Cash Capital System is a SCAM – Detailed Trading Review!

By | July 18, 2016

Cash Capital System is a fairly new trading Scam for binary options which we must review and expose in full detail. Lately traders have been submitting questions towards the legitimacy of this automated application, wondering if deposited funds will be secured in good hands. While investigating and its entirety by John Falcoa, we simply cannot overlook the saturation of scamming characteristics throughout their platform which all traders must understand before committing to this faulty program. Handful of promises and guarantees for banking $1,000-$3000 daily are advertised in efforts to lure as many day-traders possible, as their videos might seem captivating for beginners searching for a viable online solution. Therefore if you’re contemplating in joining the Cash Capital scam, I suggest you first take a moment to examine specific problems Ive outlined within the following Cash Capital review, fully unmasking this questionable money-stealing fraud!

Cash Capital System Review – Pathetic SCAM Uncovered!

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Day-traders entering the CashCapital webpage are bombarded with lies regarding its entire operation, from how the auto software can generate thousands per day, all the way down to the alleged developers who supposedly created this system. We have a John Falcoa, Dominic Bruce, and Bernard Sloan calling themselves the “Wall Street Mentors” who’ve apparently teamed up during the past three years running simulations for predicting future asset directions and trends for winning trades at an 81% rate. According to their introduction videos, they’ve come to describe their auto-trader as the “most threatening piece of hardware against Wall Street’s elite”, using a “proven method” in beating their strategies while simultaneously making traders wealthy. In short these scammers want us to believe they’ve constructed the only solution for leaving the rugged 9-5 rat race on complete auto pilot. Unfortunately we’ve discovered some disturbing facts pertaining to these suspicious developers which must be understood.

There’s a reason why viewers aren’t actually shown any footage or live facial recognition in terms of their appearance, except for some still shots. In reality these individuals dont even exist as we’ve found it impossible in finding any credible evidence or profiles supporting their existence or stated accomplishments & professional contributions. Yet all three combined are portrayed as a powerhouse of success with wide ranges of knowledge stretching throughout the financial industry and beyond, calling themselves the “Wall Street Mentors”. According to the Cash Capital System scam, John is the leading founder, Dominic is a Harvard protege and former employee from NASA, and Bernard is said to have profited millions in Apple Stocks in its earlier days. Be warned fellow traders as the links below will redirect you to their origins, revealing factual proof their aliases are FAKE and images were purchase from Stock Photo resources for conjuring fabricated individuals. Verifying plagiarized sources of who’s responsible for the creation of Cash Capital trading software is extremely troubling, making us wonder what other aspects potential clients are being lied about….

1 – John Falcoa – 2 – Bernard Sloan – 3 – Dominic Bruce –

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Any Cash Capital System Reviews??

Lying about development teams & creators is a serious issue to consider that diminishes any credibility these frauds were hoping to achieve. Such manners of deceptions are commonly exercised by numerous scams as crooks obviously don’t intend in revealing their true identity for avoiding any damaging repercussions caused their failing trading applications. Thereby voiding all other critical aspects like reviews and testimonials from displayed beta testers. A few recordings from current users are embedded within their marketing adds for added persuasion in appearing like a solid trading choice. However I’m fully confident these reviews are equally falsified by paid actors following a script produced by phony programmers. 

Another common denominator favored by dangerous scam systems, including Cash Capital software are implications of scarcity counters and timer widgets implying that time is limited and spots running out. Its main purpose is solely for rushing curious traders into depositing quickly before opportunities are ‘lost’ forever. What we’re dealing with here is a cheap and manipulative maneuver for acquiring fast registrations from newcomers before realizing they’re being scammed in the first place. Quite frankly a dishonest trick for making a quick buck at your expense. Whats worse is their misguided suggestions in depositing more money than necessary and justifying it by stating how it will produce higher payouts. Sadly your turnouts would be quite the contrary. Hopefully our detailed Cash Capital System review was helpful enough in revealing certain misguided characteristics these con-artists don’t want the general public to know. But most importantly deterred you from committing to regrettable mistakes like Cash Capital scam.

Cash Capital System Review – Closing Summary & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Judgement: Do yourself a favor by avoiding Cash Capital Scam! A sleazy production by unknown scam-artists who could care less about their software draining your account absent profitable results.

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Whether just starting off your binary journey, or simply looking for another program to supplement you trading income, there are multiple choices for reliable services ranging from auto-traders, signal alerting apps and educational resources that are trusted and deemed safe not only by reputable blogs, but also supported through trader feedback. Not all softwares are worthless like Cash Capital software, but if you’re unsure about a particular system you’re interested in, visit Prestige’s growing blacklist containing avoidable scams and brokers for your safety. I thank our readers for taking time in reading this conclusive Cash Capital review. As always your input and suggestions are greatly welcomed by commenting below. Cheers to your success!

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