Brooks Blueprint is a SCAM! Critical Trading Software Review!

Brooks BluePrint Scam Review (Must Read)

Traders be warned! Brooks Blueprint is a well orchestrated Scam for binary options which must be addressed and exposed to the fullest extent. Within the following review, together we’ll discuss critical highlights identified throughout this trading software all day-traders must understand before making their next move. Our investigation towards by Steven Brooks is flashy in appearances alone, yet follows the same scamming qualities and practices exercised by a majority of fraudulent applications we’re constantly battling against. Fake guarantees of banking millions with no effort is the central ideology behind the Brooks Blueprint scam app, and only one of its many pieces of misleading information for deceiving newcoming traders. Before exploding with excitement, I highly suggest everyone examine our Brooks Blueprint review detailing informative facts, especially for those who’re contemplating in joining this dangerous money-stealing gimmick.

BluePrint Trader Alert: Use extreme caution whenever encountering auto trading systems like Brooks Blue Print claiming perfection and no-loss statistics. Every single program we’ve reviewed claiming fool-proof performances have always failed in delivering such advertised results. The thought of never losing a trade sounds amazing in theory, but a false fantasy concocted by lousy scammers.

Brooks Blueprint Software Review – Worthless Trading SCAM Unraveled

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Visitors entering their website are bombarded with series of deceitful lies and empty promises regarding how all users are offered a chance for economic independence. Apparently this automated system is virtually incapable of committing a single losing trade while it generates consistent revenues adding up to six figures in pure profits just within your first month after activation. These exaggerated statements are supported with farfetched allegations explaining how Brooks Blueprint software is ‘self-improving’ while scanning billions of bytes of financial data from around the globe, pinpointing the smallest patterns and movements undetected by other softwares. Furthermore its ‘perfected’ algorithms decides perfect trades position based on past histories, trader sentiment and corporate info for capitalizing the markets. But while Steven would have us believe his trading app makes all others obsolete, here are some damaging aspects which completely destroys the stories behind this platform.

You might have noticed the fancy office building & conference rooms used for creating this illustrious production. In terms of attempting to uncover any credible findings regarding Brooks Blueprint company, as its logo are plastered through every corner of their offices, zero viable information could match any listing through our searches. Its troubling to say the least because there seems to be an abundance of “employees” working for the scammy organization. Truth be told, the mere fact Google does NOT recognized them as a registered establishment simply proves they’re non-existent. I encourage readers to check for themselves, where the only search inquires mentioning this jaded company are from recent blogs either endorsing or exposing the Brooks Blueprint software. A clear sign indicating their dishonesty in regards to its origins. No Good!

Establishing factual clues this autotrading software was originated from a fabricated location, its safe to assume without any doubts Steven Brooks, aka CEO & developer of, is an imposter. His portrayed persona is that of a smug scam-artist, presenting himself as ‘generous’ humanitarian looking out for the benefit of rookie investors. In reality he’s nothing more than a paid actor hired by the real scammers who are too cowardly for revealing their true identities. After all, these crooks are full aware their trading software is a failure for anyone who uses it.

Added Brooks BluePrint Bonus Traps & Tricks!?

If you manage to enter the members area, Steven makes a slight remark informing a “special bonus” awaiting for those who quickly take action. Naturally, they intentionally refuse to disclose vital details informing certain “strings” attached to these features. Bonuses are provided by all brokerage firms, but generally recommended for those more experienced. Reason being is these offerings require clients to complete a number of high trade volumes before access to withdrawals are permitted. For beginners, these strict stipulations are proven difficult to accurately fulfill. Unfortunately numerous scams are twisted with bonuses and disguised as “free money giveaways” in most cases. Ultimately once you realized you’ve been scammed, your first instinct is to withdraw whatever remains within your account. But your efforts are futile, granting sleazy scam systems to profit at your expense.

According to Who.Is, Brooks Blue Print was registered three weeks prior to posting this review! Unavailable four ago months as displayed in their video footage!

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Everything laid out wihtin our assessment totally comprises any integrity this Brooks Blueprint scam was trying to achieve. Its stated atop their home platform, “No BS”, but I’m sure we can all agree they’re utterly full of Shit. Of course, whats a fraud application without the bogus scarcity counters implying only “50” registrations are available for banking millions? These cheap tricks are obviously unreal, but implemented to manipulate newcomers into depositing money fast before knowing all the facts. Quite frankly this is one corrupt trading system, equally disgusting and pathetic as all scams we review on a daily basis. Hopefully my Brooks Blueprint software review was insightful enough in confirming any doubts towards their lack of legitimacy, but most importantly prevents readers from falling victim to this horrendous get-rich-quick scheme.

Brooks Blueprint Review – Summary & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Judgement: Avoid the Brooks Blueprint Scam at all costs. Do yourself a favor by discarding or deleting any “invitations” to this app that will certainly drain your entire funds!

(Top Recommended & Safe Auto / Semi-Auto Alternative)

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Its understandable the struggle most traders experience when searching for a probable solution for aiding their binary option journey. Fortunately, there are numerous reliable solutions for assisting in educational resources, autotrading tools and signal alerting providers. We strive to project systems tested not only by our team, but applauded for their efficiency by the trading community & supported by Binary/Forex Authorities. Any uncertainty pertaining to any autotrader of interest can be resolved by contacting me or visiting our blacklist section, holding questionable scams & brokers deemed unsafe for trader usage. I thank you for taking time reading our conclusive Brooks Blueprint review post. Please feel free to share any concerns or feedback by commenting below. Cheers to your success!

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