BTCBinary Scam Warning (Serious Review)

By | June 20, 2019

We’ve been hearing a lot about BTCBinary, and its not looking good. There have been several complaining piling against this new brand of crypto-investing, and we’re here to review important aspects everyone needs to know. More importantly why BTC Binary is nothing more than a Scam!

Our team has taken the liberty of researching what makes BTCBinary click. Leading us to confirmed several scamming factors for tricking its clients. Sadly these qualities BTCBinary shares are common among most ICO scams.

What youll find within the following review are specific details why we dont trust this particular investing firm. Everting from fake results, illegal company practices, and much more.

So before you give these crooks your money, take a look at what we’ve found. Find out the truth these scammers dont want you knowing about the BTCBinary Scam.

BTCBinary Review – Why it’s Unsafe?


To understand what make them crooked, its important to know the angles they’re exploiting. BTCBinary represents a type of ICO investment program. Meaning you give them your money so they can invest your money into cryptos for a returned profit.

Its sounds simple for beginners, since this is structure in a way to make you think you can make money without doing any work. But this is how they trick you into given them your money.

Regarding BTCBinary itself, their advertised results a bit excessive and unrealistic. Ill discuss this more in detail below. But their daily returns of 10%-20% are far from reality. We can also confirm people who’ve joined this scam have not received any results like this.

Truth is, BTC Binary is nothing more than Ponzi gimmick like most ICO frauds. And were here to prove it.

Lest dive into the details and review these sensitive discrepensies about what makes BTCBinary a financially damaging decision.

Legal Company? (Caution)

This is a great starting point so you can understand exactly what we’re dealing with here in terms of legitimacy. The company in question “BTC Binary CLOUD MINING TECHNOLOGIES, LTD” is a mouthful of a scam entity. Allow me to explain.

This alleged company is NOT regulated of properly licensed in any way. Youll see on their BTCBinary website stating they are registered in Panama. But its important to understand there’s a HUGE difference between being “registered” and Regulated.

btc binary

With any ICO company, you want to invest towards one which properly follows KYC legislations, which is something all legal investment firms must comply with. It’s become evident BTC Binary CLOUD MINING TECHNOLOGIES, LTD is NOT licensed at all. This can be confirmed through various sources such as the FCA.

Why is this important? Companies like BTCBinary remain unlicensed for their own personal greed. Once they’re shut down (and it will happen), these criminals will run with your money.

Fake BTCBinary Results

As I briefly mentioned before, BTC Binary exploits false claims of residual daily income. More specifically they are guaranteeing you can earn anywhere between 10%-20% of your investment everyday.

If you do the math correctly, they basically saying you can make $1 – $10,000, depending on the plan you choose. This is a far stretch! Not just regarding the numbers, but in reality too.

Two major reasons why these alleged results are fake. The first reason is actually quite simple due to constant market fluctuations. The values of these cryptos and forex currencies are consistently moving up/down every second of everyday. Therefore its latterly impossible to deliver a fixed rate of income. That is a true fact for all investment ventures.

Reason number two can be reflected by the members who’ve mistakenly joined this scam, reporting nobody has come close to receiving anything remotely close to the results portrayed by BTCBinary. Think about that for a moment.

Ponzi scheme inside BTCBinary

On top of everything we discussed thus far with this pathetic fraud, theres one more aspect you need to know. Behind all the fabricated BS, BTCBinary is actually structured as a Ponzi gimmick. This makes things a bit more complicated.

The cold truth is fraudulent programs like BTCBinary dont profit from crytocurrency investments. They actually make their money by stealing your investments. Again, this is tied to the fact their company is not compliant with regulatory licensed & regulations.

Furthermore BTCBinary encourages people to have more clients join under other clients, with promised of earning extra commissions. You can see the epitome of a Pyramid scheme is displayed directly on their BTC Binary website. A common trait we’ve been continuously finding throughout numerous ICO scams.

Still Trust BTC Binary?

In addition to the research we’ve shared with you, our main objective was final when first learned about the existence of BTCBinary due to negative feedback and reviewal requests.

Several disgruntled investors who’ve mistaken invested their money within this crappy BTCBinary program have reported issues withdrawals, denies of payments owed, and even termination of accounts without any warning or reasoning.

This alone lead our team to investigate what BTC Binary is all about, allowing us to expose the truth they dont want anyone knowing.

So I hope our latest review will help others from making a detrimental financial mistake. Although im sure there are some people who may be having a positive experience (doubtful), its clear this BTCBinary scam is not providing an equal & honest service.

BTCBinary Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Although this system is only a couple weeks old, the fact remains BTCBinary refuses to be honest & transparent with its clients. Stay away!

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We thank you for taking time in reading our latest & updated BTCBinary Review. Hope it helps others from falling for this shady scam. Please comment below by sharing any feedback, input and dealings you might have with this faulty BTC Binary firm.

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