BitCoin Code Review – Busted Trading SCAM Exposed!

Bitcoin Code Review – Must Read Scam Update

Today we’re here to prove why The Bitcoin Code is a Scam. That’s right folks! Bitcoin Code cannot be trusted and has been proven fraudulent through our efforts and research. The following review is a detailed analysis containing all the evidence these scammers don’t want you knowing. An insider look into their lies.

Traders use caution! During my thorough investigation within by Steve McKay, I found a huge amount of scamming variables. All of which are commonly found among fraudulent apps. Many forms of misleading information, lies about becoming wealthy and even fabricated profiles were made for manipulating beginner traders.

The idea of becoming a millionaire effortlessly on autopilot sounds like a dream come true. But this will never happen while using BitCoin Code App. We suggest reading our review to its end. Learn they truth these scammers don’t want the public knowing about their money-stealing gimmick.

Bitcoin Code Review – Cheap Scam Revealed

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Bitcoin & Crypto Currency trading is becoming evermore popular everyday. This particular trading asset is booming much larger than most expected. Providing many profitable opportunities. But don’t think for a moment The Bitcoin Code will make you rich.

These scammers literally guarantee its users $13,000 daily profits, and the ability of becoming a millionaire within a couple months. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention this is all ‘free’, completely automated and requires only a few minutes of work a day. Yeah Right!!!

Sounds too good to be true? If Bitcoin Code were truly capable of generating massive profits of $400,000 per month, you honestly believe this trading software would be given away free of charge? Absolutely not! This false reality is exactly what these criminals want rookie traders to believe.

Without anymore delay, its time we review damaging evidence uncovered during our research. Traders will see exactly what makes Bitcoin Code totally fake.

Terrible Bitcoin Code Trading Results

Steve Mckay supports his own lies regarding easy wealth by describing his Bitcoin Code App as a system virtually impossible of losing. Through experience, we know for a fact there’s NO SUCH THING as a perfect winning software. Therefore I wanted to see if there was any proof supporting these outrageous statements.

Interestingly enough, within the Bitcoin Code Member area is a section designated for “live results”. Keep in mind software was created barely 1 month prior to posting today’s review. But notice their results are extremely outdated from last year.

Bitcoin Code did NOT exist last year. Thereby these trading results are Fake!

Steve McKay isn’t a real Person

This is a big accusation I’m making, but I have supporting proof! Steve McKay is that voice-over you hear throughout their introductory videos. Apparently holding a net worth of $100 Million and use to work for large firms on Wall Street, where he supposedly created algorithms for developing Bitcoin Code Software. Again…..Lies!

We searched through various portals and online entries, but couldn’t validate Mr McKay’s existence nor stated achievements within the Binary, Forex & Crypto Industries. Rather strange considering this is someone claiming to create millionaires with his autotrading app.

Lets be clear Steve isn’t real. His identity was made up. The image utilized for his fake profile was either stolen of purchased from Shutter Stock. Why are these scammers lying about their creators? What other areas of Bitcoin Code App are they lying to us about?

Fake Bitcoin Code Reviews

Testimonials and recorded reviews from paid actors is a classic touch when dealing with scams. Even better is the fact these sleazy programmers behind Bitcoin Code productions hired familiar actors from Fiverr. A common marketplace favored by hundreds of scams.

Proof: 1 –  2 –

Allow me to clarify the use of actors alone does NOT signify a Scam. If you think about it, most forms of media like television and magazines use actors and models for promotional uses all the time. Does this mean everything we see on TV is a scam? No. But this excuse doesn’t apply for the Bitcoin Code Scam.

These men in particular are not only phony actors, but they have a bad reputation for promoting countless scams we’ve recently reviewed, and stretch back a couple years. We’ve exposed them before in countless fraud applications such as 3oK Challenge, Elite Millionaire Society, GoldEuro Trade, 50k A Week and many others. Seeing these scam-artists now endorsing Bitcoin Code doesn’t provide any comfort.

Still Trust Bitcoin Code?

There are many more ugly facts about this damaging trading software. But I think we covered the most critical aspects all day-traders need to know. In the short period BitcoinCode has been around, several angry traders have already reported terrible experiences with this scam. Mainly informing us severe investment losses without profitable results.

Hopefully our review was informative enough to help prevent further traders from falling for this trading hoax.

Bitcoin Code Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Verdict: Avoid Steve’s Bitcoin Code Scam. A crappy millionaire making scheme for fooling newcomer & rookies. Avoid this trading software & never submit any personal info with

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Thank you for reading our honest & unbiased Bitcoin Code review warning. If you have any personal experiences, feedback or concerns, please share it with us by commenting below. Let us know! Cheers & Happy Trading!

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