Bonanza Pro is a SCAM! Real Review on Fake Signal Software!

By | July 12, 2016

Bonanza Pro is a fairly new trading software and signal provider for binary option trading, holding disturbing attributes and poor performance levels, indicating we’re dealing with a serious Scam! This particular application is not your typical fraud system like the ones we’re normally accustom to exposing throwing around fake promises of becoming rich overnight. However while examining the homepage, some suspicious variables and scamming alerts where identified which traders must understand before making any further decisions. Within the following review I’ve outlined some critical factors everyone should consider which basically confirms why nobody should invest with the Bonanza Pro scam app. 

Update Warning: In the past month alone, several reportings from day-trader users have informed us failing performance and inaccuracy produced by Some are experiencing a marginal 50/50 winning rate, while other cases show profitable results are a lot lower. These turnouts are deplorable to say the least. But after digging a bit deeper into their infrastructure, in became apparent why so many traders are struggling to remotely break even with profits. Lets discuss some alarming aspects in our Bonanza Pro review.

Bonanza Pro Software Review – Unmasking SCAM Tricks

bonanza pro review

For newcoming traders, their first impression is an assumption this platform offers free auto signals for binary option trading. The theory behind Bonanza Pro software is relatively easy where simply depositing with any of their affiliated brokers grants free access to thousands of daily trading opportunities. Basically an alleged group of veteran traders have allegedly developed “advanced expert finance algorithms” based on moving averages for unique and accurate signals. Eliminating the grueling process of starring at financial charting graphs or analyzing economic news releases for its clients and simply executing trades on their behalf. Essentially targeting rookie investors who’re searching for assistance from a  reliable trading solution. Unfortunately the level of misleading information and fabricated profiles speaks volumes regarding the legitimacy of Bonanza Pro scam.

In review of any software you encounter, you can learn a lot just by reviewing its origins or individuals responsible for its development. Displayed on the home page, potential customers will find the supposed Bonanza staff team with brief descriptions highlighting their roles and expertise. I found it strange not being able to uncover any professional resumes or profiling matching on any social media portals from either member to verify their identities and facial recognition. Take for instance Cameron Miller, a “binary expert” and “algorithm creator”. I happened to discover this photo is also utilized wihtin another site under the name “Tom Smith” chief executive for webcams, unrelated to binary trading, displaying his image with different names and profession. Whenever seeing one solitary picture exploited within various other locations under conflicting identities, its a clear indicator you’re dealing with stock photos either stolen or purchased from other sources. Needless to say the falsehood pertaining to its advertised founders is a common scamming quality among scams and fraudulent systems. If they’re not being honest about its creators, then what other lies are we being fed?

Desperate attempts are manipulated by scam-artists in several ways for making their worthless applications appear legitimate and successful. A table of trade “recent” trade histories are shown to give off the impression of success and accuracy for the Bonanza Pro trading signals. But notice the recorded times and dates are outdated well over a year ago. This small error was clearly overlooked by these shady programmers, which is fortunate for us since it makes their scam exposure that much easier. Just in case you’re thinking maybe these are older trades executed by their system, keep in mind Bonanza Pro software was only launched barely a month before posting today’s review, confirmed by Who.Is proving it wasn’t available last year. Here’s were paying close attention to details can really play a crucial role in determining whether a software of interest in being transparent or dishonest.

bonanza pro software

Before concluding this Bonanza Pro review, allow me to touch base on one final characteristic regarding its method of operations. Traders are sold a fantasy where within a week, you can turn a mere $250 investment into a minimum $5000 profit. Supposedly all registered members will receive around 2,800 automated daily signals for 30 second trades. If this is true, its no wonder why users are losing their investments. Short term trading, aka turbo trades with short expiration like 30-60 seconds hold significant risk to an already risking venture. Because of its short window and time frame, turbo trading is extremely risky especially if you’re not properly strategizing your approach. Countless scams favor the exploitation of shorter terms because it represents a false essence of fast money. The production of nearly 3000 trading signals is dangerously aggressive and safe to assume all its recommended positions are randomized, which leaves traders losing their entire invested funds. Hopefully this informative assessment has enlightened some unknown variable you weren’t aware of and saved you from this online money-stealing scheme.

Bonanza Pro Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Avoid this Bonanza Pro Scam, lousy trading program constructed by inconclusive scammers and exercising dangerous trading methods for draining your account. This software is clearly unreliable & unethical!

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Even though we’re faced with different scam softwares on a weekly basis, there’s no need to feel discouraged or lose hope since there are plenty of reputable services for autotraders and signal alerting services available for all traders no matter your skill level or needs. If education is more style and want to learn the basics of binary trading through weekly webinars while following trade signals posted by professional investors, learn more information about a wonderful community where traders from all around congregate and acquire simple knowledge and strategies. I thank you for reading our unbiased Bonanza Pro review and encourage readers to leave us any input for feedback about any first hand experiences from using this awful Bonanza Pro scam software

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