Binary Secret is a SCAM! Honest BinarySecret Review

Binary Secret is one of those trading systems we come across that immediately scream SCAM! The following review we present today exposing by David Craig serves as a warning for day-traders who might be contemplating in registering with his particular “secret” program. Although we don’t see this binary app becoming viral within the market anytime soon, we’re still inclined to warn traders this non-famous software is still quite dangerous. I’ve provided detailed review containing all the information you’ll need to understand why we don’t recommend anyone trading with the Binary Secret Scam. Shortly into investigating BinarySecret, we realized multiple scamming qualities throughout their campaign that simply cannot be ignored. Read our Binary Secret Review to its end and learn why David’s software is just another money making scheme.

Important Note: A handful of traders have already reported their accounts being depleted by losing trades shortly after registering with  These reviews supports our initial standing that BinarySecret App fails to deliver its exaggerated performances of making tens of thousands per week. Continue examining this review for factual support.

Binary Secret Review – Why its a SCAM!

binary secretFrom the beginning, BinarySecret App is dramatically advertised as a revolutionary trading software capable of generating up to $700 within one minute. David Craig claims of being a certified analyst with the WWFA Academy (whatever that is), and spent the last twelve years working among big brokers (undisclosed) on Wall Street. During those years, Mr Craig supposedly found a uniquely secret pattern for making daily profits through financial investments with a staggering 93% accuracy rate. However while gathering information for this Binary Secret review, we concluded the only “secret” not mentioned is this binary application is completely misleading while using damaging methods of executing trades. 

First off, David Craig himself is a complete phony as no conclusive evidence supporting who he advertises of being can be verified. No matching aliases nor individuals containing his description can be verified through any Google searches. The alleged “WWFA Academy” also comes with empty results in all searches as well, signifying it simply doesn’t exist. Click Here to find “zero” matching findings. If his stated background is just an elaborated fabrication, what else are they hind from us??

Traders are fed lies throughout the entirety of their homepage presentation video, all in efforts for deceiving visitors into depositing with their Binary Secret scam software. Not once are there any mentioning regarding exactly how to operate the BinarySecret system, forcing people to blindly activate a program and hope to accumulate profits. Not very reassuring for those just starting out. Lets get down to business and review why BinarySecret is NOT trustworthy.

Binary Secret Scam uses Fake Reviews!

With a fictitious developer like David Craig, you cant expect their recorded testimonies from supposed members being any different. That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Not only are their testaments bogus, the links provided below takes you to each of their acting profiles from Fiverr. Finalizing once and for all they’re NOT “beta testers” or successful online traders, but mere posers specialized in deception. The cold reality being, applications like Binary Secret scam aren’t able to produce any verifiable proof in accordance to their lucrative features they promise viewers. No right-minded traders would condone a failing app, which is why scam-artists hire actors. A common practice utilized by the majority of scammers in order to endorse faulty products. Since we at consistently debunk fraudulent trading apps, we’ve grown familiar with faces. Making us able to identify most scams like Binary Secret from a mile away.

Young Guy –, Doctor –, Woman –

binary secret Binary Secret Review: Quick Losses are No Secret!

You may have spotted the small demonstration on where David presumably banks $700 in 60 seconds from a $1000 investment. Sixty second trading (short terms / turbo) is an added risk to an already risky business of binary options. A hidden “secret” they fail to disclose. Almost every broker offers these turbo features, yet are avoided by most experienced traders because of its unpredictable nature. In general, identifying future market movements are key points for acquiring a profitable trade. However with short-term, because of its limited time table, they’re extremely difficult to predict unless you’re someone familiarized with technical & fundamental analysis. Many scam softwares exploit shorter trading periods to give an impression of “fast money”. Unfortunately these shady trading solutions have only succeeded in depleting client’s accounts too quickly. Don’t be fooled by the tantalizing glamour. You’ll only regret it later.

Binary Secret Review – Conclusion

We’re positively sure without any doubt BinarySecret has NOT been formulated by computer engineers, groups of Ex-Wall St analysts or secret codes. We hope our review has fulfilled its purpose in shedding light upon any concerns you might have had at the beginning. Especially after rookie investors have already revealed total losses from their own experience, its safe to say our final verdict has been solidified at this moment: Avoid Binary Secret! A Worthless SCAM!

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Copy Buffett SoftwareNew to binary options? Its understandable how confusing the process of finding reliable trading tools can be. Its imperative you conduct your own investigations with other reviews before contracting with certain softwares you happen to stumble on. As a safety precaution, open a free demo account when trying out new signal services or strategies before risking your funds. As always you’re more than welcome to leave any feedback or concerns by commenting below. Thank you for reading our honest assessment within our informative Binary Secret review.

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