Bitcoin Pro App Review – Sloppy SCAM Exposed!

By | January 9, 2018

Bitcoin Pro App is a brand new software making big promises. They claim you can make thousands in daily profits. Are you ready to make $1000 – $3000 everyday? Is that even possible with Bitcoin Pro App? Or is this another Scam? Our review has everything you need to know.

Unfortunately after investigating by James Robins, we found several scamming variable we don’t feel comfortable with. Certain attributes and misleading information have been exaggerated in efforts to steal your money.

In other words, I DONT trust Bitcoin Pro app, and I things this strange trading software is just a Scam.

They make a lot of flashy promises about making thousand of dollars, risk-free experiences so we don’t have to worry about losing trades. James also says we can become millionaires in a couple months.

But before jumping with excitement thinking this app is our ticket to finical freedom, read our review first. New evidence uncovered, revealing dirty little secrets these scammers don’t want you knowing. Bitcoin Pro App has the qualities of a typical get-rich scheme.

Bitcoin Pro App Review – Failed SCAM Unmasked

bitcoin pro app

Ill be honest, traders all around the world investing through cryptocurrencies do make substantial profits from $1000-$3000 and more each day. Cryptocurrency trading provides many lucrative opportunities, But don’t consider for a moment Bitcoin Pro App as a reliable source.

Obviously these scammers prefer you believe their own version of the truth, describing Bitcoin Pro App as the worlds best and safest crypto-trading software.

According to James Robins, his autotrading systems has been integrated with ‘unbeatable’ algorithms, based on repetitive patterns for predicting winning trades. He claims users will receive at least 93% Win rates.

To be honest, these are highly unrealistic results to achieve on a consistent basis. Yet these crooks claim their software is perfect, and you can become millionaires without and work in short time.

But ask yourselves this simple question: “If trading apps like Bitcoin Pro App could read turn all its members into millionaires without having to do anything, do you honestly believe this program would be given away for free?”. Absolutely NOT!

Its time traders learn the truth about this dubious trading hoax, and blacklist Bitcoin Pro App Scam once and for all.

Traders Lose with Bitcoin Pro App

Exposing this rotten scam in the first place is a result from nasty trader feedback. We’ve received a lot of complaints from traders in recent days, reporting how Bitcoin Pro App fails in performance, losing their investments.

You can imagine how angry they are, falling victim to another faulty trading scam. Can you blame them? Absolutely not. After all, Bitcoin Pro App ‘guarantees’ 93% winning rates. Clearly that is not the case.

For future reference, be careful with any trading software like Bitcoin Pro App claiming near perfection. Unfortunately theres no such thing. All trading systems who’ve made such bold statements have always been proven frauds.

Bitcoin Pro App Impostors (Shady Creators)

From their videos, this guy named James Robins identifies himself as the mastermind and CEO of Bitcoin Pro App. By title of “CEO”, he’s thereby insisting a company in existence in order to this to be true.

However during our investigation we confirmed this company does NOT exist. There is no recording of acknowledgment from Google confirming any legitimate organization by this name.

This James character is nothing more than a paid actor. An impostor hired by the real scammers responsible for this crappy Bitcoin Pro App Scam & promotional purposes.

But even if you didnt know his company is a total fraud. Heres another fun fact you should know.

The guy pretending to be Mr Robins is not only a cheap actor, but we’ve actually exposed him before within other blacklisted scams. Always using different identities, we can verify he’s NOT a CEO or Founder at all. In fact he has no connections to the development of Bitcoin Pro App whatsoever.

Fake Bitcoin Pro App Reviews

If they lie about developers, then finding false reviews within Bitcoin Pro App from people who don’t exist comes as no surprise. What’s interesting is they claim over 1000 happy members are currency using this software. But where are they? Why cant we find them?

We found a few photos representing current “successful members” making thousands each day. So how do we know they’re fake? During my research, I tried finding solid proof about their alleged success from “no loss” & “zero risk”, if any. I found nothing about their phony claims confirming any Bitcoin Pro App results.

The only positive reviews you’ll ever find are within Surprised? These images do NOT belong to any active user accounts. These profiles are bogus, and the pictures are simply stock photos purchased or stolen from a wide variety of other unrelated websites.

Ask yourselves where are the real reviews? Why don’t they show reviews from actual users? How come no one is making money with Bitcoin Pro App? Unless these criminals are deliberately hiding something from us.

False Bitcoin Pro App Results

Trading results are one of the best methods for verifying a trading system’s capacity. So lets quickly discuss the results displayed within Bitcoin Pro App. Further exposing their manipulative lies.

Why are these results fake? That’s because these idiots behind Bitcoin Pro App have purposely neglected to provide us with conclusive factors to verify these results.

No Entry or Expiration rates are shown. No Trade values given either. Even the Payouts are mathematically inaccurate. Notice how a losing trade magically produces a $369 profit. IMPOSSIBLE! Making this chart of alleged results invalid.

At this stage within our undisputed review, there are too many factors we cannot overlook and neither should you. Just from the numerous confirmations from disappointed traders, we simply cant condone the use of a trading system like Bitcoin Pro App. A software incapable of producing quality or safe services.

Bitcoin Pro App Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Judgement: Bitcoin Pro App is a Scam. Theres no doubt about that. Fake CEOs, inaccurate results, scammy tricks, and fake reviews, its best to never invest with this pathetic software.

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There’s no question the amount of scams like Bitcoin Pro App are frustrating and confusing. But we do our best reviewing the latest developments so traders can stay informed. There are plenty apps in our trusted list beginners can use to profit from home!

Thank you for reading the Bitcoin Pro App Review from our team. We provide honest updates for our readers to keep the community informed. If you have any personal experiences with them, please share it with us by commenting below. Let us know! Cheers to your success!


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