Protected Profits is a SCAM – STAY AWAY!!

We have come today to warn you all of another scam called Protected Profits. This new binary options “breakthrough” is set to be released as early as the second weekend in September 2015. Its not always easy for many traders to distinguish between a reliable binary service apart from phony gimmicks. PresitgeBinary takes great pride investigating the facts and unveiling the true identities from fraudulent programs. We hope that our Protected Profits review will help derail customers from their vindictive hands.

There are some indications we have considered to be red flags, concluding that the Protected Profits system is less than something to be desired. At first, uncovering what their program is all about proved to be difficult. Clicking on there site only reroutes you to a “Coming Soon” message. Google search results for any “protected profits review” only show information for Investment Bonds, Yelp, insurance companies, and other unrelated car sites. Such signs indicate that Protected Profits is hiding their identity behind legitimate organizations who have nothing to do with the binary options industry. 

The Supposed "CEO" Jacob Jones

Here’s The Supposed “CEO” Jacob Jones as seen in other campaigns

So how can we pass judgement on someone with small amounts of information? This is were our investigative work comes into play. It has come to our attention that the same people who are behind this Protected Profits Scam were also involved in other various binary options trading schemes, such as “Verified Profits” and “The Fisher Method”. This Fisher Method Scam was their latest release of fraudulent binary services, released a few months ago in June 2015. Similar to most binary options malware, this system “guaranteed” a 95% success rate. Implementing this so called “secret system” into 60 second trading, a trader could make at least $8,000 a day. Jacob Clark is the self-proclaimed CEO, and scumbag of the fisher method app. But guess what, …..there is no Jacob Clark and his given photo, which is shown in all his campaigns are easily found on other google sites with different aliases. His introduction video would degrade viewers telling them they are broke, lacking in confidence, scared, and their families are unsupportive. He would even take it a step further in showing a picture of a man (who he claims to be) in the hospital, sedated and on life support. This was his supposed “turning point” in life that brought him to success.   REALLY??     Who does that?? 

Still need a few more incentives? If you browse to the bottom of the fisher method page they claim to be endorsed by SkyNews, NBC, CBCNews, TNW Networks, and Bloomberg. Unfortunately for him, no proof or recollection is found indicating any of these organizations endorsing Jacob Clark. Many scam systems like Protected Profits like to appear reliable, and trustworthy. But in the end, you’re stuck with a lousy program that serves no purpose, and led to deposit with a questionable broker. 

Many who don’t know this information are led astray and believe that binary options trading is one big Hoax. On the contrary, binary options is an exciting and very profitable business to get into. There are many legitimate Binary Option Services out there and Trusted Brokers used by thousands of traders worldwide. PrestigeBinary implores that binary traders familiarize themselves with our Blacklist of Scammers and Frauds. Learning of whom to stay away from and reviewing their ill-contented efforts will assist in deteriorating their campaigns and save countless fellow traders from wasting their money.

Need i say more? Can you really put your trust in a binary option trading system as Protected Profits? Such work ethics, as earlier stated, are a disgrace to this industry and binary traders all around. We strongly discourage any and all viewers from joining the Protected Profits system. Please comment bellow with any suggestions or thoughts. Together we can put Protected Profits and many other SCAMS back into the abyss where they belong.

IS the Millionaire Bot Real??

Watch out! There’s a new binary robot in town called the MillionaireBot. It is a new program that runs completely on auto-pilot. That’s right! Connecting this revolutionary software into you binary broker is all you need to do to receive large sums of money. This MillionaireBot method promises, no excuse me, ‘Guarantees’ that this new binary option auto-trader will make you over $13,000 a day! That averages up over $90,000 a week! You literally don’t even have to lift a finger because it operates completely automatic. Just go about your day and wait for your trading to finalize and watch the money come in.

IF this new application works as well as it dictates, will be the greatest software ever invented. Binary option traders around the globe will want to get their hands on it. Now does this seem too good to be true? Does the MillionaireBot sound like another scam? As you watch their presentation video, the first thing thrown at you are countless screen shots of different banks accounts filled with hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars. These supposed amounts were all created by the Millionairebot trader. Who wouldn’t want all that money? Pictures of “real” people’s bank accounts are no stranger to fraudulent companies who try to promote their garbage. I’m not very tech savvy, but even i cant photo shop any picture, so this makes me question their authenticity.

FullSizeRender(12) This new Millionairebot trading method is presented by a man names James Robinson. He claims to be an individual with a history of computers and finance. But there are a couple of observations that just don’t settle well with me. First i would like to comment that you never see Mr James Robinson’s face. All you get is his voice with a black screen, followed by narrated text. Do we really know that’s his real voice? How do we know that’s not some paid actor on the vioce-over? Oh, dont forget! There are only seven spots left!! Funny, when i refreshed the page, the available spot count was reset.

Profits like $90,000 a week is a dream come true for anyone who pays bills. What surprises me more is this systems software’s “guarantee”. is making a BOLD statement here guaranteeing this brand new technique will provide such large sums of money. The majority of counterfeit programs out there will announce that their products work great and many customers are ‘satisfied’, but not necessarily guarantee its own success. Live footage is recorded of beta-testers trying out the millionairebot program with apparent success. Again this has me against the ropes pondering about what the MillionaireBot app is all about. Can it really work? Is MillionaireBot a new revolutionary product in the binary option trading industry? Or is this another simulated trading imitator feeding off innocent by-standards. Companies that strive off the misery of others and steal peoples hard earned money is what gives binary option trading a bad reputation. As a result, disgruntled traders will cry out that binary options are scams.


The MillionaireBot organization supposedly conducts many conferences throughout the year.

Trading Binary options is a lucrative industry to invest in. We would really like to know if MillionaireBot’s methodology will contribute to the community, or leave us all with nothing but a rotten taste in our mouths. For many traders it can be extremely difficult to distinguish a technology of quality from the tricksters. There are other alternatives for Binary Options Trading Services that have been recommended by thousands of investors just like you over the years. These have been proven to be a lot safer and user friendly, and also enhance ones education and profits. You may review other auto-traders and services that are highly trusted in our RECOMMENDED SERVICED AREA. You may just find something that will give you the cutting edge you need in becoming a successful binary options trader. Auto-traders are in high demand, which is why PrestigeBinary is committed to weeding out those that prove themselves worthy from those that are undeniably useless trash. We want to know of the Millionairebot scam!

If you have any experiences with the MillionaireBot trading Application, or any other dummy network, share your comments below. Bringing these con-artist forward is what helps pushing them out into the public and out of business. Together, we can do it.

GoldDigger is a Scam!….or Maybe Not!!!

It has come to our attention of a new binary options trading software called Its release date is expected to be on the 16th of September 2015. Since we have just over two weeks until we get to test it ourselves, we would like to take this time and review what we have found on this new binary options trading app. Prestigebinary has begun some “digging” on the GoldDigger system, and we would like to share it with the public before the internet is bombarded with promotions and unrelated videos. There wasn’t too much to find in terms of personal user reviews, but we did find one. If you remember from our last blog on a previous scam, i mentioned about a review site that has been used to solely promote other questionable services. Thats right! That one review was found on the page, which beckons our main question – Is GoldDigger just another scam in a pile of many? Or is it more legit than we thought?

Within its own name, you can presume that Golddigger software has to do with “gold” asstets. Shortly into the golddigger introduction video you hear the voice-over speak “in a world of plenty uncertainty, financial crisis, scams and currency collapse, the only true commodity that stands the test of time is Gold”. As someone who has been in this profession for years, they actually do have a point. Just look around on whats going on in the market news. The US dollar isn’t as strong as it use to be and even the Euro dollar is on the verge of collapsing. People are losing money. Look what happened in Greece a couple months ago.

Ronald and AntonyNow lets look at the developers of GoldDigger system. They dont waste any time in appearing legitimate. These two young men, Anthony and Ronald, are scientist and tech analysts from Russia. Not your typical Russian names. Im just saying that my last friend from Russia goes by his first name Kiril. But anyway, they claim that this isn’t their first inception in the binary options market.

Anthony and Ronald had developed a different Forex software back in early 2006. Their program was call the GPS Forex Robot and it was endorsed and verified by MyFXBook. I thought that was a little odd because the binary boom didn’t quite come until 2008. After some research, not only did i find a GPS Forex Robot that exists, but it was created by Mark Larsen and two programmers, Anthony and Ronald. And to double check their success claims, we also found on ForexPeaceArmy that they had many positive reviews. This indicates that Ronald and Anthony were well ahead in the Forex business. Later on in 2012. they were the first to come out with a Commodity Trader which wasn’t sold to the general public. Instead the licenses were sold to private hedge funds and investors. Evidently “sold out in less than 12 hours”.

FullSizeRender(7)So how do i feel about this new GoldDigger trading system? Are they just another scam service in large pile of crap like the other ones we’ve reviewed? Or are they something different? This golddigger system barley contains signs that point them in the direction of a scam. But on the other hand, there are a lot of qualities that have revealed that GoldDigger could be a quality product. Authentication and verification of previous histories are not something you find in your every-day fraud promotions. Golddigger may very well be the next “gold” nugget in binary options industry. In this case, PrestigeBinary requests that if anyone, or anyone you know, has tested this new software, please provide us with any feedback in the comments below. You may also find other trusted operations and services if you’re looking for something safer with less risk. Please check out PrestigeBinary’s Recommended Services. You should also brows through Top Brokers if your interested in opening an account with a trusted broker.

TrendTraderApp is a Joke – Total Scam

The new TrendTraderApp is a new app and computer software scheduled to release in just a few days. Let of review together to see what this phony scheme is all about. It claims to be integrated with multiple financial databases throughout the world and has full access to all financial records since 1959. This is yet another another steaming pile of dog crap and PrestigeBianry will be more than happy to wrap up this scam and flush them down the toilet.

The first review that we found on this trend trader was on a website called This site is specifically designed to promote every scam product that comes out. Our attention was later diverted to this so called Johnathan Miller, the CEO of TrendTraderApp since 2010. In the presentation video, Jonathan Miller, or some paid actor in a cheap looking suit, claims to have tried every binary options trading software around and none of them worked. But don’t worry people!!! This Guy has cracked the code for trading the markets!!


The Self-Proclaimed CEO of TrendTrader – Jonathan Miller

This scam artist says that he spent the last 3 years picking up all the top market analysts from Wallstreet and best programmers in the world in order to create the most “powerful” trading bot around. UMM….No im going to call BULLSHIT on that!!!!

Lets do some thinking here people. You mean to tell me that our top binary options market analysts decided to leave WallStreet for a few years to create a robot app that “cracks the code” in trading and makes people thousands of dollars a day?? I wonder how wall street survived without them during those years. They must have brought in a few substitutes to fill in their spots.   COME ON!! There is an old saying in the stock-market world; “there are no friends in wallstreet”.

Hey Jonathan ma' man! Its David Bro!! Im sorry but since when does a guy looking like this speak in this manner. The best part is that when he speaks, he sounds like he reading from a text. Terrible actor!!

“Hey Jonathan ma’ man! Its David Bro!!” Im sorry but since when does a guy looking like this speak in this manner. The best part is that when he speaks, he sounds like he reading from a text. Terrible actor!!

As a professional, when we see such claims that a software can operate at 93% minimum accuracy rate, that is a red flag for us. Even the most experienced traders out there can have a tough time maintaining an 80%+ success rate, and that’s really profitable. Another problem we found was there “no risk” claim”. This is a common statement that we hear from many scams and fraud services out there. When you are trading the market, there is Never any guarantee. You can always educate yourself and learn strategies to have the upper hand, but there are always risks. Unfortunately for many others, the risks aren’t derived mainly from the trade itself, but from corrupt scam companies such as TrendTrader.

These claims made by TrendTrader really grind our gears because it is misleading campaigns like these that give binary options trading a bad reputation. Many people fall into these traps, loose money and are left with the impression that the binary option business is corrupt and an overall scam. On the contrary, binary trading is very rewarding if you are led on the right path and educated properly. There are thousands of traders out there who make a lot of money trading binary options the right way. IF you are interested in trading, the most important step is to find a broker that is reputable and reliable. Feel free to look at some of PretigeBinary’s Top Trusted Brokers. You might also want to consider joining a signal service or community full of professional traders from around the world that you can follow. To help you get some ideas check out our Recommended Services and groups.

**If you have tried the TrendTraderApp (or any other Scam), or know someone who has. Please leave a comment below. Let us know your experience with them – Good or Bad.

The Millionaires Maker is BULLSHIT

First things first, The Millionaires Maker App is just another classic, half-ass, money making scam in the binary options niche. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever. They will steal every last dollar you “invest” into their so called free-Betta system. It is imperative that you follow this review carefully to prevent yourself from becoming just another victim to this system. When you first land on their page, there isn’t much to see! Its pretty much just a mediocre website which gives off an appearance of having been thrown together in less than a day without any thought. The millionaires maker developers didn’t even bother to be anywhere near creative nor original.

Their page is consisted of a vomit-color green with a short video introduction and a “get access now” button. Campaigns like these will just spam your email daily with their fraudulent invitations, and they may even share it with other scam systems. There is a lack of substance to be found anywhere in this scam site. You will not find any information on their page as to what they are about, what they are promoting, how they make money, Nothing. The story on their video goes on for about 3 minutes about fake testimonials from paid actors saying that they have earned over $100,000,000 in their bank accounts. They honesty made me laugh……..”$6,240 in one day”……over $4,000 in just a few hours…….   There is even one guy sitting on his couch claiming that he makes over $50,000 a day! But lets not be to quick to forget the cute face on this girl……↓

FullSizeRender(8)Remember this girl?! Shes the same girl that gave a another fake testimonial on the Aussie Method Scam by Jake Pertu! Now I’m not targeting her to claim that she is a terrible person who is taking all these peoples money. In fact she is just a paid actress who can be found on Fiverr. The real targets are the phony people of MillionairesMaker who pay these actors to spill a bunch of lies so the “company” can get their hands on your money.

This is the same girl from the Millionaires Maker intro. Here she was promoting the Aussie Method a few months back saying "Oh my god i cant believe how much money im making"

This is the same girl from the Millionaires Maker intro. Here she was promoting the Aussie Method a few months back saying “Oh my god i cant believe how much money im making”

In case you need a little more convincing to the fact that the Millionaires Maker App is shady, lets take a look at our so called CEO of this bogus site, Mr Todd Salerno. Oh wait! There inst any. We searched for any histories or any authentications as to who this guy really is and if there is any credible evidence that supports his success. Nope! The only searches we found were only related to the millionaire maker and no feedback whatsoever. Like many other fraudulent systems out there, they are looking for “50 beta-testers” who will get “free access” to financial independence. “But you must act fast because there are limited spots left. Better hurry up!” Don’t worry though, if you refresh the page, the amount of spots left goes back to 50. I have a love/hate relationship with these “better move quickly” statements. I really get tired of seeing the same cliche everywhere. But at the same time they make it easier for me to distinguish the good from the bad, and I hope you will learn this too

DO NOT let this discourage you. Just because we have proven that the Millionaires Maker is a scam along with so many others, doesn’t mean you should give up binary options trading. You will not become a millionaire in a couple weeks (unless you get really lucky playing the lottery). But with the right guidance and careful trading strategies, yous can still make a lot of money in binary trading. At PrestigebBinary we recommend that you start with a free demo account with fake money to get a feel as to how trading the market really works. If you feel that you are ready and want to trade with real money, you may sign up with any of our Top Rated Brokers you can trust. Also be sure to visit Prestige’s Recommended Service Signals for help in binary options and choosing a legitimate service.

If you have had any encounters with the Millionaires Maker or any other Scams, be sure to leave a comment below. You may also post any questions, concerns, or feedback. Remember, stay clear from

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