Bitcoin Loophole Review – Dangerous SCAM Exposed!

Can Bitcoin Loophole System make you rich? Will this autotrading bitcoin app deliver on its promises of Easy wealth and graddure? The answer to these questions is certainly NO! The following review is extremely important for all day-traders to read. Ive provided enough evidence exposing Bitcoin Loophole, another Scam.

Don’t believe, then stay tuned to learn what we’ve found. I personally investigated by Steve Mckay and found a lot of scamming variables and false lies. Basically the scammers are promising beginners traders they can become millionaire on complete autopilot. But I have my doubts.

Bitcoin Loophole is nothing more than your typical get-rich-quick scheme, and I’m here to prove it. Making $13,000 everyday sounds exciting, but don’t be fooled!

In case your thinking about joining with the Bitcoin Loophole Scam, I suggest you pause for a moment and read my review first. Learn the damaging truth I’ve uncovered these crooks don’t want you knowing about this money-losing gimmick.

Bitcoin Loophole Review – Don’t join this SCAM!

bitcoin loophole

Allow me to elaborate what it is traders are dealing with here. According to, Steve McKay is offering traders an opportunity to join the ‘beta-testing’ phase of Bitcoin Loophole. An automated trading software supposedly capable of achieving ‘financial freedom’.

Day-traders are literally guaranteed large profit sums of $13,500 daily or more just by clicking a few buttons through his trading system. Im sure anyone would love to make this much money everyday, but sadly these allegations are far from reality.

These lies are taken to a whole new level, as Mr McKay ensure his software is fail-safe & “mathematically impossible” to lose trades. As a result, you can expect to generate millions very quickly. Or so he says without any evidence.

Honestly these are the same lies adopted by countless online scams everywhere which steal your money and pollute this industry.

Ask yourself this simple question; “if the Bitcoin Loophole app can make you over $13,000 per day, do you honestly believe this trading system would be give away for free?”. This is ridiculous!

Bitcoin Loophole is a rotten Scam and its tricks are unethical. Lets blacklist this fraud once and for all!

Who Created Bitcoin Loophole Scam?

To be honest, we found zero information about these sleazy developers. To this day, we still have no idea who really responsible for the creating of Bitcoin Loophole.

Their introductory videos shows a quick screen shot supposedly belong to Steve McKay. We’re also made to assume the voice narrating the videos are from him too. But is this true? Is Steve a real person? Um….No!

The images above and below show wha. The image these scammers used was purchased or stolen from Shutter Stock. Proving this man doesn’t exist. 

This major red flag is a common trait seen within most scams. Almost all fraudulent trading programs use fake aliases, names or companies to hide their own identities. Allowing scam-artists to remain anonymous while they profit at your expense.

Clearly this scam is not being transparent about their developers. Are you willing to place your money in the hands of Bitcoin Loophole? Hopefully not.

Fake Bitcoin Loophole Reviews

Finding fake reviews from people who don’t exist is far too common among scams. Even worse are these profiles supposedly belonging to Bitcoin Loophole users are not even real members!

So how do we know they’re fake? During our investigation we tried finding and solid proof about this software’s success, if any. I found nothing correlating with their phony claims. 

The only positive reviews you’ll ever find are within itself. These images are simply more stock photos just like the one used for Steve. Therefore we can already see everything about their unrealistic success has been fabricated in order to deceive traders who visit this platform.

Phony Bitcoin Loophole Results

These sleazy liars are desperate and they know it. That is why they’re trying to deceive you anyway they can. We can already begin to see nothing about Bitcoin Loophole has been considered legit or truthful.

Remember Steve? The guy who doesn’t even exist? Well, he shows us the most pathetic version of live trading results Ive ever seen.

From his videos, be claims to leave the app running on autopilot for several hours. Allowing the Bitcoin Loophole system to trade for him. Later comes back showing over 126 trades had been taken, only 3 of them were loses.

Not only is this physically impossible, but also fake. How do we know? First off, allow me to clarify with each winning trade, you win an average winning payout of $20 for every $25 investment. However the payouts from this demo are inaccurate.

Notice his balance is over $14,800 as a result from 123 winning trades. Even if he really won all these trades, it would take way more than 123 wins to accumulate a five figure profit. Therefore these Bitcoin Loophole trading results, like everything else on this platform, is completely and 100% FAKE.

Still want to ‘Invest’ Bitcoin Loophole?

Im sure we can all agree Bitcoin Loophole autotrader app is NOT safe. Simple questions regarding why this people refuse to be transparent about their developers, why they exploit bugs results, or why they don’t use reviews from actual members is alarming enough.

I certainly hope todays Bitcoin Loophole review was sufficient enough for providing our readers with clear evidence exposing their illegal methods. Still thinking about joining? Hopefully not!

Bitcoin Loophole Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Judgement: Unless you have millions of dollars to waste, I think its best for traders to avoid the Bitcoin Loophole Scam. Other Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency scams have also been exposed by our team such as Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Millionaire, Auto Crypto 247, Bitcoin Trader & many others. Use Caution!

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Online trading is a wonderful way for people worldwide to make money from the comfort of their own home. But we understand how hard it is to find safe and reliable solutions when there are so many scams. We do our best to keep everyone informed on the latest & wonderful trading apps for beginners. And of course dirty scams.

Thank you for taking time in reading my Bitcoin Loophole Review Update. Feel free to comment below with any feedback, input or even first hand experiences you might have.

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  • I lost my $250 deposit in one day. Bitcoin Loophole is a total scam. Dont do it!

  • Logic and reliable information.a very useful guide for beginners . Thank you for sharing this Bitcoin LoopHole review, well done!

  • Hi,

    I deposited my 250$ with Bitcoin Loophole and after they got the money,my account was restricted . I could not access the account nor the person who was helping me.

    My money was gone.

    Don’t do it.

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