Cash Formula is a Serious SCAM! Imperial Trading Software Review!

Cash Formula Software Scam Review (Must Read)

Cash Formula has certainly become a new brand of trading Scam for binary options, taking methods of deception and manipulation to a whole new game level. Without a shred of doubt this automated software portrays the epitome of outrageous and bizarre applications, where day-traders all around are falling victim to this awful fraudulent app. While investigating by Tim Stafford, we’re dealing with a well-orchestrated platform in comparison to most cheap scams we review.  Obviously these scammers have spared no expense in convincing viewers they’ll become rich overnight. However their narrative is farfetched to say least, implying underground ‘conspiracies’ & ‘secrets’ now available to the general public. If you’re considering in registering with Cash Formula Scam, we implore traders take a moment and examine some critical aspects we’ve outlined in detail for exposing this horrible money-stealing gimmick.

Cash Formula Software Review – Unmasking a Dangerous SCAM!

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Lets begin by discussing the craziness saturating this system. Tim Stafford presents himself as “helping hand” and “humanitarian” while giving off a false vote of confidence. He states how the investment industry is rigged & designed for everyone to fail, making profitable earnings slim to none for normal investors, where only the wealthy 1% are privy to financial secrets. Now this individual is offering traders his Cash Formula app containing a “secret multi-billion dollar loophole” classified for elite personnel in banking seven figures within a years time. As his elaborate story continues, common scamming variables are identified as this ridiculous trading solution goes from bad to worse!

History has taught us valuable lessons where autotrading programs ‘guaranteeing’ newcomers will generate millions so quickly within short time periods like Cash Formula Scam have always proven themselves worthless. Tim would prefer visitors believe he’s been helping struggling strangers reach unimaginable wealth by revealing his guarded “CF Files” and formulas during the past five years. Whats troublesome is our lookup through Who.Is clearly verifies domain was established barely four months prior to posting our review. Our team attempted to verify My Stafford’s existence by searching for any professional resumes or credentials supporting his alleged accomplishments. Sadly no matching results were found on any media portals which signifies added suspicions. After all, its strange for someone to remain hidden especially if hes creating millionaires for half a decade. Wouldn’t you agree?

His rhetoric towards how he managed to originally acquire these CF files are utterly preposterous, starting from the hijacking of notorious government agency hackers later purchased by Bank Firms known as the Cartel who leaked sensitive information regarding Cash Formula Software throughout the dark web, and now offered to us.  But just like these fairy-tales from an action thriller movie, its origins are based from the same scammers and manipulative practices utilized by all scams around.

Cash Formula App Scammy Tricks

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Reviews can make or break the reputation of any product of interest. More specifically with, potential clients will find series of recorded testimonials from supposed members claiming astronomical success. All insisting the access of CF Files derived from Cash Formula software have turned ordinary people into millionaires on complete autopilot. Be warned as these reviews are derived from scripted actors paid for promoting and endorsing this auto-trading scam. If traders are truly making serious profits over the last 5 years, where are they and why aren’t we hearing from them? The only reasonable explanation for hiring fake testimonies from known actors is merely to support a failing software, in efforts for apearing legitimate. The only feedback we’ve received from real users have been nothing short of negative, confirming this app barely breaks even while draining your funded accounts. After realizing how the system places trades, its no wonder why many are suffering losses.

Damaging Strategy

Not only are rookie investors promised huge profits, but also in quick time frames. Although this ‘Tim’ character conveniently refuses to disclose how his program operates, if you pay attention, there’s a clue. Beneath the load of BS detailing “sophisticated equations” being “mathematically perfect” for predicting market trends, waves and “hot trade opportunities” being spewed by this con-artist, he also claims profits are made within 6o seconds, indicating turbo trades. Turbo trading is offered through all brokerage firms for fast-paced transactions, but bare in mind they hold significant risk due to short expiration times. Unless you’re experienced, short-term investments should be exercised with restraint. Making matters worse are the constant references on how Cash Formula software uses a compound approach, gradually increasing each individual position. Another harmful method highly disregarded by most investors because it negates basic rules of money management, leaving you exposed to possibly blowing your entire account. Needless to say this unconventional combination is a pure “formula” for failure.

Hopefully our Cash Formula review was enlightening enough for bringing forth some critical aspects to think about before wasting hard-earned money into this fraud app. Although tries really hard to represent itself as a legitimate solution for achieving economic goals, the evidence is clear how equally misleading and corrupt as most scams. Stafford even contradicts himself with statements how bogus trading companies are always insisting time is limited with fake indicators and timers counting down. Yet its no surprise seeing Cash Formula scam having a counter of its own for rushing traders into depositing before realizing they’re being scammed. What a JOKE!

Cash Formula Review – Summary & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Judgement: Avoid the Cash Formula Scam and its fabricated CF Files! An elaborated trap constructed by filthy programmers who’re interested in stuffing their own pockets.

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Just because the notion of millionaire-making systems are completely unrealistic doesn’t negate reality for making money online. In fact thousands of newcoming traders around the globe are momentarily earning a sizable income through binary options, assisted by reliable services capable of limiting risks while amplifying profitability.  We encourage readers to visit our constantly updated blacklist containing scams & brokers deemed unfit for trader consumption in case you’re unsure something you’re interested in is trustworthy. As an added precaution, opening free demo accounts are great for practicing new strategies or applications, but also serve as protection in case you mistakenly joined a failing software. Any feedback from you is greatly appreciated by commenting below. Thank you for reading our honest Cash Formula review!

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