Black Swan App is a SCAM! Cheap Trading Software Review!

Black Swan App Review (Scam Warning)

The Black Swan App is a newly released trading Scam for binary options, but its methods for deceiving newcoming traders are the same as most scams we review on weekly basis. Together we’ll analyze in full detail specific issues we have with this automated software, and why traders should refrain from investing a single penny. While investigating by Donald Brock, we’re faced with familiar rhetoric of baking millions in return, along with typical scamming qualities ensured for manipulating traders into activating new accounts, thinking they’re investments are secured by a reputable trading application. On the contrary, much of their entirety is completely fabricated & misleading, in addition to certain incentives which could prevent users from withdrawing their money. In case you’re contemplating in joining Black Swan App trading software, please read our informative review exposing this faulty money-losing scheme.

Black Swan App Trading Review – Unmasking the SCAM Truth

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Lets begin with its origins, where traders are forced to believe Black Swan Technology is responsible for developing a sophisticated ‘mythical trading program’ capable of accomplishing the impossible. More specifically in creating millionaires. According to Donald, is based upon metaphoric theories described for events that come as a surprise for having major affects and inappropriately rationalized with benefits of hindsight. In other words the ideology of “push button” millionaire-making softwares were presumed complete scams that never worked until now with his “Black Swan Theory”. Intertwined with “top secret” algorithms, day-traders are told they can win 96.84% of all trades on autopilot, while generating nearly six thousand dollars every single day by examining 85 years of historical financial statistics for identifying past & future market trends. Sadly for these scammers, this is where their fraud operation begins to fall apart.

Whats disturbing is the lack of information regarding Donald’s company, aka Black Swan Technology, which doesn’t appear on any searches, except for related articles discussing this particular trading software. The mere fact Google cannot recognize this establishment as a documented organization reveals the sole fact this company is non-existent. A huge red-flag to take into consideration when determining its legitimacy. Once again traders are faced with an autotrader based on false premise, undoubtedly indicating the danger of an online scam.

Of course the amount of incriminating evidence at this point continues to progress for bad to WORST! Lets not overlook the alleged “CEO” calling himself Donald Brock, guaranteeing users will become millionaires within a year. But after establishing the company being a total bust, obviously its running leader is also a fake. Notice how viewers are never shown any live footage or facial recognition, except for a small photograph. Lets just say we weren’t surprised to find the imaged depicted as Mr Brock is merely a stock photo utilized in over 880 unrelated websites, Thereby concluding a plagiarized identity. Not the greatest avenue for trying to invoke trust between a software and potential clients.

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Cash Giveaways or Trap?

Black Swan App has added a manipulative feature for complicating your situation. The non-existing president of promises he’ll personally give you $1000 for whatever reason his trading software fails to deliver its advertised lucrative results. Also, a popup appears when you attempt to leave their webpage, insinuating you’re eligible for bonus of equal amount. However these scam-artists have deliberately refused to disclose critical information regarding these “handouts”, which in reality are bonuses from brokers. Bonus features are offered by all brokerage firms and great for increasing payout probabilities. But they also come with contingencies which must be completed before access to withdrawals are permitted. Most beginners aren’t aware of their required trade volumes, therefore these incentives are preferred for experienced traders who’re able to complete these tasks. The problem in combining fraudulent systems with bonuses is that it creates added difficulties in withdrawing, allowing crooked programmers to profit from your loss. Basically once you realized you’ve been scammed, your funds are inaccessible due to strict stipulations.

Want to become a millionaire? Who wouldn’t? But are you still comfortable in registering with Black Swan App scam? I wouldn’t think so, especially after unraveling numerous key points within this review. I hope our assessment has pinpointed vital aspects most readers well adverse in, but most importantly prevented you from funding an account with a debatable trading scam holding too many dishonest factors. The adaptations of falsified profiles and bogus organizations are commonly overused characteristics we highlight throughout many of our scam review postings, practiced widely by multiple fraud applications which simply dont operate to benefit trader goals. 

Black Swan App Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips!

Final Review Judgement: Avoid this awfully damaging Black Swan App scam! Another worthless autotrading tool exploiting fantasies of banking millions and achieving financial freedom!

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