Cambridge Method is a Proven SCAM – Critical Trading Software Review!

Cambridge Method Scam Review

Traders be warned! This is an important review exposing the Cambridge Method, a new trading Scam for binary options that will certainly drain your account. Within the following assessment, Ive outlined some critical key points proving not only is this fraudulent app utterly worthless, but some traders might be familiar with its damaging reputation. During the investigation of by James Hockton, the amount of scamming qualities saturating their pitch videos & website are extremely misleading which cannot be ignored. Therefore its important all traders contemplating in joining the Cambridge Method scam application first read our entire review and learn the hidden truth before wasting money into this relentless get-rich-quick gimmick.

Warning Update: In reality, is actually a relaunch of an older trading scam dated back over a year ago. Beginning with its originating platform formally known as the Aussie Method, these scammers have continuously relaunch similar versions under different country-oriented titles such as Oxford, Saffa, Canuck, Brit, Maple and countless others “Methods”. All of which contained identical actors and similar dialogs of phony promises, of which many traders fell victim to. With Cambridge Method software being its newest installment, its undeniable the dangers lurking beneath this trading app.

Cambridge Method Software Review – Newer SCAM, Old Tricks Unveiled

cambridge method

Probably its most alluring incentive for captivating the attention of newcoming traders and keeping them intrigued is the outrageous guarantee of $10,000. Day-traders are promised profits ranging tens of thousand within your first week, and everyday thereafter. In addition, if for some reason the software doesn’t perform adequately, Jack Flynn will “personally hand out $10,000 just for your troubles. Making it seem like traders have noting to lose for registering with them. Numerous scams are currently offering similar features which have proven only two disappointing outcomes. In most cases with these types of programs, they fail to deliver its advertised results, and yet traders are never granted their “guaranteed reimbursements”. The other scenario is bit more complicated where the money given in the form of a brokerage bonus, which complicate withdrawals procedures, making it virtually impossible for clients to retrieve their remaining funds one they’ve realized they’re being scammed. No matter which direction these “handouts” take, neither is beneficial to your cause.

I’m Confused….

There’s a bit of confusion as to configuring who’s supposedly responsible for developing the Cambridge Method scam. For instance their introductory footage, basically consisting of lies for thirty minutes, mentions the name Jack Flynn, the same identity used within its predeceasing scam versions. But scrolling down their webpage, visitors will encounter a brief bio belonging to James Hockton alleged ‘Risk Analyst Modeler’ who’s claiming responsibility of creating this Cambridge trading app. He further explains how his system is currently available free for now, but after six months there will be a required $512 premium fee. Truth be told, the identity of Jack Flynn was already deemed non-existent do to its damaged history. Therefore its easy to assume the conflict of two identities signifies James Hockton is also Fake!

Falsified Cambridge Method Software Reviews!

As we stated earlier the amount of complaints stacked against these terrible trading softwares in astronomical, continuing to pile up as months progress and new releases of the same scam are launched. I’m sure most rookie investors might not be aware of its track record, so lets examine their reviews. Unfortunately the only positive reviews you’ll find supporting this Cambridge Method trading scam come directly from their site, or from second-rate blogs endorsing them. The recorded testimonials are obviously recycled clips performed by paid actor / actresses. The woman depicted above our review is a prime example of false advertisement and famous actress notorious throughout the industry for promoting countless fraudulent apps. Her presence along with the others does NOT serve as credible resource for legitimacy. Click the provided link which redirects to her active gig on Fiver, confirming shes not a binary trader. –

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Additional Evidence –

Still interested in risking your future with this highly questionable auto software? I hope not! There are several other clues displayed throughout their platform which strongly confirm our standing. Lets not overlook the typically annoying counters insisting time is ‘running out’. An overused tactic for  persuading potential traders to deposit quickly before realizing they’re becoming targeted victims. Or what about the outdated screenshots pertaining to broker & bank accounts dated over a year ago which were clearly edited, another confirmation showing this development is old and reused. Undoubtedly this is one replicated & shady auto-trading system no trader should underestimate. Hopefully today’s Cambridge Method review has clarified some critically unknown variables you likely were unaware of. But most importantly save newbies from committing a regrettable financial mistake.

Cambridge Method Software Review – Summary & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Judgement: Avoid the Cambridge Method Scam by James, Jack or whoever these imposters call themselves. Be sure to ignore or discard any ‘special invitations’ inviting you to these horrible “methods” for online trading capable of only losing you money!

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