Bitcoin Era App is a SCAM (Serious Review)

A new scam called Bitcoin Era has made its debut for stealing your money. If you’re wondering what’s all the fuss about, read our new review exposing this dangerous fraud. A software promising you can achieve financial freedom without any work, yet all we found are lies and tricks.

Several people have requested we investigate the integrity of Bitcoin Era. Yet what we found was worse than expected. Everything from fake results & falsified information fills their website for tricking you into investing with this app.

If youre unsure about trusting this new Bitcoin Era App, dont worry. Together we’ll review all the details you need to know for your protection.

Too many people have already suffered major investment loss, so dont be their next victim. Lets discuss the hidden secrets these scammers dont want you knowing about their Bitcoin Era Scam.

Bitcoin Era Review – Old Scam Returns

bitcoin era

To understand why we’ve concluded this program unsafe, its important you know where this autotrader came from. Turns out Bitcoin Era isnt some new phenomenon for leading their client to easy wealth. On the contrary is much worse and unoriginal.

Truth be told Bitcoin Era has been confirmed of being duplicated scam from a Long line of scrupulous money-losing sytesms. These crooks behind these projects basically rebrand this ever failing gimmick with new names each time it’s re-released to the public.

Ill explain more about its duplications as we move along. However the message we are conveying is how unsafe and damaging this app is.

Think about it, a software promising you can make at least “$1,100” per day on complete autopilot? Sounds a bit too good to be true. And thats because it is. Bitcoin era doesn’t nothing more than blow smoke-covered BS.

Speculations are one thing, so let’s dive into the gritty info pertaining to what makes Bitcoin Era a bad investment.

Old Tricks, Same Lies

Okay, so the most important part everyone should know is we’re dealing with a rebranded scamming program. Bitcoin Era and its predisposed versions can be dated back over 2 years, when Bitcoin Trader was first introduced to the market.

Without getting sidetracked, lets clarify here and now Bitcoin Trader is one of the most popular and dangers crypto-related scams still active in the market today. 

So what does this have to do with BitcoinEra? Well, fast forward two years later, there have been man variants of Bitcoin Trader continuously polluting the industry with its false claims of easy money. There was Bitcoin Evolution, Crypto Revolt and many others. 

bitcoins era

You can see form the displayed image, all of these trading programs are exactly identical. Bitcoin Era is merely the newest addiotn in a long line of scams.

We hops this is the last, but we seriously doubt it.

Fake Bitcoin Era Reviews

Fake reviews are a classic touch most scams cannot live without. A desperate measure used for portraying a false sense of success. In the case of bitcoin era, they fail miserably in providing traders with a helpful service. As a result, fake reviews are exploited.

Just like the other scam version like Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt, Bitcoin Era has the same set up for displaying testimonial from members who dont even exist.

In addition, all the feedback from actually users of this crooked system report how this software has never produced profitable results.

Think about it, if something like the Bitcoin Era App really worked, there would be people all over the globe achieving finical freedom. Sadly this isnt the case. These images can be found in any stock image website for sale.

False Accuracy Ratings (Lies Continued)

This can be tied with my point about fake reviews. But there are other elements used here to further entice curious customers into joining.

In addition to the exaggerated claims of making $1,000 everyday, these criminals support their own lies by stating Bitcoin Era has been configured with powerful attributes. Allowing it to analyze markets with an alleged 99% win rate.

Although this sounds awesome, making money 99% of all your trades, reality states this is simply impossible. Even the best trading systems available cannot execute accuracies that high on a consistent daily basis. It’s a sure fact, yet BitcoinEra wants you to believe otherwise.

If you really want to make consists profits through a realistic program, check our recommendations at the end of this review.

Oh, and lets not forget the award-winning prize! The “U.S. Trading Association” doesn’t even exist. Nor is it available for US traders to join. IDIOTS!

Still Trust Bitcoin Era?

Once you peel back the layers of crap, it becomes more evident the true intentions behind Bitcoin Era. Their main goal is to sell you a fantasy so they can steal your money.

To this day, many people are fighting to get their initial deposits back. To join most programs, even a scam such as Bitcoin Era required a deposit to actually trade. Once people have realized this app is useless, the next smartest step would be to withdraw whatever funds you deposited.

Many are being denied their payments, denied dues, and unauthorized deactivation of trader accounts.

Nothing good comes out of joining, and we hope our bitcoin era review was simple & effective enough to understand why nobody should ever invest with them.

Bitcoin Era Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Final Verdict: Whatever you do, save your money from these crooks. Bitcoin Era does nothing more than blow smoke with empty lies. Use caution!

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Finding a safe trading app can be exhausting for rookie investors. Especially if you don’t know where to look. At Prestige Options, we have you covered! Stay informed with our daily updated scam list. And don’t forget about our section of best trading apps containing various choices of autotraders & educational resources.

We thank you for taking time in reading our latest & updated Bitcoin Era Review. Hope it helps others from falling for this shady scam. Please comment below by sharing any feedback, input and dealings you might have with this broken BitcoinEra App

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