FastCashBiz Holds Great Potential – A New Binary Options Trading System that ACTUALLY WORKS!!

The new Fast Cash Biz program is currently the top viral binary options trading software in the industry!! Its well deserved popularity is growing in massive proportions due to many traders experiencing positive outcomes. If you’ve read our previous FastCash.Biz Review, we were against a wall in determining whether FastCash was just another binary Hoax. By providing us with a unique, professional approach, our judgement was momentarily indecisive. But within the last couple days, Fast Cash Biz is taking the industry by storm, by providing many happy traders with a binary trading system that ACTUALLY WORKS!!

As stated in our recent Fast Cash Biz Review, unraveling their true integrity was no easy task. Every week, we at PrestigeBinary are faced with many worthless binary trading SCAMS. Because we enjoy blowing up their spot on a regular basis, these Fraudulent Programs are generally easy for us to pick off, just by observing a few common characteristics found in most deceptive websites. Ironically, In terms of FastCash.Biz, their profile showed a refreshingly positive alternative.

FullSizeRenderOff course, just by hearing the name “FastCashBiz”, we naturally concluded this had to be another Scam. However, observing their impressive marketing campaign and high quality productions compelled us to be optimistic for the Fast Cash Biz software. Lets ponder for example, advertisements on television. It requires a lot of money to produce a 60 second commercial. Any company has to achieve at least a small amount of success in order to incorporate a professional-looking announcement like the one viewed on the FastCash.Biz Website.

Positive input from happy customers are quickly appearing on many Blog sites and Forums. At the early stages of our Fast Cash investigation, we found a few negative evaluations from websites like and Taking them seriously was out of the question because these blog sites proclaim every binary options software of being fake, while pushing to sell their own merchandise. In terms of, we really doubt they’ve tried every single trading system, especially the FastCash.Biz program.

Here are some fantastic Benefits the Fast Cash Biz Auto-Trader offers:

  • Trading on Multiple Platforms
  • Access to Free Data Feeds
  • Customize Different Alert Perimeters
  • Receive Trade Alerts Instantly
  • 78%-90% Accuracy
  • 24/7 Support with 25 different Representatives

Its no wonder why their favorable reputation continues to climb. David Graham and Madison Clark, the creators of the Fast Cash Biz system, have definitely created an intuitive and reliable product. Even though their introduction videos were rather long (compared to get-rich-quick schemes looking for a quick sale), stereotypical scammy traits like annoying countdown timers, “live” banner readings of traders momentarily gaining profits, and phony voice-overs with text were no where to found! As for their ‘live human touch’, no proof was found indicating the individuals in their advertisements were paid actors from or anywhere else. As a legitimate touch, while the majority of fraudulent sites maintain a generic rick warning, FastCashBiz provides a government disclaimer which is actually required by law.

Join Now buttonIts a refreshing notion to come across a working reliable trading software like FastCash.Biz, that REAL life traders are actually benefiting from. We hope to see a continual pattern of success from all binary option traders who take advantage of using this exciting new product. As a result of the company’s, and the success of individual traders, PrestigeBinary will be proud to place the Fast Cash Biz trader software in our Trusted Signals Section. If you’re new to trading binary options, always remember its important to familiarize yourself with our BlackList for self-protection, and make sure you sign up with a Reliable Broker with a solid reputation. Thank for reading our review and hope this post has been helpful in answering your questions. We want to hear more input about any interactions with David and Madison’s program so we encourage you to leave any feedback in our comments below!!  HAPPY TRADING!!!

Fast Cash Biz Review – Actually be a Legitimate Software for Binary Traders??

***New Update: Check out the bottom of this post for REAL USER REVIEW. Due to continual Successful Feedback from many Users, Check out our new Positive FASTCASHBIZ Review 

The Fast Cash Biz Software is a new auto-trading program recently released, and has quickly become a viral topic within the trading industry. For the past few days there have been many inquiries regarding the new FastCash.Biz system because traders are finding certain qualities in their campaign, causing a natural attraction for many online-traders.  Because we review many binary options scams every week, we’re taking a cautious approach in analyzing this new product. At first glance we almost immediately assumed they’re another scam, but then again we could be wrong.

Some of our methods in identifying fraudulent online-money-makers are the people used in their advertisements. Well over 95% of most fake binary option propagandas steal or purchase other peoples photos, while providing them with different aliases for phony review purposes. If you’ve ever watched videos of individuals claiming to have been successful in using a ‘scammy’ software, they’re almost always paid actors from  But in Fast Cash Biz, we have found no conclusive evidence indicating the selected Beta-Testers of being any form of paid actor. Scam reviews for are already created by Blogging sites like and, but with their own hidden agenda of diverting traders into buying their own binary trading software. These assessments are not sufficient enough to totally deem FastCashBiz as a Scam,….or at least not yet.

FullSizeRenderAs for the creators of the FastCashBiz system, Madison Clark and David Graham have honestly placed a very compelling production. Unlike many deceptive trading programs out there with a sole purpose of draining your wallet, Fast Cash Biz does not provide annoying cliches of “countdowns” to persuade you to rush into a decision, or “live” banner readings of traders momentarily gaining profits. Such marketing tactics are favored among scam-artists as a psychological means of persuasion in selling their faulty malware. As a refreshing observation, we also noticed  a government disclaimer at the bottom of the FastCash.Biz website, which is actually required by Law. The majority of others attempt to maintain a generic risk warning, if they even bother.

Here’s a few Benefits the FastCash Auto-Trader offers:

  • trades on multiple platforms
  • Access to Free Data Feeds
  • Customizable Alert Perimeters
  • Receive Trade Alerts Instantly
  • Up To 90% accuracy
  • 24/7 Support with 25 different Representatives

It is clear that David and Madison have spared no expense in assembling their impressive Fast Cash Biz program. You can see for yourself, while their site is simple yet straight forward, the quality in footage, no typical voice-overs, and the use of the actual human touch, is an enthralling approach. As you may know, the cost of commercial video production does not come cheap. You will need to pony-up a pretty penny in order to conceive a quality product. Its a possible indication the FastCashBiz program may be on the right track.

But were are not 100% convinced Fast Cash Biz is the next best trading software in the industry. There are many positive aspects within their system, designating great potential of being a powerful, useful trading application. But for the moment, in this early stage, PrestigeBinary cannot be sure. We have high hopes this new trading software will be beneficial for many traders to take advantage of for the near future. But with your help, we will be able to unmask their true potential.

Thank you for taking the time in reading our FastCash.Biz Review.  Please Help us by Like, Share, and Comment our Post to spread the word around. With your help and feedback, we can determine if the Fast Cash Biz system is Reliable, or just another Scam.

***Shortly After Publishing our Post, We found some FastCashBiz User Reviews on a reliable Forum source called WatchDog.


Copy The Pro SCAM!!! – Don’t be fooled by their Professional Appearance!!

Copy The is another binary options trading SCAM unleashed back in July 27th 2015. We are concerned with continual inquiries regarding the new trading software, so we are here to set the record straight. We encourage you to take the time to read our CopyThePro Review to fully understand they are nothing more than a faulty program without any positive outcomes.

The so-called mastermind behind this elaborate campaign, Brad Christian, goes great lengths to insure his program seems very professional and legitimate. The idea behind his concept is to grant members of his program the privilege of following professional traders while utilizing Copy The Pro System. You can choose to follow Brad himself, who claims to already have 3,729 followers, or six other “top traders” in his group. All whom also have large amounts of ‘followers’ of there own. Bold claims of their “documentary making headlines across the country” are seen directly above their marketing video. Making a few simple Google searches provided no proof of recognition nor successful reviews from any media resources. Other than recent reviews dated from their recent insurrection in the industry a couple months back, no data is found on their ‘historical’ achievements. Don’t let this CopyThePro website fool you, their glamour is used to mask their true identity of nothing more than a malicious fraudulent trading system.FullSizeRender(1)Besides the usual fake testimonials praising their success with the phony trading software, the ‘top traders’ themselves are enough to draw attention for RED-FLAGS. The man depicted as ‘Brad Christian’ is nothing more than one of many actors bought a dime-a-dozen. The pictures for the other traders were all purchased or stolen from other websites. The picture of “Sarah Philips” was bought from

Others like “Robert Dunwell” and “Chris Ferguson” we also purchased images from

This information alone should be enough for you to perceive that Copy The Pro is not to be trusted. Ask yourself, why should such a “headliner” company like CopyThePro need to buy fake photos with elaborated names to promote their campaigns?

Now that we’ve covered the bad part, we want to acknowledge the concept of following professional binary options traders isn’t that far-fetched. If you really want to make it as a binary options trader, the best way to learn is from real life professional traders. In fact, there are REAL systems of Trading Communities which offer the ability to Following and Communicate with Real Life Traders that are legitimate and honest. “Copy The Pro” is a perverted version of authentic groups and softwares out there which consists of many novice traders more importantly LEARNING how to become better binary traders within these trading communities. Thank you for reading our CopyThePro Scam Review and stay away from them. If you have any further questions, information or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.

Is Michael Freeman SCAMMING all of Us?? Mike offers a new Online Marketing Education Program – Review

FullSizeRender(45)Ever wonder how a select few among the vast universe of internet marketing achieve financial success? Ever heard of Michael Freeman? Another Scam Artist? Normally PrestigeBinary discusses Binary Option related topics. But today we’re taking a slight turn because for we are excited to present you our review on Mikes Money Caliphate! First off, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to make money online? Have you ever attempted online marketing? Have you fallen for phony pyramid schemes and fraudulent affiliate programs? Answering ‘yes’ to any of the these questions doesn’t make you a fool. On the contrary, it shows you searching for something greater than most and an eagerness to reach higher levels. As you know, the internet provides wonderful opportunities to achieve financial success. But whom do you follow? The education found in Michael’s program is the real deal, in which Mike finally shares his online marketing secrets to his students. Although this education has only been available for privately selected few, this new learning opportunity has now been opened for everyone to take advantage of!

If you’re familiar with the binary options industry, you’ve probably heard the name ‘Michael Freeman’. I began my binary options trading journey a few years back and stumbled upon Mike Freeman’s YouTube Channel (the biggest in the industry). His numerous educational videos and tutorials on proper binary trading were extremely beneficial for learning the aspects of binary options and inspired me to become profitable. Little did I know, Mike’s Money Caliphate program would bring me further to the stepping stones of future successful possibilities.

Even before binary options, or becoming a student of the MoneyCaliphate Education system, I spent thousands of dollars I didn’t really have on money-making online programs with high hopes which always led to unbearable disappointments. The self-proclaimed “mentors” were even less accommodating.

Joining the community within Money Caliphate, it was quickly evident that Michael was unlike any mentor I’ve ever had. The more I learned from him, the more I realized the “gold nuggets” of marketing information my previous ‘mentors’ had been withholding from me. On second thought, I doubt they even know half the information Mike knows, and best of all, MIKE WILL TEACH YOU TOO! Along with his professional approach, he has an abundance wealth of knowledge and will teach you everything you need to know for success. You will soon realize you are blessed with a chance  to walk hand-in-hand, with the most powerful figurehead from the binary industry.  **This is not a pyramid scheme. You will not be working under/for Michael Freeman or anyone else. You will work & learn WITH Him and his Students, with a final goal of working for Yourself!!

Michael Freeman Presents:  

The Money Caliphate Opportunity we took for learning from a Real Multi-Millionaire!

  • Over 15 Hours of Online Marketing Webinars
  • Recorded audits of student websites and 1 on 1 sessions
  • Free 1 on 1 website Audits by Michael Freeman himself
  • Access to our private FaceBook Affiliate Marketing Community
  • A One-Time Fee  -No recurring fees or future additional costs (EVER)!
  • Unlimited Support & Guidance by the Man himself!
  • Learn to create your own personal WebSite!
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Proper SEO, WhiteHat/BlackHat Marketing
  • Learn to measure the competition
  • Quality Keyword Density
  • Simple ways to engage the audience
  • Powerful methods to Convert Leads into Sales!
  • Free access to all future live group webinars!
  • ** Limited Time** 10% DISCOUNT ONLY BY STUDENT REFERRAL!  – {Me-Paul Caicedo} – Future students will definitely want to take advantage of this!!

Learning all of this and more is guaranteed from this program! Following Mike in my previous years, and then Joining his MoneyCaliphate marketing class was definitely the best investment I’ve ever made without any regrets. My career has expanded farther than it ever could on my own. A true life changer I’ve embraced and surely you will too! Michael has and continues to exceed our expectations everyday. Don’t miss out on this grand opportunity to achieve your financial goals!

Money Caliphate 10% Discount!!!

**You can learn more about Michael and this amazing opportunity at  KEEP in MIND: Mike has given his Previous Students the ability to offer a 10% discount for his education service to anyone interested. To receive the 10% discount Just email Michael Freeman and mention my name “Paul Caicedo” as a referral & Discount will be granted!  The website is password protected so be sure to request the password in your email.

Mike’s Email:

***Take Note: Even though you can generate big profits with binary option investments, we want to point out that Mikes Money Caliphate education system can be implemented on more than just binary options. No matter what you want to create, promote, and/or sell, the knowledge you will receive from this experience can be injected into any category, provided you follow Michael’s instructions.

The SpiderProfit Scam is Pathetic!!!

Be Aware!! The SpiderProfit APP is another automated binary options trading scam. Nobody likes Spiders and No One will ever like Spider Profits!! Even though its official release was a few months ago, back in July 7th 2015, it appears “John Miller” re-launched their faulty program to the public. Again they’re spamming thousands with promotional emails claiming SpiderProfit will generate huge success rates up to 98.3%. I’m going out on a strong limb here that their initial release didn’t go so well, so they’re desperate for a second attempt. After following our review, we hope you will make the right decision in staying clear of the SpiderProfit Scam

Its no surprise for their initial failure. The website has a generic looking appearance with not much to offer. Other than its introduction video and subscription area, there’s a whole lot of NOTHING to prove their system is worth anything more than dirt. No I take that back. Dirt is more valuable.

FullSizeRender(44)If you watched their intro video, John miller announces that “100 average people with no previous experience make $30000 every week using the SpiderProfit System”. Really?? We’re better off not seeing the typical fake snapshots of huge bank accounts, and phony pictures from everyone who has ‘succeeded’ using the worthless Spider Profit software. Instead your subject to watch only 2 video testimonials from individuals who are clearly paid actors. And since this review has been written a couple months after their first release, where are the positive customer reviews raving about this revolutionary binary options trading tool? Makes you wonder.

The sole purpose of SpiderProfit system is to appear as the only solution for everyone (not just binary traders) in achieving financial freedom. What better way than to highjack the binary options industry and present “guarantees” of exotic cars, beautiful houses, and luxurious vacations. Who wouldn’t want all these things?! But this is merely a tactic used by phony programmers to entice the possibility that “their” software is the way to achieve such success. Let me be clear: Trading binary options is abundantly lucrative, but you wont make it with useless trading systems like Spider Profits.

If you notice on the bottom on the left-hand side of the SpiderProfit site, there’s the “only 6 free copies available”. I guess we can consider this as a “countdown” indicator like the timers we see in the majority of binary options scams. But the funny part is, that ‘6’ doesn’t go up or down like most fake timers do. “Be part of the first 100 people to respond so you can indeed utilize this fabulous wealth generating software absolutely free”. Well, its been 2 months so I’m assuming 94 traders (unlike the ‘100’ claimed in the video) are enjoying the benefits of this “fabulous” program.

“No Experience Required”?? Please people! As an experienced trader and one who constantly deals with fraudulent binary option systems, this ‘no experience required’ statement is a total lie. Trading Binary Options is a valuable and profitable manner of investing which requires a bit of education. You can always achieve profitable trading results by understanding the fundamentals of proper technical analysis, AND/OR following a professional traders signals. A REAL person, not a machine. Its also important to subscribe with a Reputable Broker. In most cases, Binary brokers introduced by faulty systems like are not reliable at all and are later Blacklisted. If you don’t know where to start your binary options trading education, there are plenty of Recommended Trading Communities vouched by PrestigeBinary and many others, filled with experienced traders from who you can personally learn from.

Thank you for taking your time in reading our SpiderProfit review and hope you stay clear from them. Be sure to leave any feedback and share your thoughts with us regarding Spider Profits in the comments below.

BigOption User Review – 2015

BigOption Features

  • Assets Offered – 180+
  • Minimum Deposit – $250
  • Minimum Trade Amount – $25
  • Maximum Trade Amount – $1000
  • Payout – 85%
  • Platform – SpotOption Gen 2
  • U.S. Traders Allowed – No
  • Free Demo – No
  • Funding Methods – Major Debit/Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfers, Neteller, Deposit by phone, and more
  • Web Based – Yes – no downloading needed
  • Mobile Trading – Android & IOS
  • Bonus – up to 200%
  • Education – (All Free)-learning videos, webinars, e-books

BigOption is a relatively new binary options broker with a unique looking interface, but does not divert from its user-friendliness and well organized structure. Upon its entrance to the trading industry, BigOption is considered the first Spot broker to implement the Forex Trading Tool in 2012, by the SpotOption platform which combines the aspect of Forex trading together with Binary Options. Let us thoroughly review key aspects of Big Option and determine whether they are deemed Reliable or another Scam.

We can see they have made great efforts in standing out. Although they have adopted the trusted SpotOption Platform system found in many other brokers, has drifted from the cliché white-label appearance  by adding new designs and color schemes.  The BigOption system is very well organized into managed sections that provide easy access to useful information and tools to its traders. Construction was headed by a team of experienced professionals with a vision towards providing binary options traders with a world class environment. With a huge list of Assets, along with the classic Binary Options Trading feature, BigOption also provides trading in Pairs, Long Terms (expiring by day, weeks & months), Speed Option (Turbo), One Touch, Ladder, FX/CFD, and the new PRO-Follow (coping the pro traders). It’s no wonder the BigOption broker has been acknowledged by binary trading authorities like FXEmpire.

FullSizeRender(42)But acknowledging BigOption’s provided feature aspects and efficiency in finding a new broker is not enough to determine their true nature. While looking for a new binary options broker, one must also examine their support and securities to ensure your next broker is one you can count on.

“Is BigOption another Scam broker?”, one of the highly debatable questions consistently repeated in binary option broker reviews. During our investigation of the Big Option platform, we found a common plethora of mixed customer reviews, both positive/negative. Noticeably among the negative reviews, there was a similar complaint topic: withdrawal requests. Digging deeper into the subject, these particular traders had participated in bonuses, large investment opportunities presented by brokerage investors, and usage abuse of certain broker features. Bonuses and special trading invite opportunities are 100% legal which offer huge potential in profits, but come with variations of stipulations. You can learn more about withdrawal criteria involving bonuses and more in our Broker Complaint Section. Many binary brokers, such as BigOption, offer a “Cancellation” feature for a losing trade, but strictly warn traders to not abuse this feature, or penalizations will be carried forward. Its Important that all traders read their terms & conditions.

Regardless of the ‘Nay-Sayers’ who don’t follow proper trading protocols, provides an array of features and securities that insures reliability for its traders which many have come to acknowledge and appreciate.

Customer Service

Providing great support is very important to have in trading binary options. BigOptions support team is found very impressive and responsive, available 24/7 VIA telephone, live chat, and email. A great quality that cannot be bypassed, considering most brokers are only available during the trading week under regular working hours. As for telephone service, toll-free numbers are available for 7 countries!


Although the SpotOption platform, in which the BigOption program operates on, is regulated, Big Option itself isn’t. Having said that, they stopped accepting U.S. traders which indicates a partial process of acquiring a regulatory license.

Withdraw and Security

Procedures for requesting funds is pretty basic. Unlike other brokers who process Withdrawal requests within 3 days, BigOption will process within 24 hours. Funds are later seen in your personal bank accounts with 7 business days.

Security is no laughing matter. A 256 bit SSL encryption technology is used throughout their website. McAfee (HackerSafe) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) uses to protect information during transmission. All financial transactions are handled by Level 1 PCI certified international payment service providers. Such protocols are utilized by major banks and retail stores.


Due to our experience and thorough investigation with BigOption, we can conclude they are not a scam. Their perks and features are proven to be exciting and truly impressive. They have proven themselves to be a reliable broker with safety, assurance, and effectiveness in mind. As long as traders familiarize themselves with certain terms & conditions, we believe traders will not go wrong with this innovative broker. If you have any experience or feedback regarding trading with Big Option, do not hesitate on commenting below. We would like to hear more from you. Thank you for reading our BigOption Review. You may learn more in our Trusted Broker Section to further understand our criteria that must be followed when investigating a binary options broker.

Magic Money Machine is a SCAM!! – Stay Clear!!

There’s a new binary options trading software making its day-view called the Magic Money Machine Scam!! We implore that you take a couple minutes of your time to review our post, save your money, and stay clear from this ‘trading system’. It didn’t take us long poking through the navigation process of the website to find many irregularities along with annoying repetitiveness, and damaging contradictions.

Lets begin with their basic frontal appeal. The Magic Money Machine system promises they are like no other program in the industry and can generate “$800 every 17 minutes”, executing 3-4 trades. Once upon a time, this trading software had been sold at $3,500, and was considered ‘dirt cheap’ because you would make your money back just over an hour using this new trading application. But now they are offering us a generous favor of giving it away for FREE!!  UMM….NO THANKS!!

FullSizeRender(39)We investigated two sign-up pages of the Magic Money Machine program, and found their product to be both in ‘limited quantity’ and Quality. The first part of their registry process consists of a form to input name and email, along with an introduction video. You will hear, “But you must hurry fast, we are only giving this exciting new trading software to the first 20 people who fill out the form…”  So we took the liberty of filling our information and were taken to page two. Now the story changes. “Act quickly! there are only 30 spots left”. Now hold on a second!! Now I’m confused by you giving me two different numbers. Which one is it?  20? or 30? You will also notice a “7:30” countdown timer which is very cliche among get-rich-quick liars, in order to rush you into buy something regrettable.

But the worst part of the Magic Money Machine SCAM is their exploitation of fake photos for their “success testimonials”. Rather, i shouldn’t say ‘fake’ photos because they are indeed very real. Jeff Winkleman claims “I made $2,840.39 on my first day of using the Magic Money Machine. I highly recommend it”. His picture can be found on under ‘Caucasian business man smiling in office’. Samantha Jones states she “pulled in $9,531.96 in my first week! I’m still in shock at how awesome the Magic Money Machine is”. Reliable sources, like, have revealed the true picture of ‘Samantha Jones’ was taken from the Florida State College at Jacksonville website and is in fact Dr. Cynthia Bioteau, the president of the school. We’ve torn apart and dissected many fraudulent trading sites in the past, but this is a new Low-Blow which concludes these scam-artists have no shame in crossing other peoples boundaries. They are here to steal you money, so misuse of others private photos is nothing to them.

FullSizeRender(40)We could very well continue our assessments on this bogus system and point out their establishment claim “Since 2004” below the Magic Money Machine video. But i dont need to ramble on and remind everyone that binary options trading has only been around since 2008, Or point out if this make-money-quick scheme had been around all these years, why are there no reviews whatsoever from customers and consumers raving about their successes found anywhere in the internet?

There isnt much left to evaluate but enough to calculate the malicious creators behind the Magic Money Machine are selfish, deceitful, ill-advised, lack respect for the privacy of professionals, and a disgrace to the binary options industry. Trading Binary Options should always be taken seriously and with respect. Upon commencing your trading experience, its beneficial to be familiarized with The BlackList of trading companies to protect yourself. Opening a Trusted Broker account with a reliable reputation and Demo is a commendable way to insure your associated with trusted support and your funds are kept safe. The Magic Money Machine will bring you as much fortune as the Toys found on 🙂

Thank you for reading and remember to STAY AWAY from the Phony MagicMoneyMachine System!!


Tradorax User Review – New Favorite Broker

Tradorax Features

  • Assets Offered – 120+
  • Minimum Deposit – $250
  • Minimum Trade Amount – $10
  • Maximum Trade Amount – $15,000
  • Payout – 70% – 85%
  • Platform – TechFinancials
  • US Traders Allowed – Yes
  • Free Demo Account – No
  • Funding Methods – Over 33 payment methods accepted!
  • Web Based – yes -no downloading needed
  • Mobile Trading – IOS & Android
  • Bonus – up to 50%-200% welcoming bonus
  • Education Articles, live webinars, learning videos

Whether you’re a new-comer to trading binary options, or just looking for another Broker to add to your portfolio, Tradorax should be your next choice. Since their late insurrection in 2014, they are definitely considered part of a newer breed of binary options brokers. But don’t let their small amount of years deceive you. The Tradorax system has been built on reputable grounds of reliability, efficiency, and has easily become a trusted favorite among traders world-wide, including the USA. We are excited to present to you our new Tradorax Review and unveil all they have to offer for binary traders around. You will learn what separates this particular broker, and makes them unique from the rest.

To start with, was established by experienced and professional brokers, with entrepreneurial skills and expertise in Global Markets. The Tradorax Broker is owned and operated by Alpha Capital House LTD, located at 1A Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London. Their new brokerage system is built on the TechFinancials Platform. This platform company is not your average, typical SpotOption Platform, found on most brokers. Along with its user-friendly interface, Tech Financial offers a much more professional feel to your trading experience. One unique characteristic to point out, the Tradorax system allows the possibility of tracking two different assets simultaneously for double progression. As a result of TechFinancail’s platform technology, the Tradorax broker is one of the newest generation versions which include both Binary & Forex Trading opportunities. Trading with the new tradorax software provides simple trading instruments for further enhancement; the traditional High/Low (standard binary option trades), One-touch, Turbo (60sec-5min trades), and a new Boundary Option (exclusive only to very few binary brokers).


Deciphering a binary broker’s true potential, like Tradorax, is extremely important to distinguish when looking for a new trading platform. Apart from looking at a brokerage systems efficiency, one must examine the supporting sides of Tradorax as well. The simplicity of placing trades is one side, but learning of their safety and security measures are another crucial component. Judging key aspects determine if a broker is trustworthy or not.

Customer Service

Investigating the customer support team by Tradorax was a refreshing experience. They understand that keeping traders happy and safe is the best way to recur ongoing relationships. Unlike most binary option brokers who only offer assistance during the trading week, Tradorax Support is available 24/6! If there are any questions, or if any traders need assistance, help is always available VIA Phone, Live Chat, and Email. By many customer reviews, binary traders feel the Tradorax Company is dedicated to clients as a top priority.

Funding Security and Education 

The Tradorax Program does not mess around when it comes to safety and privacy of its clients. Many of their safety protocols are the same followed by most global retail stores and banks. A 256 bit SSL encryption technology is used all over their website. McAfee (Hacker-Safe) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) uses to protect information during transmission. All financial transactions are handled by Level 1 PCI certified international payment service providers. And all communications between clientele is encrypted. Such measures have assured many traders to feel safe knowing all transactions and funds are secured.

And lets not forget about their educational center. Here all traders can access to wide varieties of Videos for Trading Basics, Trading Psychology, Advanced Courses, and Guides. All learning materials can be accessed at your own disposal.


Even though Tradorax is not yet licensed or regulated by any EU regulations, they remain compliant with reputable binary options industry standards in order to produce a quality service that makes all their traders aware they are not being scammed. As an added bonus of lacking regulatory licenses, the tradorax broker has opened its doors to the U.S. populace.

PrestigeBinary has dealt with many Scams services and Fraudulent brokers with a sole purpose of taking your money. The Tradorax Broker ISN’T among them! Instead they are definitely a broker worth checking out if your interested in binary options trading. We have gladly included Tradorax System in our field of Trusted Brokers. They have definitively proven to place security and reliability above all else, and aspire to cater a customers needs. Because Tradorax’s synergy in Binary/Forex combination, and newly improved features, it is no surprise they attract many traders around the world, (including the USA) and resulted in a fantastic alternative for a new binary option brokers to partner with. 

SpotOption Platform Update-No Longer Accepting U.S. Traffic – 2015

Binary Brokers (Accepting All USA Traders)

Do you reside within the United States or a US province? Are you looking to invest in the binary options industry? I’m sure by now you’ve realized that finding a binary broker that accepts US traders has proven a bit more difficult and confusing. As a recent development, during the week of September 13, 2015, SpotOption has informed us that registrations for USA traffic will be Blocked. The SpotOption platform filed a process of obtaining a regulatory license. As you know, if a binary options broker is under any EU regulation, they will not accept US traders. This is in accordance to avoid any crossing with country and state tax laws. Therefore, popular US Friendly brokerages like CherryTrade, TittanTrade, PorterFinance, and many others have placed a final halt on traffic from the United States for the time being. The purpose of this review is to help everyone understand the changes happening within the binary options industry and assist finding other brokers who still accept USA traffic. If you are not a USA resident,  your choices of binary option brokers is not affected, so this review may not pertain to you 🙂 Youre are the lucky ones!

Regardless of US partial loss in Spotoption Platform availability, there are plenty of binary option platforms out there in which US friendly brokers run on. Many other American trusted brokers operate on Platforms such as the PandaTS/MT4, Tradologic, TechFinancials, AnyOption, & the new Leverate BX8 systems, which are not affected by SpotOption’s new formation. You can find more information about US Brokers, and their operating systems in our USA Broker Section.

This new change-up for the binary options business is huge, but not detrimental. The spotoption platform is one of the original pioneering trading softwares since the grande hype of binary options trading. As a result, a large majority of rising brokers since 2008 have adopted the commonly-used spotoption system. Other than regulatory reasons, we are not sure why they would come to such a decision, and honestly, we don’t know yet if they will even receive their regulatory licenses. The United States is a large country with great potential, and a huge customer base. Trading binary options remains a growing giant, so it beckons us to question their decisive loss on American clientele.

But in this shade of darkness, shines a beam of light! Fortunately, there are still plenty of other alternatives for binary brokers, in which US traders can still join. Honest relationships between traders and brokers is extremely important.  PrestigeBinary believes finding a trusted US friendly broker is the stepping-stone for success in trading. You can place all the trades you want, but if you’re stuck with an unreliable broker, chances are you wont be able to retrieve your winnings. We exhaust all measures to insure that our reviewed brokers in our follow certain PretigeBinary ‘protocols’ to determine whether we deem them Reliable or Scams. Regardless of whether a they utilize spotoption platforms or not, any trusted broker must have a Strong Customer Service Team, Availability in Support, Product Reliability, Efficiency and Transparency. 

The privilege of trading binary options USA traders is not going anywhere. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just examine the Google Trends. Binary Options is currently at its highest peak, and its trending popularity continues to climb upward. This is not the End, but the Beginning of more exciting opportunities for the US trading market. Already there are US-accepted brokers providing new features never seen before. Read our Top USA Picks and see which best suits your trading needs.

Please note: if you currently have a funded account with trading brokers operated by spotoption platforms, you are still able to move forward with your trading. However, you will not be able to make any future deposits. We suggest you contact your current broker for further confirmation.

PrestigeBinary hopes our updated review on the spotoption platform & USA Brokers have helped you further understand some of the current changes occurring within the binary options industry. We have received many email inquiries seeking answers, so We hope your questions have been addressed. If we missed anything about spotoption or other US broker information, please dont hesitate to ask or leave feedback in the comments below. You may also email us anytime at

Trade Thunder – LOW DEPOSIT – Welcoming ALL U.S. Traders

TradeThunder Features

  • Assets Offered – 50+
  • Minimum Deposit – $20-$200
  • Minimum Trade Amount – $1
  • Payout – 70% – 90%
  • Platform – Leverate BX8
  • US Traders Allowed – Yes
  • Free Demo Account – Yes
  • Funding Methods – Major Credit and Debit Cards and Bank Wire
  • Web Based – yes -no downloading needed
  • Mobile Trading – IOS & Android
  • Bonus – up to 100% welcoming bonus
  • Education Articles, live webinars, learning videos

PrestigeBinary is excited to present our new Trade Thunder Review. This is an exciting opportunity because not only does Trade Thunder accept US traders, they run on a brand new trading platform call Leverate BX8. With new features and unique platform designs, we believe Trade Thunder will add a revolutionary change in binary options trading. Their reputation, though recently developed, will contribute for this system on being a trailblazer in the business and an eye-catcher for traders from USA

Trade Thunder is a brand new broker in the binary options industry. Regardless of their insurrection in mid 2015, binary options traders are already acknowledging Trade Thunder for its excellent service. Its really refreshing to see a different platform that strays from the path of others seen on most binary brokers. Not only is it unique, its user friendly.

IMG_0433As of now, not only is Trade Thunder the first to install the new Leverate BX8 Platform, they are the only brokerage to have it. Leverate Financial was founded in 2008 as a technology provider with the abilities for full brokerage solutions. In 2013 Leverate recognized the growth in the binary options market, and decided to build their own binary options platform with help from the forerunners in the Forex Market. It is a very fast system which executes trades within milliseconds, an important feature embraced by new and advanced binary and Forex traders.

TradeThunder’s Special Features:

One-Click Technology Makes Trading Easier than Ever!!

Trade Thunder’s highlighting trading feature could lay waste to the old manner most binary traders are accustom to. Activating One-Click trading allows a binary trader to input a preferred amount to invest, and remains at your desired amount unless changed manually.  The One-Click Feature can be activated or deactivated at any time.

IMG_0435This takes the simplicity of binary trading to a whole new level. Instead of the regular four to five clicks required to execute a single trade, now you only need to make ONE. The minimal amount you can set for this feature is $5. Binary option enthusiasts will surely find this feature useful.

Bare Minimum & Minimal Trade Amount – Unseen Before!!

Most binary brokers require you to initially deposit $100-$500. Although Trade Thunder suggests $200, you can deposit as little as $20 and start your live trading! With its revolutionary low trade of $1, Trade Thunder allows you to execute 20 different binary trades!! This unbelievable new feature will make TradeThunder a flagship towards new trends.


Trade Thunder offers a plethora of educational resources for all their traders to access anytime they want. Social Trading, Intermediate & Advanced In-depth course videos, E-books, Binary Trading Strategies, and Economic Calendars will educate everyone in trading binary options successfully.

Withdrawal & Security – Bonus Withdrawal without Restrictions!!

Trade Thunder’s withdrawal policy is relatively quick. While most brokers take up-to 5 days to process a request followed by another 7-10 business days to receive funds, Trade Thunder can be as quick as half that time. (depending on withdrawal methods and global locations).  Their platform runs on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and all payments are encrypted by high end encryption systems implemented by banks and major retailers. Bonuses are no stranger in binary options. Many come with large restrictions and contingencies. However, you can learn more on TradeThunder’s “bonus without restrictions” that are virtually unheard of in the binary system.

FullSizeRender(20)Our Conclusion

Without making too much noise, Trade Thunder is definitely becoming a binary options broker that everyone will be watching. Offering extraordinary new features, free demos, $1 trades, one-click trading, the list goes on…. Trade Thunder blows all mediocre expectations out of the water. PrestigeBinary has found this new broker to be intuitive, innovative, reliable, and efficient for US binary traders, and traders world wide. We hope you found our Review helpful for your journey. If you have any relations or feedback concerning TradeThunder, we appreciate any feedback you have on your general experience with them. Please share with us personal opinions of their services, customer service retention, and overall trading experience in the comments below.

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