted an updated recording showing excitement for all the money he’s acquired through the use of Anthony’s automated trader. “I’m on the path to becoming a millionaire” he stated. At PrestigeBinaryOptions.com, we’ve identified this low-budget actor in other damaging scams like Millionaire Shield, World Wide Domination, & Triple Threat Trade, promoting the usage of such systems which resulted in traders losing all their funds. 

Evidence – https://uk.fiverr.com/john_mayo

certified income reviewTake into consideration the importance of applying a little common sense. Whenever you find certain trading platforms with fabricated testimonials endorsing a “guaranteed” system, be cautious. No “perfect” trading solution exists, but there are reliable alternatives available in the market to assist in maximizing binary profits.

PrestigeBinaryOptions Top Trusted Auto Trader Endorsed by many Authority Blogs – Virtnext (Review)

VirtnextCertified Income Review – Conclusion & Verdict

No need to dissect this deplorable software any longer. Our position on this matter is evidently obvious – Avoid the Certified Income SCAM software.

There’s no such thing as a “Guaranteed” software like the proposed Certified Income Scam System. Trading binary options will always involve risks and losses, but there are methods to maximize loss prevention through proper trading techniques, Reliable AutoTraders & Signal Services that have been deemed trustworthy by online investors in the industry. I understand automatic systems are most favorable among traders but it doesn’t hurt to learn the basics of broker management and simple strategies. If you want to learn from real live professionals while following profitable trading signals in our private group, click the banner below to watch a quick video & learn how to join the best growing trading community. Thank you for reading my Certified Income review.

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2 thoughts on “Certified Income REVIEW – A Certified Binary SCAM

  1. Karol

    Superb post on certified income. Its really awful to see such a large amount of trading scams in binary options. Im glad there’s websites like https://www.prestigebinaryoptions.com that constantly warn us about scam softwares with their reviews. Thank you for informing us yet again with your certified income review

  2. Mariana

    Thank you Prestige for reviewing the Certified Income trader. Clearly these people dont care if traders lose their money on the scams they make. Certified Income is most definitely one of the worst.


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