OptionXE presents the new XE Trader

There are less days than most when we come across a New binary options program that works. Today is one of those special days where a new software arises from the ashes of fabricated and misleading trading tools.

The XE Trader system is a new, recently developed binary options trading application with great potential. XE Trader is brought to you by the largest, privately owned binary option trader education company, OptionXE. After three short years of progress and success, the OptionBot2.0’s successor, XE Trader, has arrived to enhance improvement in one’s trading skills. If you remember from our OptionBot Review, the OptionBot App is one of the few, most accurate trading bots around to date. Thousands of traders were beyond ecstatic of the OptionBot’s performance. The same organization who has proven its merit over the years now presents to you something even more exciting!

In fact, this revolutionary trading package is delivered as a platform of its own and not an app. This is because XE Trader can run several programs within the system including third party Applications. These capabilities make XE Trader the most VERSATILE trading tool in the binary options market.

XE Trader Features

  • Currency Pair Trend Indicators
  • Push Signals – Copy Trade Signals
  • SMS Alerts
  • Pro Signals Across All Assets
  • Economic Market Trading Calendar
  • Market Opening Alarms
  • Live Trading Webinars
  • Embedded Trading Insight Videos

FullSizeRender(14)We were blown away with this enormous bundle. Not only from their long list of special features, but because of their training to help others read the markets effectively. XE Trader’s acquisition of extremely knowledgeable staff like Jack Travers (Service Director), and Ben Newman (Operations Director), diligently provide a product that services not only to the advanced trader, but even beginners. Together they cater to each member’s individual needs. Keith Wareing is the CEO of OptionXE and producer of the XE Trader who started the company in 2012. OptionXE first started as a attendance to assist binary option traders from getting their money out of brokers. As of today, OptionXE has over 30 staff members training more than 20,000 members on properly executing trades.

People like Lee from Trading Tool Kit, and many others have been using the new XE Trader database and were amazed by its performance and the quality it offers. Heightened graphics of individual assets have been added for easier discovery. A three-digit code is provided beside asset signals so a trader can learn as to how a particular signal was acquired. XE Trader presents messages throughout the day for future trade placements and are regularly updated by Ben Newman.

The Market Alarm serves as a an alert to indicate when certain markets from other countries are open. When you are deeply focused in the excitement of binary options, its very easy to loose track of time. Therefore XE Trader sends an alert when a market opens so traders can take advantage of opening day investments.

The XE Trader push signals are established for over twelve hours each trading day (European Time). Such long, trading time periods offer a chance for all traders plenty of time during the day to plan accordingly and invest as many times as they can.

Credit is given where credit is due. XE Trader effortlessly combines together all your trading requirements into one clean interface while offering the customers a trading education. A 100% enhanced experience guaranteed! This separates the XE Trader system and the OptionXE company from all the rest. With there intuitive surface and dedication in educating traders, they remain a reliable benefactor to the binary industry and continue to surpass all expectations. PrestigeBinary is always happy to present you with all the latest updates in the market. Click below to learn more about the XE Trader, or if you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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Mikes Auto Trader & FaceBook Group

Mikes Trader banner longWho is this Michael Freeman? Can he be trusted? Is he another scam artist polluting the binary option industry? If you have been searching the web for information on binary trading, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Mikes name. Michael Freeman has become quite popular in binary options and has one of the largest YouTube channels in the field. The following is a review on who this guy is and what he has offered to traders all around.

In short terms, Mike Freeman is a young guy with a passion for binary options. He has established much awareness in the business along with insight on comprehensive trading strategies and tips. As of late, Michael has contributed two more recent developments that have taken the world of binary options by storm.

A pristine service like no other, Mikes Auto Trader and Facebook group have become a powerful combination in the binary options trading industry. Whether you are an entry level individual contemplating the idea of binary options, or an advanced trader looking for a profitable competitive edge, this is the place to go.

Mikes Auto Trader delivers phenomenal results and offers outstanding support to its subscribers. With an over 80% ITM success rate, this is surely a credible and powerful system to implement in binary options. This auto trading platform is simple and user friendly and consistently gives you an updated trading list of assets to invest. Because you are in full control of your account and the software, the trader decides whether or not to place a specific trade. We have found Mikes auto trader reviews to be quite compelling in terms that many traders around are impressed with the new software results. As an added bonus, joining mikes auto trader gives every member FREE ACCESS to Mikes Facebook Signals! Being able to pick which trades you want from his auto-trader, while following professional binary option traders from the Facebook group itself, grants you the best of both worlds. This is powerful combination that will greatly improve your skills and fill your wallet! We at Prestige can personally vouch that joining Mikes auto-trader is a decision you will never regret.  You may learn more about this powerful system here at – Mikes Auto Trader & Facebook Group 

Michael Freeman’s Facebook Signals is one of the largest, daily active social media groups around with a private “invite only” policy, hosted by yours truly. Michael has employed top level trading professionals, with over 80% success ratings,  from all parts of the world into one welcoming community with over 2000 members. The ideals in the group are pretty basic and spot on. As a valued member, you will be surrounded by traders who post signals all day when the markets are open. Because this is a community and there are a plethora of professionals, its easy to say there are over 50+ different signals posted on the group wall from which to choose from. Members can also request one-on-one tutoring, and post any questions to their admins on the group wall during non-trading hours. Another perk to consider is that Mikes loves to pay bonuses to traders who are successful. In others words, if you have some skills in binary trading, with permission, you may post them. If an individual provides at least 5 ITM’s in a row, he/she receives a cash bonus. There are no limit to the bonuses. This provides a competitive edge to all traders in achieving perfection.

PrestigeBinary hopes this review serves as an indication that Mikes Auto Trader is a savvy tool to implement in your trading. Michael Freeman continues to provide a great service for many binary investors, as he has in the last few years. He is not a fraud, but a man of integrity and professionalism.

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IS the Millionaire Bot Real??

Watch out! There’s a new binary robot in town called the MillionaireBot. It is a new program that runs completely on auto-pilot. That’s right! Connecting this revolutionary software into you binary broker is all you need to do to receive large sums of money. This MillionaireBot method promises, no excuse me, ‘Guarantees’ that this new binary option auto-trader will make you over $13,000 a day! That averages up over $90,000 a week! You literally don’t even have to lift a finger because it operates completely automatic. Just go about your day and wait for your trading to finalize and watch the money come in.

IF this new application works as well as it dictates, MillionareBot.com will be the greatest software ever invented. Binary option traders around the globe will want to get their hands on it. Now does this seem too good to be true? Does the MillionaireBot sound like another scam? As you watch their presentation video, the first thing thrown at you are countless screen shots of different banks accounts filled with hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars. These supposed amounts were all created by the Millionairebot trader. Who wouldn’t want all that money? Pictures of “real” people’s bank accounts are no stranger to fraudulent companies who try to promote their garbage. I’m not very tech savvy, but even i cant photo shop any picture, so this makes me question their authenticity.

FullSizeRender(12) This new Millionairebot trading method is presented by a man names James Robinson. He claims to be an individual with a history of computers and finance. But there are a couple of observations that just don’t settle well with me. First i would like to comment that you never see Mr James Robinson’s face. All you get is his voice with a black screen, followed by narrated text. Do we really know that’s his real voice? How do we know that’s not some paid actor on the vioce-over? Oh, dont forget! There are only seven spots left!! Funny, when i refreshed the page, the available spot count was reset.

Profits like $90,000 a week is a dream come true for anyone who pays bills. What surprises me more is this systems software’s “guarantee”. MillionaireBot.com is making a BOLD statement here guaranteeing this brand new technique will provide such large sums of money. The majority of counterfeit programs out there will announce that their products work great and many customers are ‘satisfied’, but not necessarily guarantee its own success. Live footage is recorded of beta-testers trying out the millionairebot program with apparent success. Again this has me against the ropes pondering about what the MillionaireBot app is all about. Can it really work? Is MillionaireBot a new revolutionary product in the binary option trading industry? Or is this another simulated trading imitator feeding off innocent by-standards. Companies that strive off the misery of others and steal peoples hard earned money is what gives binary option trading a bad reputation. As a result, disgruntled traders will cry out that binary options are scams.


The MillionaireBot organization supposedly conducts many conferences throughout the year.

Trading Binary options is a lucrative industry to invest in. We would really like to know if MillionaireBot’s methodology will contribute to the community, or leave us all with nothing but a rotten taste in our mouths. For many traders it can be extremely difficult to distinguish a technology of quality from the tricksters. There are other alternatives for Binary Options Trading Services that have been recommended by thousands of investors just like you over the years. These have been proven to be a lot safer and user friendly, and also enhance ones education and profits. You may review other auto-traders and services that are highly trusted in our RECOMMENDED SERVICED AREA. You may just find something that will give you the cutting edge you need in becoming a successful binary options trader. Auto-traders are in high demand, which is why PrestigeBinary is committed to weeding out those that prove themselves worthy from those that are undeniably useless trash. We want to know of the Millionairebot scam!

If you have any experiences with the MillionaireBot trading Application, or any other dummy network, share your comments below. Bringing these con-artist forward is what helps pushing them out into the public and out of business. Together, we can do it.

CTOption Review – U.S. Traders Welcome

It can be very daunting to find a true answer when the media is full of mixed reviews. Finding a broker you can trust with a reliable service is very important when starting out your binary options journey. First and foremost, you must make sure that your broker of choice is regulated. But if you’re from the US, no regulated broker will accept you because they fall under EU regulations. So you may have to do a little more digging. They following is a U.S. friendly review of the CTOption. Are they a scam? Are they reliable? Are they secure? I hope that our review will help answer all of your questions.

CTOption Features

  • Assets Offered – 100+
  • Minimum Deposit – $250
  • Minimum Trade Amount – $5
  • Payout – up to 90%
  • Platform – Panda TS
  • US Traders Allowed – Yes
  • Funding Methods – Major Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Wire, Ideal, Nordea Nettbank, LaCaixa, Web Money, MoneyBookers, and more…
  • Web Based – yes -no downloading needed
  • Mobile Trading – IOS & Android
  • Bonus – up to 30% welcoming bonus
  • Education Articles, live webinars, learning videos

PresitigeBinary.com is actually quite excited to review the new CToption broker because most of the brokers that we go over are usually operated on Spotoption platforms. But in this case, CToption runs on a customized platform for called PandaTS. This system is not like what you would see in the majority of most brokers. Its overall color scheme is unique, extremely user-friendly and utilizes sophisticated technology to run both desktop and mobile sites. Even though CToption is one of many brokers that joined the binary world in 2013, the PandaTS platform has been around since 2006. Needless to say, that’s well before the erupting popularity of binary options trading. Regardless of this binary brokers newly insurrection, the CEO of CToption, Dr. Rudolph Smith, has managed to expand and reach over 90 different countries around the world.

Check Out their Intuitive Platform

**Check Out their Intuitive Platform

In our research, on top of some great and positive reviews, we did find a number of complaints from disgruntled CToption customers. Among them lays a common subject referring to their opinion that CToptiion is a scam. The problem was the struggle of clients withdrawal requests being honored. On the other hand, CToption offers a 24 hour withdrawal process. This is actually one of the fastest proceedings and many other brokerages aren’t that quick.  We managed to dig even more and found another correlating explanation: “Bonuses”

Bonuses are very common among binary brokers. In short, a broker can offer you a certain percentage bonus upon sign up. For example: your initial deposit is $200. You accept the 100% bonus, so now you have $400! Sounds exciting right? Yes it is! But there’s a catch, not a “trap”……you need to READ or ASK what are the brokers bonus contingencies. In some cases, accepting a deposit bonus means  you must commit to 40+ trades or make 70% profit of the bonus amount. (This is just an example). Certain criteria must be accomplished before any withdrawals can be made. This doesn’t make a broker a scam or fraud. The problem is many binary traders don’t read the “fine print” and are later become disgruntled and blog on the internet saying “this” and “that” are scams. You can learn more on Binary Options Bonuses and what they consist of in my Binary Trader Bonus Review.

Apart from this negative group, there seems to be a plethora of satisfied customers who feel safe and secure in trading binary options with CToption system. We have found them to be among the favored and reliable for binary traders in the US and around the world – a trusted broker. This particular binary broker has accomplished a lot in only two years, and continues to remain committed to their valued customers. Striving for trustworthiness, transparency, and safety is very important when looking for a trusted broker to invest in binary options, and many traders have found CToption to be as such. Positive acknowledgement for their services have been noted by many binary option authorities such a FXEmpire and ForexPeaceArmy. Such authorities have been around this business for quite some time so their opinions on scams and trusted brokers are very valid.

Ctoption’s Special Features

CTOption platform offers a quick withdrawal process in a 24-hour period. Trading Socially with CTOption’s binary replicator system offers an analysis of how a trade is performed with complete monitoring online – A trader may choose to follow some top binary options traders. Automatic Trading is another alternative in wich one can follow simple signals and decide whether to manually implement them on their broker, or have them configured to trading automatically.

**CToption Demo accounts are available to any client no matter how much they deposit. This is ideal for novice binary options trader because it allows them to understand how binary options work without risking real money

CToption Customer Service & Education

CTOption perceives ones education to be a critical step in becoming a responsible and successful binary trader. You will find a plethora of learning resources such as articles, daily market news, learning videos and live webinars. Even if you miss a webinar, CToption will save them for a period of time for you to watch. Bilingual staff representatives are always available through the trading week. Available via live chat, email, or phone line. We have found them to be very professional.

CToption Safety and Reliability

Client deposits are segregated in separate TIER 1 Accounts. The website runs on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and all credit card payments are encrypted by high end encryption systems implemented by banks and major retailers. Option traders can rest easy knowing that their investments are safe and trusted hands.

Final Thoughts on CToptions

We hope that our readers and followers find our CTOption.com review helpful. Fraudulent services and Scam brokers are everywhere, but PrestigeBinary doesn’t find CToption to be among them. Transparency and Trustworthiness is very important to them, as well as for us traders. These are among the qualities Prestigebinary.com looks into before we deem them worthy. If you have any experience with CTOption.com feel free to share it with us and comment below. You may also check out our other list of Trusted Brokers and other Recommended Binary Signal Services


Broker Complaints

Everyday, hundreds of broker complaints are submitted by traders within the binary option industry. A majority of unhappy traders will cry because they blindly enter situations without regards of the facts. Broker complaints seem to arise from a variety of subjects. Some complaints are legitimate and permissible, but there are those that lack a little rationale. Whether you sign up with a regulated broker or not, you may find the answers to your complaints down below.

To avoid any headaches, contemplate joining some of the TOP TRUSTED BROKERS.

‘Managed Accounts’ Complaints

Have you ever received a call from a senior broker account manager? Or maybe an email telling you about managing your account? They are kind of like a money manager. A ‘managed account’ is when you authorize a broker to ultimately take control of you platform and trades. They actually place the trades for you. These brokers may have a small amount of skills in binary option trading, but they aren’t all the best. You may win a few trades here and there, but for the most part, you will lose all your money.

What binary option companies wont tell you is that when you LOSE money, they MAKE money. This doesn’t mean that its a bad business to get involved with. You just need to educate yourself so YOU make money. Knowledge gives you the advantage over binary options and increases your profit. If an brokerage manager tries to entice you with the idea of managing your account, you have the right to say NO. Remember that you are in control.

Here’s an alternative. If you are still struggling to learn some fundamentals in binary option trading, that’s okay. You are not alone in this matter. You can join a community of binary traders from around the world, full of professional traders and beginners just like you. Every day you can master new skills from real people, ask top traders and members for any advice, and make a lot of money! To learn more, click here at our – HIGHLY Recommended Group

 ‘Auto Traders / Signals’ Complaints

The majority of option traders are lured to the flashy gimmicks of  auto-trading services and get-rich-quick schemes. Systems like The Millionaires Maker offer a “secret system” that produces thousands of dollars in a few hours. Some of these malicious systems create broker accounts with binary brokers that also hold a shady reputation.

So now you’re stuck, knee deep in the mud, with scam system that doesn’t work on one hand, and a fraudulent broker on the other.

You can familiarize yourself and read more on systems that actually WORK here in our – RECOMMENDED SERVICES

The World’s Most Accurate Trading Robot – option bot 2.0

Bonus Policy Complaints

Evidently the number one reason many option traders cannot receive any withdrawals from their funds is do to the fact they have accepted a bonus. Before any customer accepts a bonus, you must first read or inquire about their bonus policy.

There are 2 types of Bonuses:

  1. Pending Bonus – funds added to your actual account ‘pending’ that you first complete a certain amount of trades. The bonus amount cannot be traded unless the trade volume is met.
  2. Live Bonus – bonus funds are added to you account immediately. In most cases, your ability to withdraw any funds will only be attainable after a certain percentage of profit is met. (in some cases you have to trade 20-50 times the value of the bonus)

So let me dumb it down for you. If you deposit $200 and receive a bonus of $200, you may have to trade a minimum volume of $200 x 20. That means you cannot receive any withdrawals until your balance reaches a minimum of $4,000. We believe this option to be recommended only for skilled traders who know what they’re are doing and plan to trade with a particular broker for some time.

** this does not qualify a broker to be labeled a Scam. This is all legal. It is your responsibility to read the “fine print” and ask any necessary question if you want to be a successful binary options trader

Withdrawal Complaints

When you encounter a broker with issues of processing your withdrawal request, try to remember a few things we hope you read in the “fine-print”. Also keep in mind that a withdrawal request is a lot easier than making a deposit.

  • In terms of time, a deposit is instant. Withdrawals however, can take anywhere from 1-3 to process a request. Followed by another 5-10 business day until a trader sees funds deposited into their personal bank account.
  • Standard Items are required to broker accounts – Photos of Identification, Recent utility or other bill dated with the last 6 months, and photo of credit/debit card used for funding

*** without submission of these forms, you will not be able to submit any withdrawals forms. Also be sure to cover important numbers like License Number and Social Security Numbers. When submitting a picture a debit/credit card, you can cover the first 12 digits.  This helps prevent any identity leakage

PrestigeBinaryOption hopes this information is useful enough to serve for troubleshooting any broker complaints you may have. If there are any other issues or questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

GoldDigger is a Scam!….or Maybe Not!!!

It has come to our attention of a new binary options trading software called GoldDigger.trade. Its release date is expected to be on the 16th of September 2015. Since we have just over two weeks until we get to test it ourselves, we would like to take this time and review what we have found on this new binary options trading app. Prestigebinary has begun some “digging” on the GoldDigger system, and we would like to share it with the public before the internet is bombarded with promotions and unrelated videos. There wasn’t too much to find in terms of personal user reviews, but we did find one. If you remember from our last blog on a previous scam, i mentioned about a review site that has been used to solely promote other questionable services. Thats right! That one review was found on the Binary-app-810.org page, which beckons our main question – Is GoldDigger just another scam in a pile of many? Or is it more legit than we thought?

Within its own name, you can presume that Golddigger software has to do with “gold” asstets. Shortly into the golddigger introduction video you hear the voice-over speak “in a world of plenty uncertainty, financial crisis, scams and currency collapse, the only true commodity that stands the test of time is Gold”. As someone who has been in this profession for years, they actually do have a point. Just look around on whats going on in the market news. The US dollar isn’t as strong as it use to be and even the Euro dollar is on the verge of collapsing. People are losing money. Look what happened in Greece a couple months ago.

Ronald and AntonyNow lets look at the developers of GoldDigger system. They dont waste any time in appearing legitimate. These two young men, Anthony and Ronald, are scientist and tech analysts from Russia. Not your typical Russian names. Im just saying that my last friend from Russia goes by his first name Kiril. But anyway, they claim that this isn’t their first inception in the binary options market.

Anthony and Ronald had developed a different Forex software back in early 2006. Their program was call the GPS Forex Robot and it was endorsed and verified by MyFXBook. I thought that was a little odd because the binary boom didn’t quite come until 2008. After some research, not only did i find a GPS Forex Robot that exists, but it was created by Mark Larsen and two programmers, Anthony and Ronald. And to double check their success claims, we also found on ForexPeaceArmy that they had many positive reviews. This indicates that Ronald and Anthony were well ahead in the Forex business. Later on in 2012. they were the first to come out with a Commodity Trader which wasn’t sold to the general public. Instead the licenses were sold to private hedge funds and investors. Evidently “sold out in less than 12 hours”.

FullSizeRender(7)So how do i feel about this new GoldDigger trading system? Are they just another scam service in large pile of crap like the other ones we’ve reviewed? Or are they something different? This golddigger system barley contains signs that point them in the direction of a scam. But on the other hand, there are a lot of qualities that have revealed that GoldDigger could be a quality product. Authentication and verification of previous histories are not something you find in your every-day fraud promotions. Golddigger may very well be the next “gold” nugget in binary options industry. In this case, PrestigeBinary requests that if anyone, or anyone you know, has tested this new software, please provide us with any feedback in the comments below. You may also find other trusted operations and services if you’re looking for something safer with less risk. Please check out PrestigeBinary’s Recommended Services. You should also brows through Top Brokers if your interested in opening an account with a trusted broker.

TrendTraderApp is a Joke – Total Scam

The new TrendTraderApp is a new app and computer software scheduled to release in just a few days. Let of review together to see what this phony scheme is all about. It claims to be integrated with multiple financial databases throughout the world and has full access to all financial records since 1959. This is yet another another steaming pile of dog crap and PrestigeBianry will be more than happy to wrap up this scam and flush them down the toilet.

The first review that we found on this trend trader was on a website called Binary-app-810.org. This site is specifically designed to promote every scam product that comes out. Our attention was later diverted to this so called Johnathan Miller, the CEO of TrendTraderApp since 2010. In the presentation video, Jonathan Miller, or some paid actor in a cheap looking suit, claims to have tried every binary options trading software around and none of them worked. But don’t worry people!!! This Guy has cracked the code for trading the markets!!


The Self-Proclaimed CEO of TrendTrader – Jonathan Miller

This scam artist says that he spent the last 3 years picking up all the top market analysts from Wallstreet and best programmers in the world in order to create the most “powerful” trading bot around. UMM….No im going to call BULLSHIT on that!!!!

Lets do some thinking here people. You mean to tell me that our top binary options market analysts decided to leave WallStreet for a few years to create a robot app that “cracks the code” in trading and makes people thousands of dollars a day?? I wonder how wall street survived without them during those years. They must have brought in a few substitutes to fill in their spots.   COME ON!! There is an old saying in the stock-market world; “there are no friends in wallstreet”.

Hey Jonathan ma' man! Its David Bro!! Im sorry but since when does a guy looking like this speak in this manner. The best part is that when he speaks, he sounds like he reading from a text. Terrible actor!!

“Hey Jonathan ma’ man! Its David Bro!!” Im sorry but since when does a guy looking like this speak in this manner. The best part is that when he speaks, he sounds like he reading from a text. Terrible actor!!

As a professional, when we see such claims that a software can operate at 93% minimum accuracy rate, that is a red flag for us. Even the most experienced traders out there can have a tough time maintaining an 80%+ success rate, and that’s really profitable. Another problem we found was there “no risk” claim”. This is a common statement that we hear from many scams and fraud services out there. When you are trading the market, there is Never any guarantee. You can always educate yourself and learn strategies to have the upper hand, but there are always risks. Unfortunately for many others, the risks aren’t derived mainly from the trade itself, but from corrupt scam companies such as TrendTrader.

These claims made by TrendTrader really grind our gears because it is misleading campaigns like these that give binary options trading a bad reputation. Many people fall into these traps, loose money and are left with the impression that the binary option business is corrupt and an overall scam. On the contrary, binary trading is very rewarding if you are led on the right path and educated properly. There are thousands of traders out there who make a lot of money trading binary options the right way. IF you are interested in trading, the most important step is to find a broker that is reputable and reliable. Feel free to look at some of PretigeBinary’s Top Trusted Brokers. You might also want to consider joining a signal service or community full of professional traders from around the world that you can follow. To help you get some ideas check out our Recommended Services and groups.

**If you have tried the TrendTraderApp (or any other Scam), or know someone who has. Please leave a comment below. Let us know your experience with them – Good or Bad.

The Millionaires Maker is BULLSHIT

First things first, The Millionaires Maker App is just another classic, half-ass, money making scam in the binary options niche. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever. They will steal every last dollar you “invest” into their so called free-Betta system. It is imperative that you follow this review carefully to prevent yourself from becoming just another victim to this system. When you first land on their page, there isn’t much to see! Its pretty much just a mediocre website which gives off an appearance of having been thrown together in less than a day without any thought. The millionaires maker developers didn’t even bother to be anywhere near creative nor original.

Their page is consisted of a vomit-color green with a short video introduction and a “get access now” button. Campaigns like these will just spam your email daily with their fraudulent invitations, and they may even share it with other scam systems. There is a lack of substance to be found anywhere in this scam site. You will not find any information on their page as to what they are about, what they are promoting, how they make money, Nothing. The story on their video goes on for about 3 minutes about fake testimonials from paid actors saying that they have earned over $100,000,000 in their bank accounts. They honesty made me laugh……..”$6,240 in one day”……over $4,000 in just a few hours…….   There is even one guy sitting on his couch claiming that he makes over $50,000 a day! But lets not be to quick to forget the cute face on this girl……↓

FullSizeRender(8)Remember this girl?! Shes the same girl that gave a another fake testimonial on the Aussie Method Scam by Jake Pertu! Now I’m not targeting her to claim that she is a terrible person who is taking all these peoples money. In fact she is just a paid actress who can be found on Fiverr. The real targets are the phony people of MillionairesMaker who pay these actors to spill a bunch of lies so the “company” can get their hands on your money.

This is the same girl from the Millionaires Maker intro. Here she was promoting the Aussie Method a few months back saying "Oh my god i cant believe how much money im making"

This is the same girl from the Millionaires Maker intro. Here she was promoting the Aussie Method a few months back saying “Oh my god i cant believe how much money im making”

In case you need a little more convincing to the fact that the Millionaires Maker App is shady, lets take a look at our so called CEO of this bogus site, Mr Todd Salerno. Oh wait! There inst any. We searched for any histories or any authentications as to who this guy really is and if there is any credible evidence that supports his success. Nope! The only searches we found were only related to the millionaire maker and no feedback whatsoever. Like many other fraudulent systems out there, they are looking for “50 beta-testers” who will get “free access” to financial independence. “But you must act fast because there are limited spots left. Better hurry up!” Don’t worry though, if you refresh the page, the amount of spots left goes back to 50. I have a love/hate relationship with these “better move quickly” statements. I really get tired of seeing the same cliche everywhere. But at the same time they make it easier for me to distinguish the good from the bad, and I hope you will learn this too

DO NOT let this discourage you. Just because we have proven that the Millionaires Maker is a scam along with so many others, doesn’t mean you should give up binary options trading. You will not become a millionaire in a couple weeks (unless you get really lucky playing the lottery). But with the right guidance and careful trading strategies, yous can still make a lot of money in binary trading. At PrestigebBinary we recommend that you start with a free demo account with fake money to get a feel as to how trading the market really works. If you feel that you are ready and want to trade with real money, you may sign up with any of our Top Rated Brokers you can trust. Also be sure to visit Prestige’s Recommended Service Signals for help in binary options and choosing a legitimate service.

If you have had any encounters with the Millionaires Maker or any other Scams, be sure to leave a comment below. You may also post any questions, concerns, or feedback. Remember, stay clear from TheMillionairesMaker.com

My History With Binary Options

when i first started trading binary options, I wished there was ONE site i could go to and save myself TIME and MONEY.

Binary options is undoubtedly the most exciting and easiest method of trading the markets. It has its perks of executing quick profits of all sizes. Its appealing sense has attracted many traders around the world since 2008 and it was only a matter of time until I fell upon its glamorous spell.

I first heard of binary options trading through a random email i received back in 2009. Ive had always shown an interest in trading the stock markets, so i was immediately compelled to read what this “binary option trading” was all about.  But of course there was no explanation as to what binary trading was exactly. It was more like a landing page to some binary brokerage platform which practically said “deposit and start trading”.

Just like many beginners out there, i had no idea what i was doing, and more importantly, where to begin. Back then binary options was already becoming popular and there were a few sites out there promoting trading “strategies”. Now let me just reiterate the term “strategies”. Compared to what i know today, these so-called “strategies” were a load of dog shit.

But of course, i didn’t know that back then. I searched the web for a few weeks until I made my decision on a ‘recommended’ broker from a list of one of the many emails i had subscribed to. Today more than 70% of brokers have a minimum deposit of $200 or less. But six years ago, i could only find one with a minimum of $500. To me that was a lot of money, but i thought to myself ” Screw it! I’m going to make more money anyway!”

To be honest i did pretty well at the beginning! The only correct piece of information that i knew back then, and is still considered a key fact in preserving your account, is Money Management. From this example, this basically means that my account had $500 so the maximum amount of each trade i made could be no more than $25. Generally speaking, the larger your account – the larger your individual trades can be.

So anyway, like I said, I did pretty well……..at first. Within the first couple weeks I took it slow and made over $300 profit. I thought “Cool! I got the hang of this!”. BEGINNERS LUCK! Back then i would only look at the moving charts that were on the brokers site and attempt to predict the fluctuating price rates. Of course my beginners luck ran out, and I ended up losing all my funds in the brokerage account.

To sum up my sob story, it all went downhill from there. I started singing up with other multiple brokers and losing more money. I even came across a so-called auto trader, that i would later come to regret, was just some bullshit money-making scam. I’m sure this is a story that many newcomers have encountered and can relate to when they first started binary option trading. As a result, a lot of people think the binary options  business is a scam. — I know i did. Especially nowadays with the industry growing even stronger and more popular, there are lot more fraudulent brokers and money making scams out there. So its even harder to find something that’s reliable.

It took me many months of searching and a couple years to master some key points of binary options trading. It took me a while to find some Reliable Brokers that wouldn’t just shut you out, and even longer to learn some Real Trading Strategies to incorporate. A lot of trial and error and a lot more money (thousands) was lost before i learned.

This is why we, at PrestigeBinary, created a portal to narrow down a traders search. We are traders just like you looking for something trustworthy and efficient. We have come to provide a “Binary Options Trading Hub” of everything you will need to learn under one roof! We created this portal because when i look back to when i first started trading binary options, I wished there was ONE site i could go to and save myself TIME and MONEY. In our binary options trading portal you will learn about Trusted Brokers you can join, Auto Traders that have been proven to work, and Trading strategies. But more importantly, our BlackList of brokers and Scam services that you should stay far away from.  We strongly believe that the information you find at www.prestigebinaryoptions.com will be useful to everyone in so many ways!!!!

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