Bitcoin Bonanza Review – Outrageous SCAM!

By | February 6, 2018

“Become a millionaire in 100 days!”. This is what Bitcoin Bonanza wants you to believe is possible. But is this true? Can traders using Bitcoin Bonanza really bank millions is profits? The answer is not exciting as you think.

Unfortunately these claims of achieving fast wealth is common among online scams. And thats what Bitcoin Bonanza represents. A phony trading Scam riddled with lies and deception to trick you into joining.

The follow review has everything you need to know about this danger trading software. An autotrading program just as corrupt as any other fraud. During our investigation of by John Trueman, we found several scamming factors proving their dishonestly.

They promise traders they’ll become millionaires, yet fail to provide any evidence. The only evidence we found during our search confirms severe losses of anyone who joins this software.

So before you waste your money, learn the truth these scammers don’t want you knowing. See why the Bitcoin Bonanza Scam cannot be trusted.

Bitcoin Bonanza Review – Rotten Scam Revealed

bitcoin bonanza

What interesting about is its resemblance to other recent scams we’ve exposed such as Bitcoin Secret Loophole & Bitcoin Pro App. All sharing similar rhetorics of becoming rich without doing any work.

According to these scam-artists, Bitcoin Bonanza is the ‘newest crypto trading breakthrough’. John Trueman says his software virtually never loses due to unmatched trading algorithms which break market laws. Whatever that means.

One thing’s for sure, history has taught use theres no such thing as a perfect-winning trading app. Contrary to what these scammers want you to believe, Bitcoin Bonanza has failed to delver these unrealistic performances.

These allegations of “risk free” or “no loss” capabilities are extremely misleading, especially for beginners. It forces rookie investors to believe a trading software like Bitcoin Bonanza is safe to use. You’ll find out the truth sooner or later after they’ve stolen your money.

In these situations, i want to ask you this simple question: “if trading apps like Bitcoin Bonanza could really generate $11,251.23 everyday, or even millions, do you really think this app would be given away to the public for ‘Free’?”. Absolutely NOT!

Its time we unveil the typical lies and overused tricks embedded within Bitcoin Bonanza. These methods are common among many thieving scams. Lets review the evidence so you know what they truly are.

Who Created Bitcoin Bonanza Scam?

Within, there a short profile section regarding the alleged John Trueman. By this we’re made to assume Mr Trueman as the Founder and Creator of Bitcoin Bonanza.

Is this true? Can we really trust John or Bitcoin Bonanza with our investments? Is he even a real person? Unfortunately the answer to these questions is “No”. Due to the fact he simply doesn’t exist.

That’s right folks, this John character isn’t real. The image used was either purchased or stolen from stock image providers, indicating these scammers are NOT begin honest about their developers.

This major red flag is a common trait seen within most scams. Almost all fraudulent trading programs like Bitcoin Bonanza use fake aliases, names or companies to hide their own identities. Allowing scam-artists to remain anonymous while they profit at your expense.

Since the Bitcoin Bonanza scam refuses to be transparent about their creators, I wonder what other aspects are they lying about? Are you willing to invest your money Bitcoin Bonanza? Hopefully not.

Fake Bitcoin Bonanza Reviews

At this point, its not surprising to see fake reviews from paid actors pretending they’re making all this money with this bogus app. The images below are the scripted performers these sleazy programmers decided to hire for promoting their Bitcoin Bonanza Scam.

If this trading system is real, then why don’t they show real reviews from actual members? But lets face it, almost all forms of advertisement use paid actors to promote various products, so what’s the big deal, right?

Proof:  1 –

Actors alone doesn’t mean a trading app is fraudulent. But the point I want to make perfectly clear is for traders to understand their reputation. These people from are famous for promoting countless scams we’ve submitted to our blacklist over the years.

WOW, more Fiverr actors! Whether or not these people are aware Bitcoin Bonanza and the other apps they’ve promoted are scams is unknown. But it shows they are NOT online traders nor real members of these apps.

More Tricks from Bitcoin Bonanza

These scam-artists are desperate for your money, which is why they’ll trick you anyway they can regardless of consequences. You’ve probably heard “25 spots remain” for joining with Bitcoin Bonanza, insisting action must be taken quickly before you miss out. But dont be too hasty!

Allow me to clarify the use of ‘limiting availability’ is one of the oldest tricks in the books. One of many lies used by hundreds of scams like Bitcoin Bonanza. Its simply a psychological tactic used by scammers to persuade traders into completing their deposits quickly before realizing they’re being scammed in the first place.

Traders Lose with Bitcoin Bonanza

Although its been a short duration between the time Bitcoin Bonanza was released, and us posting todays warning review, several traders have already fallen victim of this malicious software. Reports confirming our suspicions about Bitcoin Bonanza being an unsafe and unethical trading app.

Plain and simple, this software does NOT work to your benefit. It will not make you rich. Just sitting at home clicking a few buttons will certainly not turn you into a millionaire in 100 days. 

That is why we hope this newly conceived Bitcoin Bonanza review will serve as a helpful tool in the prevention of further victims of this faulty trading gimmick.

Bitcoin Bonanza Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Judgement: Theres no doubt Bitcoin Bonanza is a Scam. John Trueman is an impostor who doesn’t even exist. Don’t let these thieves run away with your hard earned money.

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New to crypto or online trading? One of the golden rules about finding a safe program is avoiding systems exploiting easy millions or wealth without effort. We understand its hard to find reliable apps, but we do our best in testing and finding trusted softwares for beginners to use and make money.

We hope todays Bitcoin Bonanza Review was helpful in revealing dirty secrets you may not have known. But most importantly, our mission is to help prevent as many traders possible from becoming their next victim. Thank you for reading our review. Feel free to comment below with your feedback. Cheers.

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