BTC News Trader Review – LOSING SCAM!

By | July 5, 2018

Lets review this new BTC News Trader software. A trading software guaranteeing traders they can make millions in profits. Have you heard of this program before? Are you thinking about joining BTC News Trader. Then its important you read our review first. Newly discovered evidence proving Bitcoin News Trader is most likely a Scam.

That’s right folks. Unfortunately after investigating BTC News Trader, we found numerous scamming factors exploited to trick. Everything about making easy money, getting rich, they’re all tied with scammy traps to steal your money.

The idea of being able to make thousands of dollars in daily profits through an automated software sounds exciting. Better yet, BTC News Trader claims you can become a millionaire in a few months. All of this with only 20 minutes of work a day.

But before you waste your money with another fraudulent application, read our review first. Learn the truth these scammers dont want you knowing about their BTC News Trader Scam. A rotten money-losing gimmick you cannot trust.

BTC News Trader Review – Serious Scam Details

btc news trader

Lets discuss the obvious rhetoric being advertised here. What are we dealing with? Basically this is a cryptocurrency trading program which generates tradeable signals. As a user, you follow them, and supposedly become rich. Sounds easy,right? ……Maybe Not!

According to Bitcoin News Trader, the software contains the mathematical “solution” towards financial freedom. They basically state this app is ‘mathematically’ proven to generate ‘easy wealth’ and turn everyone into millionaires.

But one of the many issues we have with this bonafied scam is there’s absolutely no supporting proof confirmed these outrageous allegations. Worst of all, BTC News Trader is nothing more than relaunch of older scams we already blacklisted before.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years as we’ve reviewed hundreds of scams, its a simple principle our team has openly shared with our readers and followers. Simply put, there’s no such thing as a “millionaire-making” trading app. And definitely not for free.

I mean think about it for a minute. Ask yourselves this simple question: “if trading apps like BTC News Trader could really make us rich while only doing minimal work, do you honestly believe this software would be given away for free?”. Absolutely NO WAY!

Sadly there’s a lot more you don’t know about BTC News Trader which must be revealed. Continue with our review to learn more.

Losing Money with BTC News Trader

The main reason why we’re debunking this rotten scam is because of trader feedback. We’ve been informed from angry users who’ve mistakenly joined with BTC News Trader, reporting this software sucks.

Sadly, these traders have been victimized by this fraudulent trading system. Informing us how Bitcoin News Trader doesn’t provide quality signals. Signifying this app’s winning rates are far below average for any returns. Needless to say no one’s becoming rich.

What most people don’t know if BTC News Trader has been classified as a “recycled” scam. A coped version of various other scams such as The Bitcoin Trader, Crypto Trader, and many others. Basically these scammers are repackaging failed scams with new names, and promoting them as “New” moneymaking programs.

This reason alone is more than enough cause which motivated us to warn others about this damaging software. However there’s far more disturbing things you need to know about the BTC News TRader Scam. Lets dig further!

No Positive BTC News Trader Reviews

In most cases, over 90% of all fraud investment programs use some form of fake reviews. They either create fake profiles with stolen stock images to represent phony members. Or they use paid actors for promotional purposes. In the case of BTC News Trader, these scam-artists have decided the adapt the common touch of fake profits and stock photos from members who dont even exist.

Its not looking good for their reputation either. And we just mentioned a few moments ago, the only type of feedback were learning about this trading system are deplorable and unsettling. Simply put, everyone is hating BTC News Trader.

To this day, we have yet to find any positive reviews from active BTC News Trader members.

Fake BTC News Trader Endorsements

Reviews are crucial for determining the reliability of any trading program. But as you’ve just learned, BTC News Trader has been failing in all directions. Losing peoples money, and neglecting to provide any of its advertised results.

These sleazy liars are desperate, trying to gain ‘legitimate’ favor by posting fake endorsements badges on their Bitcoin News Trader Software, posing as approvals by world-renown corporations like CNBC or CoinDesk.


Lets be perfectly clear BTC News Trader has never, nor will ever receive any worthy recognition. And definitely not acknowledge by CNBC or any other corporation. Don’t believe us? Check for yourselves by visiting their sites and you’ll see.

Who Created BTC News Trader Scam?

Here’s a red-flag I don’t like about BTC News Trader App. Because in all honesty, we still have no idea who created this software. Nor the other scam versions of this “Bitcoin News Trader”.

Who the hell are these people? Who actually developed BTC News Trader? Why don’t they disclose their identity so traders can feel comfortable knowing whom they’re dealing with?

Almost every scam you can imagine either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to maintain anonymous as these criminals profit from your losses. No once throughout BTC News Trader are visitors provided any valid information for giving an understanding as to who created this app. Zero Company or Developer Names given.

Remember transparency is important when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable & safe in their decisions. Yet the level of mysteriousness surrounding BTC News Trader simply beckons more suspicions rather than approval.

Still Trust BTC News Trader?

At this junction of today’s review, you can see how unethical and misconstrued BTC News Trader really is. But before we close, i want to reiterate partnerships they have with other scam programs. And the dangers accompanied with it.

Anyone joining with BTC News Trader are simply ‘investing’ money with a proven scam that has gone through countless name changes. Causing severe losses for everyone whos joined. Dont make the same mistake.

We could easily assume Bitcoin Millionaire Pro was created by the same crooks who created all the other copied versions. But that can be left for speculation. But whether or not this connection is valid, the truth is out. BTC News Trader isn’t safe to use.

BTC News Trader Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Traders should use caution by avoiding the BTC News Trader Scam. Don’t give these people a chance to run with your money and leave you empty-handed. Too many people have suffered money losses.

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Looking for a way to make money online? One of the golden rules about finding a safe program is avoiding systems like Bitcoin News Trader exploiting easy millions or wealth without effort. We understand its hard to find reliable apps, but we do our best in testing and finding trusted softwares for beginners to use and make money. Check our Blacklist section for more avoidable scams.

We hope our unbiased BTC News Trader Review was helpful in revealing dirty secrets you may not have known. But most importantly, our mission is to help prevent as many traders possible from becoming their next victim. Thank you for reading our conclusive review. Feel free to comment below with your feedback. Cheers!

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