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FX Coin Bot Review – Major Win for Beginners

FX Coin Bot is a new program many traders are talking about. There’s been much debate, as well as skepticism about the true nature of this system. Is FX Coin Bot really beneficial for beginners? Or is this another crappy Scam? Yet all answers point towards great news! So far, people are LOVING this new… Read More » Mining Scam Alert (Insider Review) is a new brand of mining Scam, and we’re here to warn investors what outcomes to expect from a fraud like this. Visitors entering the Avelon Cloud Mining program are made to believe their crypto-mining service is hassel-free. However our evidence proves the contrary. After investing the service rendered by, it didn’t take… Read More »

USDMining.Pro Review – Scam Exposed!

USD Mining Pro (aka USDMining.Pro) is a new brand of Scam. An exaggerated mining fraud we need to expose for public safety. The following review contains all the information you need exposing this dangerous program. People are made to believe this crypto-based program will make you rich, but that’s far from the truth. The problem with… Read More »

Bitcoin Era App is a SCAM (Serious Review)

A new scam called Bitcoin Era has made its debut for stealing your money. If you’re wondering what’s all the fuss about, read our new review exposing this dangerous fraud. A software promising you can achieve financial freedom without any work, yet all we found are lies and tricks. Several people have requested we investigate… Read More »

BTCBinary Scam Warning (Serious Review)

We’ve been hearing a lot about BTCBinary, and its not looking good. There have been several complaining piling against this new brand of crypto-investing, and we’re here to review important aspects everyone needs to know. More importantly why BTC Binary is nothing more than a Scam! Our team has taken the liberty of researching what… Read More »

CryptoInvest is a Major SCAM! (Insider Review)

CryptoInvest will lose your money! That is a fact we’ll be reviewing today with descriptive specifics. The following review serves as an important warning for anyone looking for added information about CryptoInvest, and why its a serious Scam. Although this questionable program has only been around a short period of time, it didnt take long… Read More »

Bit Options Review – SCAM Exposed!

BitOptions (aka Bit Options) has been confirmed as a get rich scheme, and today we’re going to prove it! Take few moments to read our latest review sergvince as a wearing to anyone thinking of joining. Bit Options claims to offer “financial freedom”, all in efforts to steal your money. My investigation throughout their website,,… Read More »

Lazur.Pro Review – Have you been SCAMMED?

Lazur (aka Lazur.Pro) represents a pathetic attempt for stealing your money. Although we say “pathetic”, rest assured this is one mining service nobody should underestimate. A dangerous Scam exploited guaranteed results,  but failing to deliver anything they promise. Our review stands as a warning for anyone thinking of mining with Lazur. This programs was actually brought to our attention through negative feedback and pleas… Read More »

NTA Mines SCAM Review (Reoccurring Fraud Exposed)

NTA Mines will lose your money! This is a true statement we want everyone to understand. This review has been provided for anyone searing for more information about NTA Mines Limited, and the details exposing why this company is a Scam.  Its easy for anyone to point fingers, which is why we’re going to review exactly what makes a bogus program.… Read More »

Finorion.Biz is a losing Scam (Important Review)

Finorion is Failing! If you didn’t know, then pay close attention. Todays review serves as a warning for anyone thinking about joining this crooked Scam. Thats right folks, we are calling Finorion.Biz a Scam, and we’re giving  all the information you need to know exposing their lies. After we examined their program, we concluded fairly… Read More »